b'ReseneBullitt A HEALTHIER HOMEResene WITH TRUE KumutotoHEAT RECOVERYIf a ventilation system does not have a heatfan. There are no running costs with solar- A Smart-Vent Synergy Heat Recovery exchanger and does not supply outdoor air topoweredventilation,andyougetfreshsystemisatrulybalancedhome the interior, it is not a heat recovery system. outside air thats nicely warmed up. Theresventilationsystem.ThisisTRUE also an optional cooling kit for summer. heatrecoveryofferingupto90% Before installing a heat recovery or energyefciency and will actually save you recoverysystem,thehouseshouldbeThese systems depend on getting adequatemoney while ventilating your home. insulatedanddraught-proofed.Alargesun, and wont suit some locations. YoullPlus Smart-Vent Synergy also offers.heat loss, due to inadequate insulation orneed extra heating in the house at night and large amounts of inltration will effectivelyon very cold wet days. Models suitable for aReduced negate any benets gained. typical-sized house can be quite expensive. Condensation Forced air (roof space) ventilationDehumidifers Mould and MoisturesystemsCold air cant hold as much water as warm Forced ventilation systems take ltered airair. A dehumidier works by passing warmTouch Screen from a roof space and blow it (using a fan)moist room air over a cold surface. Some ofTechnology for into the rooms of a home. This air is usuallythe water in the air will condense and collectAdvanced Control drier and easier to heat, although becausein a tank. The air exiting the dehumidier is it takes air from inside, its not considered aa few degrees warmer, so you get a small true fresh air ventilation system.amount of heating as well as drying.Energy Efciency to Certainly, whether you are trying to warm,Save you MoneyThough ventilation systems are sometimes marketed as alternative forms of heating,ventilate or improve the quality of air in your they are really for ventilation only. Duringhome, there is plenty of help out there. Just make sure you compare apples with apples,High Quality Filters sunny days, the systems draw air from warmand identify which function is a priority. for Improved Air roof spaces and distribute it throughout aQualityhouseviaventilationducts.However,at night there is no free heating and all thetop outsideventilationairthatisintroducedtips Reduced Carbon inside must be additionally heated. Footprint fors\x00 (EAT\x00PUMPS\x00ARE\x00AN\x00EXTREMELY\x00 your HomeMost forced-air systems automatically slowenergy-efcient form of space or even stop the airow when the roof spaceheating and cooling. temperature falls below certain levels.s\x00 (EAT\x00PUMPS\x00CAN\x00BOTH\x00WARM\x00AND\x00Composite systems cool. Air conditioners can only cool.Therearealsosystemsavailablesuchass\x00 (26\x00SYSTEMS\x00ARE\x00FOR\x00VENTILATION\x0c\x00NOT\x00roof space air intake systems where the airheating. The ability to raise or lower is passed through a heat exchange beforethe temperature of the incoming air being ducted into the building. Electronicis only a secondary benet. controllers are used to extract stale air to be recirculated or removed by natural airs\x00 &ORCED\x00VENTILATION\x00SYSTEMS\x00TAKE\x00ltered air from a roof space,SMART s VENTleakage depending on temperatures withinwhich may be warm, howeverSYNERGYthe building and the roof space. these are primarily a ventilationTrue heat recovery ventilationSolar powered ventilation systemsnot heating system.These use the sun to heat up panels, whichSmart-Vent are specialists in s\x00 $EHUMIDIlERS\x00REMOVE\x00MOISTURE\x00Positive Pressure & Heat Recovery are mounted on the roof or an outside wall.from the air, and work best whenventilation systemsThese panels then warm the incoming air,the air is warm. Call 0508 SMARTVENT (762 788) with solar cells being used to power thetoday for a freein home consultationThanks to Lisa French of Branz and Peter Hutson, of Black Diamond Technologies.www.smartvent.co.nz'