b'hey habitatfrom youYour views and news.Stamp of colour Helping SamoaIamresearchingNewZealandpostageI heard about the Resene PaintAid appeal stamps and was told that there are postagefor Samoa and wanted to know where the stampsthathaveResenedesignsonpaintwouldgoonceitwascollectedby them. Where are they available from? Resene? Peter MellorJohn BridgesResenehascreatedarangeofpostageReseneworkedwithUniceftoorganise stamps over the past few years, starting fromacollectionofpaintthroughourResene stampsfeaturingtheCowParadethroughColorShops that could be donated to the tostampswithfashioncolours,muralSamoantsunamirelief.Morethan8000 masterpiece winners and a celebration of ourlitres of paint, new brushes and rollers were Holiday fun history. They are sold by NZ Mail to a rangepackedintoacontainerandshippedto We own a holiday park in Northland.of convenience stores who onsell them toSamoa for distribution. At the time of going Over the past 10 years we have beencustomers (but unfortunately they are notto print, the paint was being allocated to using your paint to decorate our cabinavailablefromReseneColorShops).YouSamoan projects most in need. Resene was oors. We have 11 cabins and cater forcan see some of the stamp designs on ourdelighted by the support from customers large school groups as well as touristswebsite, www.resene.co.nz/stamps.htm. helping Samoa to get back on its feet. whosaytheyenjoythebrightand cheerful colours of the rooms. Elaine Campbell, our winnerthis issuePast editions I have looked on the website to see if I can access previous issues of Habitat magazine. I am wondering whether there is any way I can access issues prior to those that are onWe look forward to receiving your letters and queries, and would particularly like to the internet? see any weird and wonderful ways you have used Resene paints. The best letter willSue Dunne win a Get Decorating Kit from Resene. Articles from Resene Habitat are all availableMail us at: Hey Habitat, Resene Habitat Magazine, PO Box 38 242, Wellingtononline, from our very rst issue. GenerallyMail Centre, New Zealand. Or email: articlesfromthecurrentissueareaddedadvice@resene.co.nz with Hey Habitatin the subject line. withinacoupleofmonthsofthenew edition being available. You can download pdfsofstoriesandsavethemtoyourReseneFirst Lightcomputer or email them to others if desired.ReseneResene Habitat articles can be viewed at:LimitlessResenewww.resene.com/habitat.htm. Pursuit96'