b'advertising featureAlthough the main concept of insurancespreading riskhas been around for centuries, your insurance cover doesnt need to be an antique. As economic factors continue to inuence interior and home dcor,of cover. Your Contents policy will cover you for either market valuetrends for 2010 include mixing old and new, and collecting valuableor replacement value. Your insurer will be able to clarify the level ofantiques and less valuable junk-tiques.cover offered under your policy.Over time, almost without realising it, you can manage to compile Are these items covered under my Contents policy? a sizeable collection of antiques and restored furniture. These chairsAntiques, heirlooms and restored furniture are usually covered underand place settings will become a part of your life, therefore it is your Contents policy. You may be required to specify these items onimportant to think about how you can protect your investment from your policy so once again, check with your insurance company. Witheither theft or a disaster. Similarly, many family heirlooms are valued AMI Insurance you dont need an extra policy to cover special itemsfar beyond their intrinsic worth, however, it is important to ensure such as works of art, valuable collections and antiques.you are adequately compensated for the item should the need Do I need a valuation? arise. Always check with your insurance company if you need to provideWhen looking at the dcor trends for 2010, Habitat magazine once themwithavaluationforanyantiqueorheirloomtoavoidagain teamed up with AMI Insurance who, like us, understand thatdisappointment at claim time.your things are precious to you. Here are some useful How do I get a valuation?points to help you understand the ins and outs ofContact a qualied valuation company. This valuation willinsuring and caring for your antiques, heirloomsbe critical at claim time therefore provide the valuationand restored furniture.companywithasmuchinformationaspossibletoContemporary cover for your antiquesensure the item is valued accurately.and heirlooms.What do I have to do when I make a claim?It is important that your insurance cover isDuetothenatureoftheinsuredantiquesandkept up-to-date and continues to meet yourheirlooms, it may be impossible for your insurance needs. Therefore, it is essential to make surecompanytoreplacetheitem.Inmanysituationsyou have the right level of cover and that your your insurance company will probably offer you a cashvalued possessions are covered. settlement based on the market value or replacement valueWhat level of cover do I need?of the item. Valuations, photographs and proof of purchase Not all insurance policies give you the same levelwill also help to speed up the claim.62'