b'editorialwelcomeResene Why reinvent the wheel? Lets keep the shape but paint it a nice bright orange, CocoonResene or decorate it with oral motifs. Perhaps some fancy spokes highlighted in white. Jalapeno Its the same with interiors. While many of us are fashion followers to a degree, we do love the comfort and nostalgia that comes with older, familiar styles. In tougher times, theres a sense of security in a chair that looks like grandma used to have. Todays approach to interiors takes older shapes or patterns and gives them a modern twistlike the wonderful chestereld sofa on our cover, normally seen in dark brown leather, but recreated here in glorious white. Blending the old and new can take courage and creativity, as the owners of the historic 1857 house, on page 50, found. Or can mean accessing a great designer, like the one who recreated the villa kitchen on page 72. Resene has a superb history of reinventing colour. Most would argue that red is red, but not so if you thumb through The Range 2010 where it becomes broody, fun, retro and regalsee page 8 for some examples. Theres also a new neutral in town, the gloriously versatile Resene Thorndon Cream featured on page 46. Go ahead, create some modern memories of your own this winter. Sharon Newey editorResene started in a garage when Ted Nightingale started to experiment with makingpainttocovertheconcretebuildingshemadeatthetime.Others wanted to buy his product and thus the Resene story began. Just recently Resene has found itself once again working with paint and concrete, but this time the paint is in the concrete not on it. Waste paint being returned to Resene through the Resene PaintWise programme is being recycled into concrete creating PaintCrete and GlassCrete (see page 64). These innovativenewproductsarenotonlyimmenselypracticaland sustainable developments, but for Resene staff they also bring back fond memories of where Resene began.Talking of memories, many of us are in the habit of proudly storing away our best linen or best china and never actually using them but preserving them for the future. Most of these favourite items carry with them a memory of when they were received and who gifted them. But why not just drag them out of the cupboard and enjoy them now, along with the memories that they inspire? Dont store your favourite memories in dark cupboardsincorporate them into your home and enjoy them!5'