b'step by stepfeeling rusty?Jeff demonstrates the incredibly simple art of a rust effect.Jeffs word, tattoo is made of aluminiums\x00$IMENSIONAL\x00LETTERS\x00OR\x00WHATEVER\x00YOU\x07RE\x00powder-coated letters which were kickinggoing to paint rust from, and a drill to around his studio. Yours can be those youveattach these if necessaryalready painted in a matt Resene colour, ors\x002ESENE\x001UICK\x00$RY\x00WATERBORNE\x00PRIMER\x00in a Resene satin varnish if youd like sheen.undercoatYou can also source dimensional letters froms\x004HREE\x002ESENE\x00TESTPOTS\x00IN\x002ESENE\x00&IRE\x0c\x00signwriters and craft shops.Resene Mai Tai, and Resene Rebels\x004HREE\x00SMALL\x00ROUNDTUFTED\x00PAINT\x00BRUSHES\x0c\x00You may choose to rust something other although those small cheap brushes than a worda motif or picture, perhaps orlurking in the shed will probably be neold bolt heads, screw hooks or cup hooks.s\x00!\x00RAGs\x000LASTIC\x00WATERSPRITZER\x00OR\x00OLD\x00GLASSCLEANER\x00You will need: bottles\x00!\x00BACKGROUND\x00SURFACE\x0c\x00SUCH\x00AS\x00THE\x00STURDY\x00 s\x000AINTSTRIPPING\x00GUN\x00OR\x00HAIRDRYERcardboard roll here, painted a light tos\x00!\x00MAHLSTICK\x00OR\x00PAINTBRUSHLIKE\x00POLE\x00WHICH\x00IS\x00mid-greyused to steady the non-working hand 67'