b' Step 1 Step 2 Applyalow-keypainteffecttotheApply the dimensional letters, sign, background, if desired. Pour some Resenebolts or hooks to your background Quick Dry primer into a good-sized lid andboard. add at least as much water. Scrunch up a rag and daub into the diluted paint. Apply indiscriminatelytothebackgrounduntil your desired effect is achieved. Blast this dryforabouttwominutesindirections youd like the paint to travel with a paint-stripping gun or hair-dryer. Step 3 Step 5 Open all three testpots, and beginRepeatwithReseneMaiTai.The withthedarkest,ReseneRebel.effectshouldbeslightlymuddied. RememberthatrusthappensFinishworkwhenyouthinkit naturally from the base of wherelooks right. anobjectisattached,owing downwithgravity,soapplya littlepainttotheundersideof lettering, or any protruding part.Use the mahlstick, for steadying. Step 4Giveyourpaintworkagoodspritzwith water to encourage lots of little runs to occur. Have the paint-stripping gun or hair-dryer ready to use before the dribbles have gone too far.Repeattheprocesswiththesecond darkest colour, Resene Fire. If the board is still wet, use less paint on your brush. Spritz and dry once again.wordsLiesl JohnstonepicturesJuliet Nicholas68'