b'The garden was stuck in the 1980s, which didnt reect the era of the house and its iconic architecture.japonicus, behind which thrives Dietes grandiora, with its little white buttery-like owers suspended above the foliage. Corokia Frosted Chocolate hedging at the front has been continued down to the road frontage to create a more impressive entrance and the sense of a bigger garden.At the back of the house, Tracy and Errol were determined to have an outdoor haven complete with a replace and alfresco dining area TopThe new outdoor replace features the classic feeding off the kitchen.Art Deco sunburst motif that also features on thefront and side of the house.A concrete slab was poured, big enough to cater for their super-sized AboveDown the side of the house, Robinia Mop outdoor table, and a large, black-cantilevered umbrella provides the Tops are under-planted with hydrangea and clivia.Top rightA weeping silver pear tree is the frontceiling. The new outdoor replace keeps things toasty and adds to garden centrepiece and is up-lit for night-time drama.the ambiance. The Art Deco sunburst motif that features on the Resenefront and side of the house inspired a similar one to decorate the Pulse replace. top The Brains previous home was on a large site where privacy wasnt tip 2anissue,butthisnewinner-city512m siteneededattention Re-colour exterior concrete slabs and pavers withgiven to boundary fences and hedging. Michelle has gone with Resene Concrete Stain. See the Resene Decks,pleached Viburnum Eve Price for instant height on two boundaries. Paths, Driveways and Recreational Areas colour chart for ideas.'