b'my favourite colours in the bagAs director and designer of accessories brand Saben, Roanne Jacobsonis no stranger to high style. ReseneIdentityReseneJalapenoReseneTriple Pearl LustaReseneWickedSaben has created what Roanne calls unique investment handbagsHave those choices changed during the years? If so, and portable works of art for 10 years now, recognised for featuringwhat inuenced that?beautiful leathers, striking colours and often playful, designs.The rst time I had any control over my environment I was nine years Tell us about your work.old. I got to choose the colour of my room and my bedspread, and IamthedirectoranddesignerofSabenandmyworkentailsI was able to rearrange the furniturebut only after I had made creating two collections of unique accessories a year. Saben bags area scale plan of the space and recorded the size of each piece of fashionable investment pieces. We design bags that are both stylishfurniture. (Is it obvious that my dad aspired to be an architect?). and functional, for the fast-paced lives women live now.Anyway, I chose dusty pink and have barely even acknowledged the colour since!How would you describe your personal style?Obsessive, I seem to get hooked onto a theme, completely thrash itIs there a colour you would never use in your own and move on to something else. home?What is your favourite colour and why? I never say never.Blue. I think it has a calming nature, as it always reminds me of theWhat are your three favourite colours from ocean. Resenes The Range 2010, and why?What is your favourite decorating colour orResene Jalapeno (red), Resene Wicked (purple) and Resene Identity combination of colours and why? (grey).I am loving this colour combination together at the moment. White and shades of it. Boring I know, but we have a reasonableIts very Saben winter 2010. artcollectionathomeandIalwaysprefertoseeartoncleanAfter all, why wouldnt you redecorate to match your next handbag backgrounds. purchase?98'