b'Its a whole new dimension. Colour is so wonderful as well, so exciting.LeftFamily Show in Resene Tax Break, Resene Dingley, mix of Resene Sassy/Resene Supernova and mix of Resene Sassy/Resene Regent Grey. BelowChair Leader in Resene White, Resene Dynamite, Resene Supernova and Resene Tax Break. His interest in sculpting was sparked by the rst Eggsentric SculpturePainting the sculptures was initially a practical move, he says. I didnt Symposium eight years ago. He and his wife Denise organised thehave room to store the raw wood inside and they weathered outside. symposium to boost public awareness of sculpture and support theI like that but some people like something they buy to look new.artists. They also saw it as a way of creating an artistic environment for their caf. Also its a whole new dimension. Colour is so wonderful as well, so exciting.During the rst symposium he picked up some tools and had a go himself. Since then hes completed a number of stone sculptures,Dave had been using Resene for his canvas paintings for about creatingavarietyofforms,fromthesymmetricaltothemore10 years, so they were a natural choice for his sculptures.gurative. I went into the Resene shop in Thames and went wow, buy, buy, Hestartedworkingwithwoodafterbeinginspiredbysomebuy! I got 11 colours. I do a little mixing but its amazing how well sculptures in Sydney. I brought the idea back and started doing mythey work as they are. I havent gone for colours that are too muted own thing with it. or pale. Im more out there in my colours, in my painting as well.Each sculpture is built from small pieces of wood stacked on topRecent works displayed in the garden at Eggsentric, which is now run of each other. Its a process of cutting, sanding, gluing, nailingby his son and partner, bring the space alive. Theyre a splash of colour, and painting. Dave uses pine for the painted works and untreatedlike annual owers. They pick up the colours in the garden, Dave says.macrocarpa for the natural ones. Since retiring from Eggsentric about a year ago, hes been able to The work that goes into his sculptures is obvious and he says peopledevote more time to art but still enjoys cooking. Ive tried to work my enjoy being able to see the time and effort that hes put in. Hislife so that art runs parallel with my life. You cant start being creative at pieces range from the quirkyhuge, stylised deck chairs and Alice- 6am and nish at 8pm. I nd lots of ideas come when Im cooking.in-WonderlandlikekeyboardstoorganicconesandsensitiveDave also helps organise the Mercury Bay Art Escape, an annual open-human forms.studio event held over two weekends in February and March. 45'