b'In an era when minimalism ruled, Phil and Jenny Weeks went against the trend, painting the rooms of their grand brick villa in vibrant colours, and decorating with their vast collection of art, accessories and furniture. They bought this property six years ago and aside from a new but modest family room at the back, didnt have to touch the layout at all. The original rooms of the house, with their dramatic pressed tin ceilings, had been left as is by successive owners. Any alterations, suchasdevelopingtheatticspaceintobedrooms,hadbeen sympatheticallyexecuted.Amazingly,thatlayoutperfectlysuits modern-day living for the Weeks and their teenage sons Ben and Sam. The living areas interconnect beautifully, while the upper oor kids rooms share a landing study. The house is 101 years old, built of brick but rendered with concrete and etched to look like large stone blocks. Many of the original Resene features still exist, like the glowing stained glass front door, the ceilings Mondo which are all different, the kauri oors and deep architraves.ReseneQuarter AshLeftJennys favourite room is the moody master bedroom,wordsSharon Newey with walls in Resene Mondo.picturesMark Heaslip AboveThe old villa is an unusual masonry construction. 19'