b'colourful peoplesigns of the timeSignwriter Jeff Harvey creates some clever effects with his artand shares a trick or two. If Ashburton signwriter Jeff Harvey of Harvey Signs and Graphicsof the technological changesuch as that employed in Resene paints ever tells you hes more autistic than artistic, refuse to listen. The self-has been incredibly positive. I just love Resenes proactiveness, the deprecating, fun-loving craftsman is enthusiastic about techniquespaints superior technology, and its eco-friendliness, Jeff says. and skills that, were it not for people like him, are in grave dangerMost signwriters who entered the trade after 1985 didnt learn such of being lost.skills as hand-lettering, Jeff says. This was because of sign plotters Keen to share the knowledge built up over a 25-year career, hebeing released onto the market, which cut out vinyl letters, and do so runs workshops to take newer signwriters through processes whichamazingly quickly. Nevertheless, the digital technology took a long should endure, despite widespread changes in materials and digitaltime to be perfected.technology since Jeff began in the trade. If the new wave of digital practice has done anything to the industry, Lots of water has owed under the bridge since 13-year-old Jeff paintedJeff says, its meant true creative design air has more rarity value. his rst sign, To Let on the door of his grandmothers outhouse. SomePersonally, he loves a creative challenge. People arrive here wanting a sign but they cant visualise what theyd actually like until you design something marvellous for them. A bloke will come in saying he wants something blue. When I tell him about eight blues, hell say he doesnt care which. Women seem more interested in making detailed choices. Itll take longer, but its more enjoyable to do something for someone who really cares about quality and nished effect.Some of this is created using special effects. Jeff is known nationwide for his gilding-on-glass work, using 23-carat gold leaf, distilled water and gelatine.Loving both the digital era as well as old techniques, Jeff says some vintage signage from past eras was nave and simple in nature, and that simple things often work best.But dont be deceived by Jeffs rendition of simple. It might involve a fake spiderweb, or chrome lettering treated to a mossy or glistening wet effect. In fact, whats possible probably rests on a vastly wider horizon than you could imagine. ReseneFireReseneMai TaiReseneRebel66'