b'f lags of fundiy kidzPaint a mini mural and make yourown colourful bunting. You will need:Resene testpots from the Resene Pinking scissors and pins KidzColour range. We used Resene Sewing machine (or stapler)Ballerina, Resene Blast Off, Resene Candy Floss, Resene Dancing Girl, Resene Fizz, 3.5m of 3cm wide ribbonResene Giggle, Resene Hopskotch, ReseneReseneCandy FlossKermit, Resene Neva, Resene ShootingReseneStar, Resene Splat, Resene Super Duper,Dancing GirlResene Top Secret, Resene Trafc LightReseneFizzand Resene Yabbadabbadoo Resene145cm x 70cm primed canvas Shooting StarResene Paintbrushes, pencil and ruler Super DuperTo make: 3.Usingthepinkingscissors,cutalongthe 1. S ketch the outline of your picture onto thehorizontal lines so you have three strips which primedsideofthecanvas(thesidethatsshouldmeasure15cmx70cmeach.Then already painted white) and start painting. Itscarefully cut along the diagonal lines to form easiest if you do one colour at a time, tryingtriangles for the bunting.not to overlap the colours while they are still4. Mix up the triangles so you dont have sections wet. Paint a section, leave it to dry and comethataretoomuchaliketogether,andpin 2 back and do some more until the whole canvas the ribbon along the top edge of the canvas is painted. triangles, overlapping them a little as you go.2. Once all the paint is completely dry, measureStitch along the top edge of the ribbon, anda horizontal line 15cm from the bottom, andagain along the bottom edge of the ribbon. If another 15cm from that, so you have two linesyou cant sew or dont have a sewing machine, 15cm apart across the width of your picture.staple the triangles to the ribbon instead.Starting from one corner, measure and mark Pin up your bunting!the bottom edge every 10cm and then along the next line, measure 5cm in from the sideTop tipsedge and mark, then measure and mark everyPrimedcanvasisavailablefromartsupply 10cm.Rulediagonallinestoformtriangleshops, canvas stores, or make your own using shapes as shown. Repeat so that the wholeplain canvas and painting it rst with a coat of picture is divided into triangles. Resene Quick Dry.84 words and stylingHelena DunnpicturesMark Heaslip'