b'colourful persona new dimensionDave Fowells intricately wrought timber sculptures are given added dimension with often vibrant colour.AboveSculptor DaveDave Fowell is a pragmatic sort of an artist. About three years ago he Fowell with Pietabegan creating wooden rather than stone sculptures, partly because (mother and child)in Resene Supernova,he could work on them indoors during the winter.and a mix of Resene Supernova/Resene Nowhespaintinghiswoodensculptures,partlytostopthem Sassy and mix of looking weathered as they age. But painting the large, intricately-Resene Dingley/ Resene Regent Grey.built works has also brought a huge creative bonus, by emphasising RightPiano Men their form and creating more impact. It also brings together Daves in Resene Black love of sculpture and painting, marking yet another development in and Resene White. his exploration of artistic expression.Resene The former chef/owner of Eggsentric Caf in Flaxmill Bay, near Cooks Dynamite Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula, has always had an interest in Resene the arts. His South Auckland dairy farm parents had art on the SupernovaResene walls, books on the shelves and played a bit of music.Tax BreakBut his own art career didnt start until 12 years ago when he took a painting class with Tairua artist Paula McNeill. After painting and words and pictures exhibiting, he then met a Swiss collage artist and moved into collage Shenagh Gleeson for a while, before returning to oil painting.44'