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High Temp Black Enamel Hot stuff
New Resene High Temp Black Enamel is a flat, high heat coating formulated using heat resistant pigments in a silicone polymer resin that provides excellent colour retention and film integrity at working temperatures up to 538°C. This coating is designed for use on both ferrous and non-ferrous metal surfaces and is ideal to coat areas of wood stoves, flues, heaters, barbecues and other metal surfaces that are exposed to high temperatures. Resene High Temp Black Enamel gives good rust resistance when fully cured... view label
Habitat plus - paint effects Paint… with effects
A freshly painted wall looks beautiful but what if you’re after something just a little different? Paint effects were popular a couple of decades ago and are on their way back in, but reinvented for today, in modern colourways, more relaxed techniques and more of a free spirit, anything goes approach. We’ve put together a new Habitat Plus – paint effects to show what you can do with paint, colour and a little imagination. It has a taste of the paint effects techniques commonly used, from French wash to crackle, woodgrain to marbling. You can view it online or pick up a free copy from your local Resene ColorShop or reseller.
Karen Walker Paints Poured with paint
The new look Karen Walker Paints collection truly embraces paint. Each image was painstakingly created by pouring each of the Karen Walker Paints colours into a palette paint pour. This required not only preplanning to get the best colour order to show off each of the hues, but a very steady hand and some clever technical knowhow from the Resene technical team to get the paint to flow at just the right rate… more
insta-inspiration insta-inspiration
If you’re needing a colour boost and some ideas to get you going on your next colour palette, check out the @resenecolour Instagram page. It features styled photos of the latest Resene colours and wallpapers in various flatlays, moodboards and room settings to inspire you to combine colours and wallpapers in new ways. Fresh photos are loaded throughout each week. For an extra dose of habitat inspiration, see the @habitatbyresene Instagram page.
Simply zero
As well as having no added VOCs, Resene Zylone Sheen Zero is also moving to be texanol free. Resene Zylone Sheen Zero is available in a huge range of Resene colours ideal for interior living and bedroom areas... view Data Sheet
Habitat plus whites and neutrals The right white – Habitat plus – whites and neutrals
It seems like everywhere you look there is white, more white, off white and then neutrals. While many default to white as a safe option, there are a whole range of whites and neutrals to choose from that can help bring out the best in a project. We’ve put together a new Habitat Plus – whites and neutrals, to help you get your clients thinking about what sort of look they are trying to achieve with their neutral colour scheme. You can view it online. Or get a free copy from your local Resene ColorShop or Resene reseller while stocks last.
Resene SmartTouch conductive coating Switch on with Resene SmartTouch
Traditionally all we expected paint to do was look good and protect the surface. Now it can do so much more. With new Resene SmartTouch, your paint can even turn on your lights! Simply apply basecoats of Resene SmartTouch conductive coating, connect into the switch plate and overcoat with your choice of Resene topcoat or it can be wallpapered. Then tap to turn the lights on and off… more
Rainbow ColorShop Rainbow ColorShop
The smallest Resene ColorShop is located in a rather special town - AA Driver’s Town at Rainbow’s End in Auckland. As young drivers navigate around the town, they can view the Resene ColorShop as a bright part of the townscape.
Resene ColourVision VR Colours goes 360 with Resene ColourVision VR (virtual reality)
You’ve probably tried virtual painting on a computer, but have you tried virtual painting in a virtual reality experience? Now you can with new Resene ColourVision, a VR headset and Android smartphone. The Resene ColourVision experience lets you change the colours on a virtual reality house. Move from room to room and redecorate the walls and ceiling, and stain the floor with your favourite colours from the Resene colour range… more
The Heads Up for Kids programme Old coins help kids
The Heads Up for Kids programme run by the Lions Club collects in old coins and foreign coins as a fundraiser to help kiwi kids. To date nearly five million coins have been collected providing nearly $500,000 of funds. These are used to provide opportunities for experiences such as Outward Bound, Discovery for Teens and Spirit of Adventure. Old coins and foreign coins can be donated at your local Resene owned ColorShop… more
Resene Brushing Additive Smoothing the way
Waterborne enamels have largely replaced solventborne enamels for most uses. Waterborne enamels are lower odour, faster drying and easy to clean up in water, making them a popular choice. However on small areas such as trim and joinery, it can be tricky to get the smooth finish of a solventborne enamel using a waterborne version. Resene Brushing Additive is specially formulated for addition to Resene waterborne enamel paints to reduce brush marking and produce a smoother finish on trim and joinery. It’s ideal for use year round extending the wet edge and improving the flow and levelling for these projects. All you need is an addition of 2-5% of Resene Brushing Additive into Resene Enamacryl (gloss) or Resene Lustacryl (semi-gloss) for a smoother finish on trim and joinery.
Rocking colour Rocking colour
What started as a local community initiative in Palmerston North - Palmy Rocks - rock painting and hunting has spread to many more areas. The idea is simple - paint a rock and then hide it in a public area for others to find. Once a rock is found, take a photo and then rehide it for others to find. It’s an ongoing treasure hunt with colourfully painted rocks the treasure. Some take part as treasure hunters, some take part as rock painters and some do both by painting and hiding their own rocks and then finding other rocks too. It’s an inclusive initiative with young and old all being able to take part, enjoying the great outdoors while hunting out the latest rock treasures. Resene testpots are a popular choice for painting rocks - with the myriad of colours and the handy pot size, it’s easy to create many mini masterpieces.
Resene CyberCote

Flat-tering finish
Need a super flat finish that you can use for a consistent finish from wall to ceiling without the painter having to stop to change product halfway? New Resene CyberCote is designed to produce a tough interior flat finish on broadwall and ceiling areas. Simply choose your Resene colour, then get spraying… more

Resene Walk-on Concrete product range

Walk-on goes clear
While concrete is often seen as an easy care surface, dirt, moss and mould can become engrained into the surface turning a fresh clean surface into very weathered looking concrete. Now you can protect exterior concrete surfaces with the new Resene Walk-on Concrete Clear product range… more

Going Grey

Going grey
Is that whitewash too pale, but the black stain too dark? Now there’s a happy medium with the new on-trend Resene Colorwood Greywash. Resene Colorwood Greywash can be used on everything from interior wooden flooring, to walls, furniture and more. It’s based on Resene Colorwood Whitewash but with extra black tint, that scandi whitewash look becomes a softer greywashed look. It's available in two standard finishes or you can create your own greywash intensity by applying tinted Resene Colorwood stain first, then overcoating with Resene Colorwood Greywash. View the colour options in the Resene Colorwood colour range brochure or online… more

The new Resene SpaceCote products are tougher and easier to clean

New, even tougher, wall paints
Resene is constantly working on improvements to its products and colour range, focusing on anything from durability and toughness to VOC and odour reduction. The latest changes to the Resene SpaceCote waterborne enamel family provide improved burnish resistance, improved scrub resistance and improved chemical resistance. The new Resene SpaceCote products are quite simply harder to damage and easier to clean.

These improvements have been achieved with a bespoke acrylic binder system with enhanced enamel cross-linking properties to provide better scrub and chemical resistance and a specialised polymeric extender package leading to improved burnish resistance.

Resene SpaceCote comes in two sheen levels - low sheen and flat. Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen is designed for use on interior walls throughout homes and buildings, including wet areas, while Resene SpaceCote Flat is designed for use on interior ceilings, including wet areas, and can also be used as a flat wall finish where a matt surface finish is desired. Both come in an extensive range of Resene colours and are Environmental Choice approved.

Resene SpaceCote is ideal for high wear and tear areas of a home or office for a seamless look throughout the interior area from dry areas through to wet areas. It also comes in kitchen and bathroom variants with anti-bacterial silver and MoulDefender for extra protection in bathrooms.

The improvements don't stop there. Resene Zylone Sheen has also been reformulated with a bespoke binder designed for very low odour and high resistance to stains and an enhanced pigment and extender combination to provide a tougher, robust paint film with excellent washability.

The new Resene FX Nightlight is a waterborne glow in the dark paint Glowing in the dark
New Resene FX Nightlight is a waterborne glow in the dark paint designed to shine after the lights have gone out. It's ideal for safety signs, children's areas, step edges or anywhere a glow in the dark effect may be required. Glow in the dark by night, pale yellow by day… more
Resene and Four Families blind range now coordinate colour schemes Co-ordinate blinds with Resene colour
When you're trying to decorate, the key is to co-ordinate everything from carpets to paint, window furnishings to accessories. To make this even easier, Resene is working with Four Families and their blind range to help coordinate colour schemes. The Resene Origin collection, is a new blind fabric range… more
The new Resene Multi-finish R series colour palettes collection

New Resene Multi-finish collection
The paint is drying on our newest Resene colour collection - the Resene Multi-finish collection.This is the heart of the Resene Total Colour System, encompassing 896 colours ranging the gamut of the rainbow, presented on a series of 64 palettes. The collection brings together the most popular Multi-finish colours, together with favourites from many of The Range fashion colour fandecks and a selection of new colour strengths. It’s a best of the best Resene colour collection and is designed to work alongside the existing Resene whites and neutrals collection... more

Resene Roof Systems colours

Semi in summit
When you’re choosing coatings, as well as deciding on the right product type and colour, you also need to factor in the gloss level. Even though to the naked eye all sheen levels may look smooth, typically the higher the gloss, the easier the coating is to keep clean. The flatter the finish, the rougher the surface finish which tends to hold onto dirt and contaminants and makes it harder to clean. Resene Summit Roof has been released in a semi-gloss finish, which provides a durable option with improved cleanability without the glare of a higher gloss. It’s available in the complete range of Resene Roof Systems colours as well as an extensive range of other Resene colours and Resene CoolColours.

See data sheet D315S.

Resene Umbrella Additive is an additive for exterior waterborne coatings Shower saver
New Resene Umbrella Additive is an additive for exterior waterborne coatings providing rapid protection from light showers even before the coating has dried. Once applied, a coating containing Resene Umbrella Additive quickly starts to build a protective shell that then extends throughout the whole coating. Water is able to evaporate from the coating allowing it to dry but light showers simply roll off leaving the still-drying coating firmly attached to the substrate… more
Speedy sealing of timber ends Speed sealing
When you’re on the job site, the fiddly jobs can be annoying, such as making sure the ends of timber are properly sealed before the timber is erected. New Resene Quick Dry End Seal is a handy new product to speed up end sealing of timber. It is a modified version of Resene Quick Dry in a unique bottle with built in brush applicator, which can be used to quickly and easily coat the ends of timber without the hassle of getting out a can of primer and a paintbrush and then having to wash it up afterwards. It’s quick and easy to use; simply open the lid and brush the Resene Quick Dry End Seal onto the surface of the timber using the applicator.
Resene has developed a series of electronic paint colour tools including Resene BIM Revit Easy access to BIM paint colours
Architectural, rendering and graphical software has brought with it the ability to see the finish before the painting has started. Paint, itself, isn’t a BIM object because it is typically considered too thin to fit within the system parameters. However the paint can be brought into the system via the paint colour. That’s why you will see BIM paint colour files, rather than just BIM paint files. Resene has over many years developed a series of electronic paint colour tools and files to make incorporating Resene colours into projects easy. This includes Resene BIM Revit and BIM ArchiCAD files. Visit and click on the grey links at the top to select the files for your desired software… more
Resene FX Fluoro paint is released in 5 colours Bright spot
There’s nothing quite like a shot of fluoro to really make something stand out and attract attention. While Resene has always had some very bright colours – think Resene Turbo or Resene Wellywood painted on all walls and you’ll know what we mean! - we’ve never really ventured into the fluoro category… until now. Now you can recreate the high vis highlighter pen look on walls and art with Resene FX Fluoro paint. Available in five colours - blue, green, yellow, orange and pink. It’s ideal for use for after dark events and locations with blacklight for a striking fluoro effect. The new fluoros are available from Resene ColorShops and selected resellers.
Resene Paints (Pacific) Ltd  operates from Suva Half century
50 years ago, Resene Paints (Pacific) Ltd first started operating in Suva, on the eastern side of Fiji’s main island Viti Levu. Now 50 years on, it’s still going strong reaching out beyond its home of Fiji to nearby Pacific Islands and across to Vanuatu.
The Resene range of high performance coatings Make it a membrane
When you have a high rise concrete building to coat, you want to do it once and do it right. Choose from the Resene range of high performance coatings, with Resene X-200 weathertight membrane, Resene X-300E to protect flexing structures from concrete carbonisation, Resene X-400 thixotropic ultra high build weathertight membrane and Resene XC-700 a clear high build finish designed to seal concrete and masonry walls… more
Habitat plus 04 - discover your style Discover your style
Many of us struggle to decide what decorating style we like and want to live with. It’s the reason home and renovation magazines are so popular as we pore over the photographs, searching for a look that resonates, trying to find a like-minded homeowner who has already achieved the look we desire. But with a bit of confidence and good advice, it’s fairly easy for someone to discover their own style. New Habitat plus - discover your style is designed to help decorators find the style that best suits them and then use that to inspire their choices… more
Consumer trusted Consumer trusted
Resene ColorShops have achieved ‘Consumer Trusted’ accreditation, one of a very small number of retailers to have this accreditation. Consumer NZ has reviewed Resene ColorShops and the way we serve our customers covering everything from pricing to training, complaints to warranties, to ensure it meets their stringent standards. What this means is that Resene ColorShops go above and beyond most retail stores to ensure customers enjoy excellent service. Our Resene ColorShops are staffed by knowledgeable trained and friendly staff who can give advice on anything from product and colour choice through to application and clean up after the decorating is done. Find your nearest Resene ColorShop… more
Resene Heritage Colours

Where muka meets uhi
Resene has for many years supported the Marae DIY series, which focuses on collaborative effort to protect and rejuvenate Marae buildings. Through those many projects, the Resene Heritage colour range has been a constantly referred to reference. In many cases early colours were similar for European and Maori buildings, purely because that was the limits of the colour technology and palette available.

Traditional Maori colours do have their own unique nuances though, and thanks to Wiremu Puke, Maori ethnographer, seven key hues have now been reproduced in Resene colour in the updated Resene Heritage colour collection with the Traditional Maori Colour Palette.

Order your free copy of the updated Resene heritage chart online or pick up a copy at your local Resene ColorShop or reseller.

Consumer trusted Taking care of metal
Resene GP Metal Primer, a new addition to the Resene product range in late 2014 is a general purpose (GP) primer for exterior and interior metals - steel, galvanised steel and Zincalume. It is ideal over sound metal surfaces and mild to moderately rusted surfaces - both red rust and zinc oxide - or white rust, which occurs on galvanised steel and zinc… more
Resene has won the Kids Décor Silver Award in the recent OHBaby awards Popular vote
Resene has won the Kids Décor Silver Award following a nationwide vote involving thousands of votes cast in the recent OHBaby Awards to find the best children’s products and services. For creative children’s room decorating ideas see the Resene OHBaby projects on this website… more
Resene WallPrint Design your own wallpaper
Can’t find the right mural or wallpaper to suit your decorating plans? Create your own wallpaper, using Resene WallPrint. Simply upload your high quality photo (a holiday destination, family photo or artful composition) or choose from a gallery of images then adjust the scaling to create a perfectly sized feature wall. Once you’ve finished your design, Resene WallPrint is printed onto wallpaper. Each strip is numbered so simply paste the wall, hang the wallpaper and enjoy your one-of-a-kind wall… more
Resene Forester Timber like
Resene Forester is a semi-transparent film forming timber stain effect finish based on a tough 100% acrylic resin to ensure maximum durability in all exposed conditions. It imparts a natural low sheen look that is fully washable. Use on preprimed wood grain effect substrates instead of a paint finish to accentuate the timber grain effect. Available in a range of colours from the popular Resene Exterior Stains collection, including CoolColour™ variants… more
Resene partners with Nuevo Technology Resene partners with Nuevo Technology
New Zealand paint manufacturer, Resene, has taken an equity position in the Houston-based technology company, Noel Group Inc. – a group whose New Zealand connections extend back many years. Central to this move is the establishment of a joint venture with Nuevo Technology Ltd, a clean tech R&D engineering company located at Callaghan Innovation’s Wellington campus and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Noel Group Inc... more
Habitat plus – 1 look 4 ways for interiors 1 look 4 ways… for interiors
Many of us have agonised over colour charts, tried out some testpots and are still stuck as to which colours to choose. New Habitat plus – 1 look 4 ways for interiors shows how different styles of interiors look in various colour schemes. We’ve taken an existing room, then virtually painted it with alternative schemes to show you the difference that paint colours can make. . It’s the ideal way to see how you can change a space through colour choices… more
Protect your concrete benchtop or floor with Resene Concrete Wax Keeping concrete looking good
Concrete benchtops and floors look superb when first installed. But often after some wear and tear, dust and dirt starts getting entrained into the surface and it can be near impossible getting the surface truly clean again. Protect your concrete benchtop or floor with Resene Concrete Wax, a tough waterborne satin glaze that is quick and easy to apply… more
Resene Walk-on is a satin general purpose flooring and paving paint One to walk on
Giving steps and porches a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the overall look of your entranceway. Simply wash down the existing coating, remove any loose flaking material, prime or seal if needed and recoat using two coats of Resene Walk-on. Resene Walk-on is a satin general purpose flooring and paving paint, based on tough acrylic resins to give maximum durability and abrasion resistance in a single pack finish… more
The newly updated Resene Summit Roof chart Roof refurb
Greys and earthy tones are perennial favourites for roofing colour finishes. Reflecting this trend, the newly updated Resene Summit Roof chart includes previous favourites and new hues with a selection of colours matched to popular COLORBOND® and COLORSTEEL® colours… more
Resene Concrete Clear is a tough waterborne glaze for use on concrete and brick surfaces Clearly for concrete
While concrete walls and surfaces are durable, they can be very tricky to keep clean. Small contaminants tend to get entrained into the surface of the concrete and can be difficult, if not impossible, to clean. Resene Concrete Clear is a tough waterborne glaze for use on concrete and brick surfaces. It enhances the colour and natural beauty of concrete, brick and stone and provides a thin protective layer… more
Resene Clearcoat UVS Keeping bright colours bright
Bright colours used outside are prone to fading in the harsh sun. Protect these more vulnerable colours with Resene Clearcoat UVS, a gloss clear finish based on a unique waterborne emulsion for ease of application and maximum life over prepainted surfaces. It has been formulated with U.V. absorbers to filter out harmful U.V. light, protecting the paint system beneath… more
Resene BigColour is a large A2 sized paint swatch See more with BigColour
Colour perception is affected by many factors, including the size of the sample viewed. Generally the bigger the sample, the easier it is to distinguish the colour. That’s why we recommend using all of a Resene testpot on an A2 card to view the true colour. To make this even easier, for the most popular Resene colours, we have created Resene BigColour, a large A2 sized paint swatch… just like a drawdown except it’s around four times larger… more
Resene Enamel Undercoat and Resene Acrylic Undercoat are moving to a new varishade colour system to provide the right basecoat for any shade. Undercoats to suit
For a consistent undercoat solution from solventborne to waterborne, Resene undercoats - Resene Enamel Undercoat and Resene Acrylic Undercoat - are moving to a new varishade colour system to provide the right basecoat for any shade. This helps provide the chosen topcoat with enhanced obliteration. Resene Enamel Undercoat and Resene Acrylic Undercoat are both moving to a white and varishade tone… more
See how different styles of exteriors look in various colour schemes 1 look 4 ways… for exteriors with Habitat plus
When your canvas is literally as big as a house, you want to ensure you get the paint colours right. It can be a daunting task deciding on a scheme for the exterior, especially given the cost of materials and labour. Which is why we’ve created a new Habitat plus booklet to let you see how different styles of exteriors look in various colour schemes… more
Get a good view with Resene Colour View Get a good view with Resene Colour View
See how colours look in home and room settings – simply choose A4 colour samples from our in store colour library and place them behind the Resene Colour View picture of your choice. The paint colour shows through the clear areas of the picture so you can see how that paint colour would look in that room or area… more
See the hottest colour trends for 2014 Caravan do-up
The Peck and Morris families took part in the Resene Caravan Do-Up Challenge at the Motorhome & Caravan Show to do up their caravan inside and out and take part in a series of Resene challenges... more
The Resene Decorator trade range has expanded to include Decorator Premium Roof Roof trade
The Resene Decorator trade range has expanded to include Decorator Premium Roof, available in four of the most popular roof colours – Karaka, Ironsand, Grey Friars and Permanent Green. As a series of pretinted roof paint finishes, painters can quickly grab and go with their favourite colour. For an upgrade option, use Resene Summit Roof, which comes in a wider colour range and is also available in the CoolColour™ option to help reflect heat.
Resene ColourMatch online It’s a match
Got a great electronic swatch of a colour or a photo with a colour you’d like to recreate but you have no idea of the original colour? With Resene ColourMatch online, you can match your colour to a Resene colour and search to find other similar colours, complementary colours and more. Simply type or copy in the URL… more
Resene Zylone Sheen VOC Free product range

Fancy free
Free free free! Who doesn’t like something for free? Even more so if it means getting rid of unwanted added VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Resene has been working through a steady process to move our standard Resene Zylone Sheen product range to new versions with no added VOCs. This work started a few years ago with a separate Resene Zylone Sheen Zero product range and as we have progressed the tinting technology, the no added VOCs technology has been able to be merged back into the standard Resene Zylone Sheen product range. The latest to be changed is Resene Zylone Sheen Pastel tone, with this product now moving to a no added VOCs variant.

Having a no added VOC paint base is, of course, just one part of the puzzle. The other part is making sure you don’t add VOCs when it comes to tint. Resene formulates and manufactures its own exclusive tinters, which are highly concentrated and have no added VOCs, so Resene colours can be tinted into decorative paint without changing the VOC levels of the paint itself. Resene Zylone Sheen Zero looks and performs the same as the standard product, just with no added VOCs.

See Data Sheet D302 on the Resene website.

Resene special colour palettes Special colour palettes
As well as all the normal colour charts we release, Resene also has the ability to make and display custom colour palettes too. This tends to come in very handy if you have specific colour palettes being developed with local councils in protected areas or if you’re finishing manufactured goods with Resene colours and would like to be able to present the colour palette. We can provide samples of the chosen colours and display… more
Resene KidzColour chart Printing with pride
The Resene KidzColour chart, designed with children for children, has been a popular choice for children’s rooms and its unique design and finishing has won two gold awards at the recent Pride in Print awards: Gold Award Winner 2013 for Specialty Products - Specialty finishing products and Gold Award Winner 2013 for promotional Print - Catalogues and Leaflets. If you’re planning to decorate a child’s room, order a Resene KidzColour chart online or pick up a copy at your local Resene ColorShop or reseller.
Light fittings coloured or painted with resene products Light up your colour
New Estuco wall lights from Lighting Plus have a paintable plaster finish so you can paint them to complement your walls. Simply apply Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer followed by Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen waterborne enamel. Or for a glossier finish opt for Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss waterborne enamel or Resene Enamacryl gloss waterborne enamel… more
Beat bugs with Bug Juice Beat bugs with Bug Juice
Control crawling and flying insects with Bug Juice, new in store at Resene (NZ only). Bug Juice is a contact pesticide and it begins to work after an insect makes contact with the treated surface. Simply mix it into your Resene paint at the recommended level, stir and apply like normal. Bug Juice will not affect the paint and is odourless. The effect lasts for up to 4 years depending on where it is applied. Try Bug Juice on… more
GIB© READYLOCK© is a prefinished wall lining system Mix and match
GIB© READYLOCK© is a prefinished wall lining system available in a range of colours to decorate new and renovated interior walls in areas such as commercial buildings, education facilities and retail outlets. The colour range includes a selection of Resene Total Colour System colours, including Resene Koru and Resene Streetwise. Mix and match panels for pops of colour and interest. The system can also be repainted using normal Resene interior paint systems either at the time of first use or when a change in colour is required in the future. Available from Winstone Wallboards.
Comp;ementary resene colours for ROXX Stone Stone meets paint
ROXX stone technology creates a hard wearing, highly stain resistant stone surface that enables free thinking designers to apply stone to countless non traditional applications. ROXX stone will challenge artists, designers, developers and those who have their own original ideas to go places they never knew existed. To help you combine Roxx products and Resene paints on projects, both have worked together to create complementary paint colour suggestions for the core range of Roxx products… more
Resene Waterborne Uracryl 802 Waterborne protection
With Resene decorative products increasingly moving to waterborne technologies, the Resene Technical team have applied the same focus to Resene Uracryl to create a new waterborne low VOC variant. The first Resene Uracryl to be available in waterborne technology is Resene Waterborne Uracryl 802, a waterborne urethane acrylic semi-gloss finish with VOCs of just 69 grams per litre… more
Quick reflectance check Quick reflectance check
To help you quickly identify colours available at set minimum or maximum reflectance value levels, Resene has included a reflectance values search option on our online colour library. Simply select the reflectance value level you need to work with and the online colour library will show you swatches of all colours that meet those requirements… more
The Specifier – Gloss levels fandeck Gloss, low sheen or something in between
The way a paint colour looks can be affected by how much there is of the colour, what other colours are in the space, the lighting and of course the gloss or sheen level. To make it easier for you to demonstrate this to your clients, Resene has created The Specifier – Gloss levels fandeck. This handy fandeck shows a selection of popular Resene colours in gloss, semi-gloss, satin, low sheen and flat so you can see at a glance the effect gloss level has on a colour… more
Matching paint colours to RGB or CMYK Matching paint colours to RGB or CMYK
Got an RGB colour or CMYK and trying to match it up with a Resene paint colour? The quickest and easiest option is to use Resene Find-A-Colour. Simply type in your RGB or CMYK values and Resene Find-A-Colour will find you the nearest Resene colours. You can then click on the colours to find out more about them or download a jpeg. Paint colours don’t always match up precisely, but this is the quickest way to see what colour options are closest.
electronic colour design files Colours built for design
Resene has added to its range of electronic colour design files and now has tailor-made files for Revit as well as ase files that can be used for PhotoShop, Illustrator and InDesign. These electronic files join an extensive collection of colour files that work with the most common architectural software. Files are available from the Resene website for AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, PhotoShop, Revit, SketchUp, Vectorworks, Spirit, 3D Kitchen, Chief Architect, Design2Cam, Softplan or you can download colour jpegs or access RGB values online. And if you’re working on a project that has Light Reflectance Value (LRV) restrictions, check out the LRV values on Resene colour charts, the Resene online library or the LRV value list. Ideal for those working with LRV restrictions due to glare or substrate limitations.
coloured switchplates Switch on to colour
Match your light switches to the wall with Vynco coloured switchplates backpainted with Resene Imperite in your choice of Resene colour. Designed, engineered and tested to NZ/Australian standards, they fit to any standard flush box and are retrofittable in most houses. An additional film is moulded into the cover plate which increases resistance against scratches and chemicals. Cover plates can be ordered to match your Resene wall colours or your Resene splashback colours for an integrated or complementary look throughout your project… more
Create your own interpretation of Wall Art Art that makes you Appy
Take your favourite Resene paint colour, and add to it an app purpose-developed by master ceramicist Bob Steiner. With the newly minted Wall Art App, you can see the Resene colour on the wall, and add pieces from Bob’s collection. You can create your own interpretation of Wall Art and arrange the pieces from Bob Steiner’s collection to suit your design. Bob’s new app is free to try for yourself onlinemore
Resene has won the OHBaby Award Golden vote
Resene was voted the Best Kids Décor following a nationwide vote involving over thousands of votes cast in the recent OHBaby Awards to find the best children’s products and services. For creative children’s room decorating ideas see the Resene OhBaby projects on this website… more
Resene Sureseal Relief for the nose
Resene Sureseal has always been an excellent choice for binding up and sealing surfaces but like most traditional solventborne products, it has had a strong solvent odour. But not any more. The Resene technical team has developed a lower odour formulation using low aromatic hydrocarbons to make it more pleasant to use and more pleasant after it has been applied. The new formula has all the performance characteristics of the existing product, but without the strong smell... See Data Sheet D42
Resene Productivity Tables Productivity is key
Pricing a decorating project can be a complicated process with many job, system and substrate variations to take into account. To help make it easier to quickly work out productivity rates, Resene has created a new Productivity Tables booklet designed for professional painters as a quick reference when quoting and planning work. View the free copy of the guide online... more
Its a match It’s a match
Prime Panels have launched new laminates matched to favourite Resene colours as part of their PrimeMelamine collection. So now you can get Double Tea, Quarter Napa and Half Pavlova plus many other Resene colours and a whole host of Prime Panels hues on your laminates to co-ordinate with your Resene paint colours for a complete room look. PrimeMelamine is a low pressure laminate suitable for everything from kitchen cupboards and shelves, laundry and vanity units to home office furniture and storage units. See the collection on the Prime Panels website… more
Resene SpaceCote Flat Kitchen & Bathroom Flat out
The daily rigours of bathrooms, laundries and kitchens means these areas are prone to bacteria and mould buildup, which is why Resene first launched the Resene Kitchen & Bathroom range. Following popular demand, a new product – Resene SpaceCote Flat Kitchen & Bathroom – is being added to the product range to enable you to choose a full suite of products from walls, trim and joinery through to ceilings… more
Resene ConcreteSeal 3 in 1

Well stuck
New to the Resene product range is Resene ConcreteSeal 3 in 1 formulated to adhere well to concrete and be a fast drying versatile sealer/primer for interior concrete floors and exterior tilt slab. Resene ConcreteSeal 3 in 1 is ideal for garage and other residential and commercial floors being painted with Resene Walk-on. When used on properly prepared concrete floors, it will not flake off where hot car tyres stand. Properly prepared concrete needs to be clean from oil, grease, dirt and curing membranes.

And it’s a superb option for tilt slab construction too. Often with tilt slab problems occur because of poor surface preparation and a failure to remove form oils and surface treatments before applying topcoats. Using Resene ConcreteSeal 3 in 1 helps the paint system adhere to the tilt slab allowing the topcoats to hold on better.

See Data Sheet D409.

The new Resene KidzColour chart Young ones
The new Resene KidzColour chart is hot off the press and features popular bold hues and pastels, ideal for children of all ages. The Resene KidzColour range also includes favourite effects finishes such as Resene Magnetic Magic, Resene Blackboard Paint, Resene Pearl Shimmer... Plus you can download stencil images and create stencilled masterpieces for just the cost of a different colour of paint. Pick up a free Resene KidzColour chart from any Resene ColorShop or reseller or order free online. If you’re planning to make over a child’s room, check out the Resene Decorating Inspiration gallery for real life projects finished by other families. It’s a handy source of ideas to help get you started.
Resene CoolColour™ to reflect more heat and reduce heat build up Cool it
The local White Roof movement is focused on gaining awareness of the benefits of white roofs and encouraging people to either paint their roof white, or if they can’t do that due to local council restrictions or similar then to paint home roofs in a Resene CoolColour™ to reflect more heat and reduce heat build up… more
Resene Woodsman Whitewash

White wood
New to the Resene Woodsman exterior woodcare range is Resene Woodsman Whitewash, an exciting new way to achieve a whitewashed style effect on exterior timber. Resene Woodsman Whitewash is low in VOC compared to solventborne exterior stains and polyurethanes. It’s easy to apply and suitable for use by professional decorators or home decorators... more

See Data Sheet D57W.

Resene Uracryl GraffitiShield

Project protection
New to Resene, Uracryl GraffitiShield is a semigloss clear finish providing a choice between the existing gloss option and the new lower sheen semigloss variant. Unsightly graffiti is a nightmare for property managers in graffiti prone areas. Worst of all, not only does it look bad and cost money to fix, but the longer you leave it the more likely it will attract more graffiti... more

Resene Colorwood Whitewash Go white
New to the Resene Colorwood interior woodcare range is Resene Colorwood Whitewash, an exciting new way to achieve a whitewashed style effect on interior timber walls and floors. Environmental Choice approved, Resene Colorwood Whitewash is low odour and low in VOC compared to solventborne interior stains and polyurethanes. It’s easy to apply and suitable for use by professional decorators or home decorators… more
Resene Fresh Air Carparking Breath of fresh air
Carparks and polluted air are often two things that go hand in hand. Utilising the latest in photoactive technology, Resene has developed Resene Fresh Air Carparking, Resene Fresh Air Carparking is a semi-transparent waterborne satin topcoat with photocatalytic pigments, which is designed to break down NOx and organic atmospheric pollutants that come into contact with the film… more
Resene PaintWise Big green tick
The Minister for the Environment Nick Smith has announced the accreditation of Resene’s PaintWise paint and packaging recycling programme, the first accreditation for a paint recycling programme and only the sixth product stewardship scheme he has accredited… more
PatersonRose and Resene have teamed up to create complementary colour suggestions for the PatersonRose children’s linen range Linen + paint = just what you need
PatersonRose and Resene have teamed up to create complementary colour suggestions for the PatersonRose children’s linen range to help you put together a look for children’s rooms without spending days agonising over what colour will go with what. See more linens and their complementary colour suggestions online... more
Environmental Choice approved Resene StainLock

Lock it in
Don’t let stains ruin your fresh paintwork. Lock stains in with Environmental Choice approved Resene StainLock, a waterborne stain sealer formulated to hold back a wide range of common surface stains to prevent them damaging subsequent topcoats.

It’s ideal for exterior and interior projects and is designed for overcoating with your choice of Resene waterborne decorative topcoat. Use it on substrates such as brickwork, concrete, fibre cement, old stained surfaces, plasterboard and over stained areas where stain transmission is more likely. Once dry topcoat in your favourite Resene waterborne decorative paint system. One coat is all that is needed to lock in most stains.

See Data Sheet D408.

Resene Colorwood Enhance Wood enhancer
New to the Resene Colorwood interior timber finishes range is Resene Colorwood Enhance, designed to provide subtle toning shade to interior timbers. Resene Colorwood Enhance can be mixed into waterborne clear finishes, such as Resene Qristal ClearFloor 1K and Resene Aquaclear, and then brush applied as part of that product to enhance the timber substrate. It takes only one pack (50ml) of Resene Colorwood Enhance to shade a litre of clear finish. You choose the level of shading. Available in white, black, jarrah, red brown and walnut tones. Available from Resene ColorShops and selected Resene resellers.
Lighting Plus has introduced a new, limited edition line of fabric shades that are matched to Resene colours Light up your colour
Lighting Plus has introduced a new, limited edition line of fabric shades that are matched to Resene colours – Resene Half Sisal, Resene Petite Orchid, Resene Pohutukawa, Resene Pravda, Resene Altitude and Resene Ottoman. The six shades are available in the popular 12/12/9 size, which is suitable for both pendant and portable lighting applications. The shades are designed to complement your painted Resene walls adding a fashion finishing touch. And if your favourite Resene colour isn’t matched in this range, keep an eye out for the next limited edition colour range coming soon. Available from Lighting Plus.
Resene Palette Generator Picture to palette… in seconds!
Thanks to the wonders of web technology, we have a new quick way for you to develop a colour palette. All you need to do is visit the online Resene Palette Generator, select and upload your image and then click the ‘generate’ button. Then the Resene Palette Generator will create a Resene colour palette based on the proportions of colour in the picture. Once done you can click on the colours for more information, download swatches and save or email them or share your colour palette to Facebook... more
Resene Colour Helper - Your helping hand with colour  Resene ColourHelper - your helping hand with colour
Got an existing colour or material and need to find a similar Resene colour but you’re not sure which Resene colour might be closest? The new Resene ColourHelper is here to help. Simply take the Resene ColourHelper, push it down to ‘read’ the target colour three times and it will let you know three Resene colours closest to the colour you have measured. It can also suggest complementary colour options, tell you the difference between two colours so you can see how similar, or different, they are and suggest other colours... more
Resene Qristal ClearFloor waterborne urethane clear Timber time
Keep timber flooring looking good with Resene Qristal ClearFloor waterborne urethane clear, a tough durable finish formulated especially for floors. Available in a desirable satin finish, Resene Qristal ClearFloor can be applied by homeowners through to professional tradespeople… more
The Resene whites and neutrals collection palette cardsThe Resene whites and neutrals collection palette cards Handy neutrals
The Resene whites and neutrals collection is now available in palette cards with 12 hues per card to make working choosing your favourite colours even easier. The range of 28 palettes covers over 300 whites and neutrals hues through to black, including up to six strength variations of the most popular Resene colours. Choose the palettes you like and tuck them into your handbag or pocket as a handy reference when you go shopping for fabrics, furniture... more
Resene has won many environmental awards Green on green
To add to our very green 2010 with a whole host of environmental awards, Resene was delighted to win the National Sustainable Business of the Year award as well as the Sustainable 60 overall Exemplar award and a Marketplace award. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions, ideas and encouragement that have helped us continue to improve our products and services. Your feedback is always welcome and you can send it to us anytime... more
OHBaby Awards Golden vote
Resene was voted the Best Kids Décor following a nationwide vote involving over 5000 voters and 177000 votes cast in the recent OHBaby Awards to find the best children’s products and services... more
Resene anti-microbial paints

Wall protection
Resene ClinicalCote is a low odour, washable waterborne paint finish formulated with anti-microbial silver for use on broadwall areas in buildings such as hospitals, rest homes, medical centres and clinics. Anti-microbial silver protection is internationally recognised as a safe and healthy method of deodorising and sanitising surfaces. A very low VOC formula, Resene ClinicalCote is Environmental Choice approved and has less than 4 grams of VOC per litre. In keeping with the modern trend of low sheen finishes, Resene ClinicalCote is available in both low sheen and satin finishes. It is designed to withstand alcohol and glycol containing hospital cleaners to keep it looking its best. The low sheen has a desirable low sheen finish from all angles The painted surface can be cleaned just seven days after application. Use Resene ClinicalCote on walls and complement with Resene waterborne enamels on trim and joinery and Resene Ceiling Paint on ceilings for a very low VOC finish.

Resene ClinicalCote is available from Resene in a wide range of over 800 Resene colours. See Data Sheet D318.

Resene keep safepaint Keep safe
More injuries happen at home than at work, on the road, or while playing sport. In fact, on average, someone is injured at home every 48 seconds! But it's not all doom and gloom. The good news is, with just a few simple changes, you can make your home a safer place for you, your family and visitors... more
Resene Summit Roof  paint Top spot
Resene Summit Roof has been crowned the best new paint product of the year by the NZ Master Painters. New Resene Summit Roof is proving a popular choice for professional and home decorators with a desirable low sheen durable finish for a wide range of roofing projects. See the Resene Roof Systems colour range for colour options. Order your free copy online or pick up a copy from your local Resene ColorShop or reseller.
Resene Write-on Wall Paint Black or white?
Resene Write-on Wall Paint was designed to provide an alternative to whiteboards, but it’s now proving to be a great alternative to blackboards too. Simply paint on your favourite dark Resene colour, then Resene Write-on Wall Paint and once dry and cured you can write all over it using liquid chalk. It’s like having a blackboard but without the hassle of chalk dust. Best of all, because Resene Write-on Wall Paint is clear you can choose your favourite Resene colour to go underneath… more
Resene Earthsense ceiling paint Makes sense
Those planning an interior repaint can now do so with two innovations wrapped up in one product. New Environmental Choice approved Resene Earthsense Ceiling Paint is formulated with a special renewable extender pigment, providing at least 20% by volume of renewable raw materials in the final paint film, and 65% in the wet paint with the inclusion of water… more
Resene PaintTrack Authenticity assured
In a world first, Resene have pioneered a way that you can ensure the coating applied is authentic, with Resene PaintTrack. Resene PaintTrack is a ‘chemical barcode’ made up of durable and inert inorganic materials that are fully integrated into the paint. To the naked eye, paints containing Resene PaintTrack look and perform the same as normal. When illuminated using light of a specific wavelength, a unique emission spectrum is detected by a hand-held digital reader if it contains Resene PaintTrack… more
Resene Peacock balloon Show off your colours Peacock
The Resene Show off your colours Peacock hot air balloon is a feature of the Balloons over Waikato 2010 festival. The Peacock balloon is truly amazing and a real show stopper. It is the biggest bird in the air over the 5 day event with the balloon standing 30 metres high, taking up 4000 cubed metres of space and weighing 250 kilos, of which most of that weight is in the huge tail…. more
Resene Multi-finish palette collection On the edge
The Resene Multi-finish palette collection is undergoing changes to make it even easier to use. Chips on the left and right of the palette are being extended to the edge of the palette to make directly matching them to other samples quick and easy… more
Resene Metallics and special effects chart Metallic favourites
Precious metal hues of silvers, golds, coppers and pewters have stood the test of time and continue to be popular decorating colour choices. The new Resene Metallics and special effects chart offers more choice of these colours as part of a selection that includes new hues developed using the new Resene Fine Aluminium tone… more
Resene Summit Roof waterborne low sheen roof paint On top
The recently launched Resene Summit Roof waterborne low sheen roof paint is proving very popular. It combines a durable and desirable low sheen finish with direct to substrate technology suitable for use on a variety of surfaces… more
Resene Write-on Wall Paint

Unlimited ideas
Let your ideas loose all over your walls with Resene Write-on Wall Paint.

Simply apply over your existing light coloured wall paint or if you’re looking for a colour change, apply your new colour then apply Resene Write-on Wall Paint over the top.

Once dry and cured you can use whiteboard markers to write all over the wall without damaging the surface. And when it’s time to delete an idea just grab a soft cloth or whiteboard eraser, rub out the marker and start again.

Unlike normal whiteboards, Resene Write-on Wall Paint is designed to work with your existing décor by allowing the colour of your walls to show through the clear finish. So you can have a Resene Tea coloured whiteboard, a Resene Spanish White one or any other light Resene colour that you desire by simply changing the colour of the wall prior to applying clear Resene Write-on Wall Paint.

Use it in your kitchen to write your reminders, in your office for your to do list, in your conference room to share ideas and in schools for brainstorming, art and more. With Resene Write-on Wall Paint there’s no limit to your ideas.

See Data Sheet D907.

Use Resene Lustacryl Kitchen & Bathroom paint in wet areas

Wet wise
Protect wet areas in your home, building or your project with new Resene Lustacryl Kitchen & Bathroom.

Resene Lustacryl Kitchen & Bathroom combines the durability and easy cleanability of a semi-gloss waterborne enamel with added anti-bacterial silver protection and the mould protection of MoulDefender to minimise bacteria and mould growth. Anti-bacterial silver protection is internationally recognised as a safe and healthy method of deodorising and sanitising surfaces that come in contact with skin, food and water.

Use Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen Kitchen & Bathroom on walls and complement with Resene Lustacryl Kitchen & Bathroom on trims and joinery. Or for a semi-gloss sheen throughout use Resene Lustacryl Kitchen & Bathroom formulated with anti-bacterial silver and MoulDefender for your walls, trims and joinery. Both products are Environmental Choice approved.

See Data Sheet D310K.

Resene Curtain Collection Raise the curtain
Having trouble finding a curtain fabric to go with your favourite Resene colour? Then the new Resene Curtain Collection may be just what you need. It’s a range of fabrics designed to complement popular Resene colours. The latest collection includes fashion stripes and patterns through to neutrals designed to complement a wide range of colour schemes… more
Taihape gumboots painted in Resene Kowhai Get your walking boots on
Most people keen on walking don their favourite walking shoes or sneakers and take to the streets or their local hiking track. Taihape has abandoned shoes and sneakers in favour of their town icon, gumboots… more
Enviro-Mark Gold award Million dollar eco winner
Professor Peter Gluckman, Chief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister, awarded Resene the winning prize in Industrial Research Ltd’s (IRL) What’s Your Problem New Zealand? competition. Resene will be awarded up to $1 million in IRL R&D services to develop premium waterborne paints based on resins made from up to 80 per cent sustainable ingredients… more
Fairydown blankets colour matched to popular Resene colours Colour cover
Fairydown have worked with Resene to create a new colour story for bedrooms. The versatile and lightweight Espresso feather and down blanket from Fairydown is designed to be an extra layer of winter warmth or as a duvet alternative during summer months. And to ensure it works with your paint colours, the blanket range is available in a choice of eight fashionable colours: Alabaster, Perfect Taupe, Mondo, Casper, Matakana, Double Foundry, Pohutukawa and Bounce, all from the Resene Total Colour System. See
Prime panels laminates Prime colours
Prime Panels have a host of laminate colours to choose from to complement your designs, and to make combining your laminate colour and paint colour even easier than ever. Their new range includes eight colours colour matched to Resene colours – Resene Half Pravda, Resene Quarter Fossil, Resene Spanish White, Resene Half Spanish White, Resene Half Pavlova, Resene Quarter Stonewall, Resene Double Tea and Resene Quarter Napa. Samples of the new laminate colours are available from Prime Panels,
Resene The Range 2010 fandeck Paint colour pursuit
Who would have thought that humble paint colours could be used to help fight crime? As reported in the NZ Herald, criminal investigations in Auckland are now codenamed after shades of Resene paint because of fears that an off-colour label could cause offence. Detective Inspector Scott Beard has created a list of codenames for police operations using Resene colour names, including colour names such as Anakiwa and Beryl… more
A Green Gold award for Resene Paints Green winner
Resene’s long term focus on sustainability has been recognised again with Resene being awarded the Green Gold award in the Wellington 2009 Gold Awards. We recognise that winning these awards is a real team effort, achieved with the assistance of our clients, our staff, our suppliers and various other local agencies and community groups… more
Resene Teracotta Sealer Pots of colour
Adding colour to the great outdoors is easier than ever with new Resene Terracotta Sealer. Designed for use on terracotta pots inside and out, Resene Terracotta Sealer is suitable for use over a wide range of terracotta surfaces including terracotta statues and ornaments. Resene Terracotta Sealer seals the surface of the terracotta and imparts excellent waterbeading… more
Resene non VOC tinters Less is more
‘More’ always sounds promising, but in the case of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) less is far better. And in the case of the Resene non VOC tinters we’ve gone so far as to make ‘less’ VOCs into none. Resene non VOC tinters are being progressively rolled out to Resene ColorShops and resellers replacing the traditional Resene tinters used to tint our decorative paints. Traditionally machine colourants have added VOCs to the paint, but with the new Resene non VOC tinters you can still get the same range of colours but without the unwanted VOCs... more
Resene Summit Roof paint On top
With an increasing interest in lower sheen options outside, new Resene Summit Roof is a waterborne satin roof paint, suitable for application direct to substrate on some surfaces and recommended over a suitable primer/sealer on other surfaces. It’s available in a wide range of colours including Resene paint matches to popular COLORSTEEL®/COLORBOND® colours plus a whole host of Resene colours… more
Resene Paints feature in Marae renovations Marae DIY
Through the use of skilled labour and sponsorship for equipment and materials, the kaupapa of MARAE DIY has helped over 35 marae around the country to stretch their precious putea that much further and knock out their five or 10-year plans in just four days. The latest series of Marae DIY filmed throughout 2008 and airing in 2009 features Resene paint. Many of the colour selections are from the Resene Heritage colour range as the deep reds and neutrals fit well with Maori heritage too… more
Resene Woodsman Decking Stain Deck dress
Tired weathered timber decks can be quickly rejuvenated with new Resene Woodsman Decking Stain, a waterborne modified oil based stain developed especially for new and weathered decking. A new addition to the popular Resene Woodsman woodcare range, Resene Woodsman Decking Stain is available in a selection of the Resene Waterborne Woodsman colours… more
Wood Works painted furniture Coloured tables and chairs
Fancy some tables and chairs with fresh colours and personality? Then the Wood Works range of tables may be just what you are after. The tables and chairs are designed... more
Trailblazer Award for Resene Paints Blazing trails
Identified as a trailblazer, Resene was recognised with the Trailblazer – Large & Corporate Business Award at the Sustainable Business Network – National Awards. This award recognises Resene as a business who has sustainability as a strategic part of their business operations, products and services and is a business innovator and leader… more
Apprentice Tool Kit  supplied by Resene Paints Starting out
A painting apprenticeship brings with it hours of dedication to the task and some much needed investment in quality tools. Together with the Master Painters, Resene has developed the Resene Apprentice Kit – a kit of quality painting tools in a custom designed painter tool kit bag. The Resene Apprentice Kits are supplied to new apprentices in designated regions each year.
Resene Timber Surface Prep Make ready
New to the Resene preparation is Resene Timber Surface Prep, a low VOC pigmented high build waterborne surfacer for solid timber. Designed to upgrade and fill surface defects in solid timber substrates prior to application of waterborne finishing systems, Resene Timber Surface Prep is quick and easy to use, with convenient water wash up. See Data Sheet D814 for details.
Resene Timber  and Furniture Gel Wood revival
Dripping wood stain and weathered outdoor wooden furniture are generally not the best combination with the applicator having to do battle with the difficulty of painting surfaces and cracks that run every which way without dripping the wood stain onto the deck below. To make the rejuvenating process quicker and easier, Resene has developed new Resene Timber and Furniture Gel... more
Green Ribbon Award Green Ribbon award
Resene PaintWise, paint and paint packaging product stewardship programme, was awarded a Green Ribbon award at the 18th Green Ribbon Awards held in conjunction with New Zealand’s hosting of World Environment Day on 5 June. Resene PaintWise was recognised as an environmental champion... more
Roadsense foot stencils Steps to success
Resene has worked with RoadSense to create a foot stencil for schools to use to create safe walking zones with their students. RoadSense co-ordinators order the foot stencils direct from Resene. More information is available from
Resene Paints Broadwall 3in1 Surfacer Sealer Top product
Resene Broadwall 3 in 1 was named 'Best New Product' by the New Zealand Master Painters. Resene Broadwall 3 in 1 is a surfacer, sealer and finish coat all in one. Environmental Choice approved, it has 1.7gm per litre VOC and meets Green Star VOC requirements and Green Star NZ IEQ13 VOC and MAT10 requirements.
Resene Timber and Deck Wash Clean up
Recognising that exterior timber surfaces have special clean up requirements, Resene has developed new Resene Timber and Deck Wash. Based on popular Resene Paint Prep and Housewash, this product has been formulated especially for new and weathered timber and is recommended prior to all exterior.. more
New Resene Testpatch Flat testpot
Try out your colour without having to lift a paintbrush. A new Resene Testpatch is just like a Resene Testpot, except the painting is done for you. Simply peel off the back of the Resene Testpatch, attach it to the area you plan to paint and view it at different times of the day and night to check your colour concept works... more
Resene Uracryl 403 Clear Anti_Graffiti Coating Tag not
Resene Uracryl 403 Clear has achieved APAS approval as a permanent exterior graffiti barrier. With graffiti increasing exponentially in regions all over New Zealand, Resene Uracryl 403 Clear is a popular way to protect surfaces so they can be quickly washed down with Resene Graffiti Cleaner when needed... more
Resene CoolColour technology Keep your place cooler with a Resene CoolColour™
A black coating that remains cooler even on the sunniest day? Once a contradiction in terms and now a reality, with the launch of Resene CoolColour™ you can specify dark colours and keep your cool... more

In a world first, Resene in conjunction with Auckland Heart of the City and Stamps at Work released New Zealand postage stamps featuring 9 cows from the Auckland Cow Parade. The issue of stamps caused chaos akin to a stampede, with the entire print run selling out in just days. Keep your eyes open next time you're buying stamps or opening a letter and you may just spot one of the unique Resene stamps… see the stamp releases to date

Resene Heritage Colours

Old timer
Back by popular demand, the Resene Heritage chart finds itself returning to the Resene range of colour tools. The colour range features the hues developed by leading conservation architect Ian Bowman for the original Resene collection over a decade ago, showcased in a new style chart.

Colour chart

Many owners with older houses, especially those pre-1940 are striving for authenticity in colour repainting to enhance the true architectural heritage of their homes. The return of the Resene Heritage chart will make this selection process easier.

Get your copy of the new Heritage colour range from any Resene ColorShop or order online.

Vinyl Wallpaper Sealer

Sticky stopper
Those familiar with painting over wallpaper will shudder at the mention of plasticiser. Painting directly over vinyl wallpaper can cause the plasticiser hidden in the vinyl wallpaper to migrate through to the topcoats affecting the cure of the coating and leaving a sticky surface.

To alleviate this problem many simply removed the wallpaper, expending much time and energy in the process, before coating the surface in paint. While this resolves the sticky surface issue, it is a resource intensive option and not for the fainthearted.

Recognising the need for a quick and easy method of coating vinyl wallpaper, Resene have introduced new Resene Vinyl Wallpaper Sealer. Designed to be applied direct to the vinyl wallpaper, Resene Vinyl Wallpaper Sealer seals in the plasticiser leaving the surface ready for finishing with the desired topcoats.

Those wishing to take advantage of the texture of the existing wallpaper can safely seal the vinyl wallpaper with Resene Vinyl Wallpaper Sealer and follow this in the desired topcoats leaving a freshly coated surface with the texture of the original wallpaper.

A smooth solution to a once sticky problem.

Resene Vinyl Wallpaper Sealer is available exclusively from Resene ColorShops and Resellers.

Rainbow ends
Peter Yarranton of Cambridge has unveiled the secret behind Resene's ability to mix a myriad of colours to suit every project. Peter, recently passing the Cambridge Resene ColorShop captured this photograph of the rainbow ending in the Resene ColorShop - a pot of gold to be sure.

In our backyard
Following an extensive period of site works, the Resene Naenae production and warehousing facility is home to additional safety features to ensure that paint manufacture is safe not only for staff and visitors, but for the surrounding environment, incorporating everything from a bunded yard area, site isolation to waste water treatment.

With millions of litres of paint to make, all can rest assured that we are not only busy making paint, but we are busy making the business of making paint safer.

Karen Walker Paint

Try it on (your walls!) - Karen Walker Paint

Karen Walker is the epitome of fashion - leading edge design recognised as New Zealand's best. From the catwalks of Europe to the cutting room floor in Auckland, Karen Walker oozes creative design, style and confidence. Long associated with her distinctive range of clothing, Karen Walker now offers New Zealanders something else to try on but with a twist!

Breaking the barriers into a new design arena, Karen Walker has worked with Resene over the last year to develop a range of 29 unique colours. This special collection is now showcased in the Karen Walker Paints colour chart.

The Karen Walker range is no fuss, no frills; just 29 stylish colours that can be personalised to suit each individual's style. The colours sell themselves - they don't need fancy names. Muddied hues of greens, blues, browns, greys and neutrals give effortless mix and match options making achieving an in-fashion finish easy.

Karen Walker Paint charts

Combining the strengths of two truly Kiwi brands, decorators can now buy Karen Walker fashion tinted into their favourite quality Resene paints.

Karen Walker colours are available exclusively from Resene ColorShops nationwide. Visit the Resene ColorShop nearest you for a copy of the new Karen Walker colour chart or order a copy online.

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