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Resene Architecture and Design Film Festival 2022

A word from ART DEPT

We are proud to be co-hosting this year's festival, and bringing an inspiring curation of films to Aotearoa. Thank you to Clare and her previous curators for establishing such a brilliant event, and to the team at Rialto Cinemas for their expertise.

In a time when the world is changing rapidly, experimenting with new ways of looking at design and architecture is more important than ever. We believe that architecture and design are in everything we see and interact with, inspired by the creative and contemporary culture around us. In response to this, the films at this year's festival embody high doses of creativity and problem solving that begins from a place of bravery, commitment and vision.

Our four film categories—QUIET ICONS, CREATIVITY, PROBLEM SOLVING and IMPORTANCE OF PLACE—not only represent pillars in the world of architecture and design, but also speak to the relevancy of the times we are in. Our line-up reflects how masterful spaces and projects can only exist with the help of community and team devotion.

Thank you for your support. Explore the screenings on offer, note down your must-sees and enjoy!

— Yasmine, Adam, Sara and Diana, ART DEPT


Resene Paints Ltd

If there is anything that the last couple of challenging years have taught us, is that even on the darkest days there are always those that can see the light and rise to the challenge, no matter how daunting that challenge may be.

And so we have seen it in the design and architecture space. Even when it has felt like so much has stood still, design and architecture has evolved ever forward. We have seen a wave of heritage projects be reinvented respecting the memories of the past blended with innovative technology and modern life to make the projects relevant well into the future.

Thanks to Rialto Cinemas, the Resene Architecture and Design Film Festival has also continued to flourish to become one of the largest architecture and design film festivals in the world. It has been 11 years since the Resene Architecture & Design Film Festival first started and when we look back over all the films that have been screened over the years, we have been inspired, challenged and energised with new thinking and new ideas. This year's festival promises to continue that tradition.

Ted Nightingale started Resene in a Wellington garage 76 years ago with one problem and after much concerted effort and experimentation making paint in a cement mixer, one solution. This coating solution then became the answer for many others. And thus the Resene journey began, with each new problem bringing with it a zest for new knowledge, technology and techniques to discover, a journey spurred on by the voracious appetite of the architecture and design community to always aim higher.

We are delighted to help bring this festival to you to thank you for the inspiration and thought- provoking ideas you so generously share with us. We hope that you enjoy the fresh inspiration and insights as much as we do.

— Nick Nightingale, Managing Director, Resene

Rialto Cinemas

Entering the 11th year of the festival has shown us that no two years of organising a film festival are alike. Our longtime curator Clearly & Co has decided to depart after seven editions of the festival and we thank them for their passion, input and time.

Our new curators—ART DEPT—bring a wealth of experience, connections and creativity to continue giving the festival its flair. ART DEPT is behind the popular magazine ISLAND and we're excited about the direction the festival is headed this year and beyond.

In what is another extraordinary year for us all, coming into this year's festival, we are immensely grateful for the support from both new and existing sponsors. This festival cannot happen without them. We can't thank them all enough.

We also partner with cinema exhibitors nationwide who put their heart and soul into the festival each year. We thank them for their adaptability, understanding and loyalty.

The last two years since Covid-19 arrived on the scene have presented us with both unforeseen challenges and surprises, including the cancellation of the 2020 festival followed by a record year for the 2021 festival as cinema-goers demonstrated their enthusiasm for the films and events on offer. The landscape is ever evolving for us all and we've been overwhelmed by your attendance and engagement in the festival which is key to this festival's growth and ability to keep delivering the films we bring to you each year.

Book your tickets, select your wine at the bar and fill your head with all the creativity out in the world that this festival celebrates.

— Kathryn Bennett, Rialto Cinemas

Welcome to the 2022 Line-up

See the programme below for details or download a PDF version.   › Book your tickets online

Auckland @ Rialto Cinemas - Newmarket — 5-25 May | Wellington @ Embassy Theatre, @ Lighthouse Cinema Cuba, @ Lighthouse Cinema Petone — 19 May-5 June | Dunedin @ Rialto Cinemas — 2-15 June | Christchurch @ Deluxe Cinemas — 9–26 June | Havelock North @ Event Cinemas — 9-22 June

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Category 01:

Quiet Icons

Celebrating those so devoted to the cause and the intention, that they don't realise their own impact on their community and industry.

Category 02:


Fuelled by restriction and curiosity, finding a singular solution to a universal problem requires doses of imaginative and radical thinking.

Category 03:

Problem Solving

When it comes to carving a way for new thought and experience, one must always have the ability to ask with optimism, what if and why not?

Category 04:

Importance of Place

Every location has an abundance of potential, but it is those that listen for those offerings that receive the greatest of gifts.

— Download a PDF version of the programme for full details —


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