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 Resene Pre-Coated Steel Primer

Ready to repaint

Pre-coated coloured steel, such as ColorSteel®, ColorBond® and ColorCote, is a hugely popular option for roofs and may also be used as cladding. However inevitably owners want a colour change, sometimes within months of installation or sometimes years later. To make it easier to prepare the surface for topcoating, Resene has launched new Resene Pre-Coated Steel Primer. Simply apply, allow to dry and you’re ready to topcoat with Resene Summit Roof on roofs or you can opt for waterborne exterior finishes such as Resene Lumbersider waterborne low sheen, Resene Sonyx 101 waterborne semi-gloss or Resene Hi-Glo waterborne gloss on cladding. Available from Resene ColorShops and selected resellers.


Check out the colour forecast

If there is one constant about colour, it’s that the latest on-trend colours and how we use them are always changing. Drawing from international trends experts and combining those trends with local colour knowledge, Resene has created the new The Range fashion colours 20 with colours designed for 2019/2020 and beyond. The new collection includes over 90 new colours, as well as a selection of favourite Resene colours, whites and neutrals, and a page of popular Resene wood stain finishes to make it easy to choose everything from one chart. Get a taste of the new trends online or view the fandeck at your local Resene ColorShop or reseller.

Habitat plus

Fresh trends inspiration

If you need fresh decorating and colour inspiration, the new habitat plus – decorating and colour trends is here to help. It’s packed full of new on-trend colours, decorating suggestions and handy tips to help. The habitat plus series of books, including this latest issue, are available free at your Resene ColorShop or view online.


Yours in fabric

It’s a common problem… you find a fabric you like but don’t know what paint colour to team with it. The Resene Curtain Collection has always focused on creating new fabric options designed to go with Resene paint colours. Each fabric design and colourway comes complete with its own suggested Resene paint co-ordinates, to help create a colour palette that works. And now the collection has expanded with a whole host of new designs, including the latest in sheers. New fabrics are planned for regular release. To see the full range view online or view the sample book at your Resene ColorShop or the samples at selected curtain specialists.


Clearly for floors

Timber floors are a popular choice, but how do you keep them looking good? Now flooring contractors can enhance and protect hardwood timber floors with new durable Resene ProSelect, a tough 2K low VOC waterborne polyurethane range developed for use on residential and commercial flooring. Resene ProSelect gives specifiers and contractors the freedom to select any finish they desire, from a full or semi-gloss, all the way through to a natural or ultra matt finish, with just the minimum of components. To help make it easy to find all you need for your flooring project, view the info hub online with everything from application advice and data sheets, to maintenance tips and information.

Habitat 29

Habitat’s here

The latest habitat magazine is packed full of fresh ideas and inspiration showing you how to use paint, colour and design ideas to transform spaces. It’s coloured by Resene, but it’s not just about painting. Habitat issue 29 is available from Resene ColorShops and resellers or view online.

Total Colour Awards 2018

Colourful winners

Bold hues won Freemans Bay School the top colour award in the Resene Total Colour Awards 2018 with colours that bring the school into the heart of the community. Resene has a long history of colour and today's colour range of thousands of hues is a far cry from the handful that was available when Resene started 72 years ago. The Resene Total Colour Awards were launched to encourage and celebrate excellent and creative use of colour; to showcase striking colour palettes and combinations and provide fresh inspiration. See the winners online.

Winner Trusted Brand 2018

Most trusted again!

When Readers Digest announced its Most Trusted Brands survey results, Resene was proud to be named Most Trusted Paint for the seventh year running. Thanks for your ongoing feedback that helps us to continually improve. And remember we always welcome constructive and helpful feedback - simply email us at or fill out the contact form on our website.

Rolling out recycling

Rolling out recycling

12 years and over 3 million recycled packs later, the Resene PaintWise programme has been expanded to include the Resene Automotive and Light Industrial network of stores and products. Customers can return their Resene Automotive and Light Industrial products to their local Resene Automotive and Light Industrial store, or to the existing Resene ColorShop PaintWise network. See for more information.

In Australia, unwanted paint can be returned to the Paintback service. This service started in 2016, supported by Resene.

Resene SpaceCote Clear

Clearly tough

New Resene SpaceCote Clear is a low sheen clear finish, designed to bring enamel style toughness to broadwall areas, allowing you to get a low sheen finish without sacrificing durability. It’s ideal to protect interior wall paints (in wet and dry areas) and Mason wallpaper.

Resene SpaceCote Clear is a durable low odour finish with scuff, scrub and burnish resistance.

See Data Sheet D513

Clear lids for testpots

Quick view

Ever had clients opening testpots because they want to see which colour is inside? Or perhaps you’ve been painting with testpots yourself and found you need to open each one to find the colour you want.

The Resene testpot is changing to a new format lid… with a clear viewing panel so you and your customers can see what colour is inside, without having to open the testpot.

The overall size, fill level, labelling and pricing is the same, just with a new lid and a flatter finish, which provides a little extra grip when opening the lid.

The new testpot lids are coming through as the old lids run out.

Always remember: Wet paint does not look identical to dry paint so the colour through the viewing hole is just a guideline of the colour. Once dry the colour may look a little different so always use the Resene colour charts or the colour library folders to view the colour when dry.

Wow wallpaper!

Wow wallpaper!

Patterns, plains, bolds, neutrals or textures, when it comes to wallpaper there is a huge range of designs and styles to choose from. There’s something to suit all tastes. We’ve put together a habitat plus – ways with wallpaper to help you and your clients incorporate wallpaper into your design plans. You can order your free copy by emailing us at, visit your Resene ColorShop to pick up a copy or view online.

blackboard paint other colours

Chalk it up

When it comes to blackboard paint, most people think of black, black and black. However who said a blackboard had to be black? Resene is releasing tintable Resene Chalkboard Paint that can be made in a range of deep and bold colours. For other colours Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen can be used as a chalkboard finish... find out more

hydrostatic pressure paint hydrablock

Paint beats the pressure

Hydrostatic pressure can cause moisture to rise through the pores in concrete, damaging an impermeable film sitting on the surface, usually through blistering or pressure sufficient to blow sections of the coating off. New Resene HydraBlock is a transparent two pack low VOC waterborne epoxy barrier coating for application to interior cementitious surfaces, such as masonry - walls, in-situ concrete - walls/floors and plastered walls, subject to hydrostatic pressure. Resene HydraBlock controls rising damp and efflorescence. It has excellent adhesion and is tolerant of application over damp surfaces… view Data Sheet


Hall of fame

Resene has been family owned since it started in 1946. Ted Nightingale started Resene in his garage, later passing the reigns onto his son Tony, who passed the reins on many years later to his son, Nick.

Tony’s hard work and dedication has been acknowledged with his acceptance into the Business Hall of Fame. Tony Nightingale (1939-2003) was an innovator, taking Resene multinational, introducing new products, processes and colour systems. Tony was passionate about paint and colour, with a knack for developing technologies and ideas that had never been seen before in the paint market.

hunger for colour

Hungry for colour… again

The Resene Hunger for Colour fundraiser has been back for its fourth year helping struggling Kiwis put food on the table while bringing colour to Kiwi homes. It was easy for customers to help – all they needed to do was bring in a can of food and swap it for a free Resene testpot. This year, over 37,000 cans of food were swapped for testpots during February, with over 150,000 cans of food swapped since Hunger for Colour began… more


Fresh inspiration

The latest habitat magazine, issue 28 – is packed full of fresh ideas and inspiration showing you how to use paint, colour and design ideas to transform spaces. It’s coloured by Resene, but it’s not just about painting. It’s a handy guide for you to keep up with the latest decorating trends and to help your clients with their choices. View online.

Owl logo 2018

What a hoot

If you have been wandering around Auckland recently, chances are you will have crossed paths with many owls.

Over 100 owls have landed in parks, public spaces, malls and libraries, turning Auckland into a virtual aviary. It’s all for charity, with 47 giant owls, each a bespoke work of art, being auctioned off to fundraise for the Child Cancer Foundation.

The Child Cancer Foundation provides practical, emotional and financial support to children with cancer and their families.

Many litres of Resene paints and an impressive number of testpots were used to add colourful personalities and characters to the once white owls.

The Range whites and neutrals fandeck

The right white

We know colour choices are always evolving and changing, which is why we regularly update our The Range whites and neutrals fandeck. The latest fandeck includes a few new colours and introduces favourites from other colour ranges to give you the best of the best in one handy fandeck. With the popularity of grey, the range of options has been expanded also. The new fandeck is available from your Resene representative or Resene ColorShop. The individual whites and neutrals palettes will also be updated this year to bring the new colours and favourites into those handy palettes.

Resene Decking Oil Stain Resene Lustacryl

Better and better

The Resene technical team are always on the lookout for ways to improve Resene products. Two of the products to enjoy recent updates are Resene Lustacryl and Resene Woodsman Decking Oil Stain.

Updated Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss waterborne enamel, has been designed to be faster to dry and easier to apply. This will speed up application time and also give a better quality finish. It’s available in a huge range of Resene colours, including Resene CoolColours for exterior projects. Resene Woodsman Decking Oil Stain has moved to a waterborne alkyd version, with improved foot traffic durability and weathering durability. It penetrates better reducing the risk of tracking, to help keep it looking good for longer. It’s available in a wide range of exterior stain colours, including Resene CoolColour options.

Resene Summit Roof Commercial Spray Satin

Tip spray top

New Resene Summit Roof Commercial Spray Satin is designed specifically for airless spray application. By focusing the product just on spray application, the technical team have been able to optimise the application process. The new product will be available in 4L and 10L packs in the most popular tones, and many CoolColour options too.

Resene Summit Roof Commercial Spray Satin joins Resene Summit Roof Semi-Gloss, which is designed for brush and roller application, and MIOX and Aluminium finishes available for those who prefer a metallic finish. This gives you and your clients more choice for their roof finishes, and allows painters to choose the product that best suits the application method

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