Sleek and chic: The industrial trend

The stark functionality of an industrial home aesthetic is a big trend in design circles. 

More and more homeowners are adopting the industrial trend when it comes to interior design as well as exterior features. 

With a fresh coat of paint on exterior fences and in living spaces, new lampshades and appliances made of sleek, brushed metal, you can transform your home into an industrial chic space. If you're contemplating decorating ideas, this is certainly one to go for if you want to make a statement. 

Freshly painted chic

The industrial trend often embraces exposed finishes – think overhead beams and rough brick walls in open spaces. If you're after the natural look, make sure you protect it with a clear finish. Many Resene clear finishes will protect the wall surface and make it easier to clean, while still allowing the beauty of the wall to show through.

Many areas dictate a lick of paint. One way to pay homage to the industrial trend with its pared-back vibe is a feature wall in a shade of mysteriously deep grey.

An obvious choice is Resene Slate, but there are plenty of other options available that will provide the right tone for your living space. Use Resene Find-A-Colour when hunting for the perfect shade. Resene Double Foundry is a bold choice, while the violet tones of Resene Berlin also look brilliant in an industrially-styled home.

While some homeowners shy away from darker colours for fear of making a space seem smaller, slate-like shades look fantastic in open spaces with a high beam. Even if you have a smaller home, you can still opt for darker tones – use lighter accents on skirting boards and plenty of light furniture to even out the space. 

Alternatively, you can flip the table and select for the calm freshness of Resene Zen if you want a lighter, brighter space in your living room, bedroom or bathroom. Again, it's important to add contrasting tones, so add dark furniture and plenty of brushed metal accents to create a funky industrial vibe.

Bright lights, baby

Lights should be a key feature in any home. After all, things would be a little dim without them. 

You really need to focus on lighting options when it comes to the industrial trend. While built-in ceiling lights are perfectly functional, hanging lamps as well as quirky freestanding options really hammer home the clean, industrial aesthetic. 

Those with a creative side may elect tripod-style lamps, which nod to a key tool in a photographer's arsenal. 

Another option that complements dining areas and hallways is the hanging lamp. When going industrial, think long, hanging chains and brushed gunmetal. 

Whether you go for a lampshade that encloses the bulb in a cage or is more open is up to you. Just remember to embrace the stripped-back simplicity that industrial lighting can offer. 

One thing to keep in mind is that bedrooms will require a different light tone to kitchens and bathrooms. Consider softening the glow in bedrooms with a dimmer switch.

Cool as concrete

While concrete might be associated with institutions and building sites, the industrial trend chooses to embrace its cool, classy feel in the home. 

A polished concrete floor looks brilliant in a range of rooms – from bedrooms to living spaces – but can get a little chilly.

To ensure this sophisticated flooring option still makes for a cosy home, add a feature rug to the space. This should match the relatively neutral colour palette, so rather than opting for a multicoloured Moroccan-style rug, choose something that blends dark brown and crisp white for a truly chic feel.

Consult the experts if you're after some insulation options, too.

Slate-coloured tiles add to an industrial bathroom's feel, while a concrete open shower nods to the trend. 

Outdoor trends

It's important not to forget your outdoor space when it comes to playing up to this trend. 

Resene Bokara Grey on a concrete-and-metal front fence lends itself to the industrial aesthetic, acting as a great lead-in to your home's stripped-back interior design.

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