Citrus explosion: Tangerine, lime and lemon yellow in your home

Finding paint shades that match your personality is no struggle with the Resene Find-A-Colour tool. From dusky hues to bold shades that make a statement, there's a paint for every mood and every room. 

If you're thinking about making a splash with a truly vibrant choice, why not think about citrus hues? These colourful shades draw inspiration from tangy fruits such as lemons, tangerines and clementines. 

These bold, sometimes fiery shades can be used in a range of rooms throughout the home. Here are our tips for incorporating these lively colours into your kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom and living space. 

Orange fresh

Shades such as Resene Tangerine and Resene Clementine Orange can brighten a space up, but it's important to use them in the right manner. 

For an airy living room with plenty of natural light, pick one of these shades for all walls and offset the colour with a crisp white – such as Resene Solitude – on the ceiling and window frames. 

These colours are nothing short of bold, so it's essential you consider the other elements in the room. Bright variations of orange pair well with cream, white and navy. A fresh white sofa and a couple of armchairs will complement the walls perfectly. 

If you're concerned about these juicy shades overwhelming a space, opt for a statement chair in a similar shade, a bright orange lampshade and a tangerine feature wall. This way, you can drive the freshness home without overwhelming the space. This is a good idea for smaller living spaces or bedrooms.

Drink up the lemon

Resene Lemon Yellow can liven up a space, with its unashamed vibrancy and personality. 

However, it's important when dealing with truly zingy shades that rooms don't become an eyesore. Consider using lemon yellow paints to dress up armoires, wooden chairs and side tables. 

This shade can lend a welcome freshness to the kitchen, and some signature cooking utensils in the same shade or unique yellow tile work can bring the theme to life.

Lovely lime

Perhaps a drop of green sounds like you – if so, consider Resene Lime or Resene Citrus to make your bathroom feel exceptionally fresh. 

This shade may be too strong for bedrooms, but in bathrooms and kitchens it can act to give a sense of cleanliness without being too austere. 

If you decide to use this colour in the bathroom when embarking on home renovations, consider the other colours and textures in the space. A stainless steel towel rail and sink complements this bold shade incredibly well, while a darkly-coloured wicker basket for laundry helps balance out the brightness of the lime. 

When it comes to the kitchen or other living spaces, you can go all out or simply use the shade to paint door frames for a quirky finish.

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