Is it time for a bedroom makeover?

If the thought of retiring to bed each evening is hardly relaxing, it might be time for a bedroom makeover. A new coat of paint is a good starting point, but there are many ways to make this space into a luxurious spot. 

Perhaps the space doesn't feel like a bedroom currently. This could be for a number of reasons, from being improperly furnished to lacking a clear design aesthetic. 

Maybe the bedroom is lacking light and feels more like a basement room than a space to relax with a book or lounge around in on a lazy weekend morning. 

You'll need to identify why you're unhappy with your bedroom in order to turn it into a space that you're delighted with. 

You want to make a statement

It's easy enough to fall into the trap of completing kitchen or living room makeovers, but forgetting about the bedroom. After all, you're likely to spend more waking hours in shared spaces than your bedroom. 

However, you might feel ready to make a bold design statement in the bedroom. If so, there are certainly some fantastic home decorating ideas to consider. 

Pick a colour scheme that appeals to your personality, whether it's the aquatic freshness of Resene Parachute or the eclectic flavour of Resene Eucalyptus

If you've got limited furniture and decorative pieces, use the Resene Find-A-Colour tool to get the ball rolling and select a vibrant, statement-setting shade. 

Alternatively, if you've already picked up some key pieces of furniture or bold artwork that embrace a particular hue, choose your paint colour last. Sometimes, it's easier to create the right aesthetic by starting with what you've got and using paint to bring the whole room together.

When it comes to making a statement, think about incorporating interesting shapes into the space. While colour can certainly make a splash, it's important to embrace quirky shapes and unique textures, too. 

Think about adding features such as a curvaceous day bed in a window bay, a narrow bookshelf or a circular mirror with a textured frame.

You want to relax more

Perhaps you feel like your bedroom reflects your personality, but it's simply hopeless to relax in. 

For instance, you might be happy with the colour scheme or size of the room, but want to create a more luxurious environment. Fortunately, a few simple additions make this easy enough to achieve, without requiring major renovations. 

Plush floor-length curtains create a sense of cosiness, while extra thick bedding and European pillows speak instant relaxation.

Think about creating lighting hot spots around the room, too. For instance, in addition to the overhead lighting, you could add some lamps with a lower wattage around the bedroom, so you can adjust the focal point of lights at your own whim.

A fluffy rug at the foot of the bed can help tie your colour scheme together nicely, but it also makes the space more cosy and intimate. Place the rug so that the end of the bed rests on it in order to incorporate the rug into the space properly.

You want the space to feel like a bedroom

Technically, if there's a bed in the space, you've created a bedroom. However, if the room lacks personal touches, it can feel more like a spare room than your own safe haven. Perhaps you've created a home office in a corner of the room, which is making the room far from relaxing.

Say you've got an antique dresser or significant family heirlooms that speak to you. Consider displaying these pieces prominently in the room and choosing complementary paint and carpet shades accordingly.

If the room is lacking privacy but you still want light to flow freely into the room, consider sheer curtains such as Resene Meander Voile in Blonde beneath regular curtains.

Finally, a vase of flowers and a statement piece of artwork are the ideal finishing touches for a welcoming space that truly feels like a bedroom.

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