Candy cool: Embracing white and pink in your home

While shades of white, grey and beige carry a certain sophistication and calm, these colours are not right for everyone. Sometimes, a dash of playful, fresh colour is needed in the home – whether achieved through paint, wallpaper, furniture or accessories.

One trend that's been picked up on in the home decorating industry lately is the shift towards pink beyond young children's rooms. While a perfectly pink bedroom is still a valid choice for a nursery or a young child's bedroom, this colour can look equally fantastic in shared living spaces, master bedrooms and dining rooms. 

There are several ways to play around with this hue without falling into the trap of insipid salmon shades or creating a candy-pink cave. By focussing on the specific shade and how you use it, you can create some stunning results. 

Fresh blooms

One of the most refined ways to embrace this trend is by opting for fresh shades of pink that are light and whimsical. Keep walls a crisp shade of white, with contrasting black cupboard handles and hanging lampshades. 

Add cane furniture and soft sofas in shades of beige, then highlight this open living space with touches of pink and green for a springtime feel all year round.

Seek out cushions, picture frames and coffee tables in shades similar to Resene Devoted or Resene Pink Lace. These whimsical touches of pink help soften the contrast of the black and white, without imposing too much on the space.

Meanwhile, a complementary tone such as Resene Secrets or the bolder Resene De York will add touches of spring green. Try adding hints of these chirpy green shades around skirting boards or built-in shelving units.

Bright and light

It's surprisingly easy to incorporate bold shades of pink like Resene Smitten into spaces such as the kitchen without giving off a childlike vibe. 

The trick? It's all about accents and complementary materials. 

Rather than painting the entire kitchen in this shade, use it to decorate overhead cupboards, while keeping benches and lower-level cupboards a gleaming white. 

Building materials that are naturally glossy along with a golden wooden floor will create a space that's chic, that you can't help but love cooking in. 

A breakfast bar with white stools on stainless steel bases continues to add to the fresh vibe, while a stainless steel fridge upholds the theme of sleek and chic. 

By adding splashes of colour up top, while balancing it out with neutral shades below, you will achieve a lightness and vibrancy with a shade that's often cast aside.

Bedroom bliss

When it comes down to it, sometimes you can't help but embrace the cheerful, flirty vibe that pink can bring. 

Magenta, white and cream look fantastic together, and no less in a bedroom. 

If you want to embrace the pink and white trend in the bedroom, it's important to get individual components of the room right. For instance, if you opt for white walls, choose a carpet in shade of cream for a touch of subtle contrast. 

Add pink accents with decorative artwork, cushions, flowers and storage baskets, while keeping the room open with a white bedspread and open storage unit at the end of the bed. 

You can even create wall hangings yourself. Use Resene Find-A-Colour to find a few warm shades of pink, such as Resene Cabaret and Resene Tickled Pink. Along with a store-bought flexible canvas and stencil cut-outs, you can create a bold wall hanging that speaks to your personality in a single afternoon. 

From the bedroom to the living room and even the kitchen, it's clear that pink can do much more than you might think!

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