6 creative ways to make a headboard for your bed

Don't just give your bedroom a run-of-the-mill headboard. Get your DIY groove on and check out these ideas for inspiration for a unique, creative, one-of-a-kind headboard that will be the star of your bedside area. 

1) Old books 

Find a bunch of books that are of a similar size and with equal numbers of pages, preferably with soft covers and no jackets. Open each book to the centre page and lay them in rows as wide as you'd like your headboard to be. Using an old, thin wooden panel as the base, screw down on the spine so each book is attached to the wood. Hang it up behind your bed – bedtime reading just got a whole lot more inspiring! 

2) Large vintage clocks 

Scrounge around op shops and local thrift stores for huge wooden vintage clocks. Give them all a fresh coat of Resene Colorwood Whitewash so they look uniform and match each other. This step is useful because if you find clocks of different shapes, sizes and colours, they won't clutter the wall or clash beside one another once you nail them above the bed. Also, whitewashed wood looks lovely beside white bed sheets, linen and duvets. This also means you can play around with cushions of brighter colours to pop as accents on your bed. 

3) Bamboo poles in a line 

Get a relaxing, meditative vibe in your bedroom by nailing a row of bamboo plants next to each other to create a headboard. It looks organic and nice to have them at different lengths. Simply add to the exotic feel by covering your pillow-covers in printed fabrics from Thailand, Morocco or India. Add lamps on bedside tables with cut-outs in the lampshades so the light can dance around the bamboo, making cool shadow effects. Light a scented candle and you have your very own oasis!

4) Use a wall decal 

You can make a big impact with these vinyl creations. Several of the Resene wall decals are specially designed to function as contemporary, quirky headboards, such as Scroll, Floral Motif, Bed​ Head, and Victorian Motif. They all come in a range of colours and some also have a metallic, shimmering hue so you add a splash of glamour to the bedroom. If you choose one of the metallic ones, a good interior design tip is to use bedside lamps with silver, gold or copper frames to complement your headboard, but to choose lampshades in fabrics similar to your bedspread and linen. 

5) Large canvas painting 

This looks best if the canvas is exactly as wide as your bed and tall enough to reach the ceiling. Because of this, your best bet is to commission an artist to make you a custom painted headboard, or if you're talented with paint and brushes, head to your nearest art store to get them to make you a stretched canvas of the precise size you're after then get creative with Resene testpots.

Abstract paintings are fun to do as a DIY project, and using geometric stencils can be a simple way of achieving a modern masterpiece. Cut up triangles, rectangles and squares and paint them on your canvas in overlapping shades. Or use low tack masking tape to create a design. You can plan the colours used so that they go well with your duvet, in tones slightly lighter or darker for an overall sombre effect, or go bold and contrast the colours.

6) Partition screen doors 

Lay them flat against the wall for a simple, elegant headboard. Because they usually come in three doors, you can play with propping up cushions in rows of three as well. Many of these screens already have patterns on them, especially oriental ones with beautiful floral designs, so try and keep your duvet simple. 

How will you jazz up your headboard? 

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