Say Aloha to your Hawaii inspired home decor

"There's no place I'd rather be, then on my surfboard out at sea. Lingering in the ocean blue, and if I had one wish come true, I'd surf till the sun sets beyond the horizon … A wiki wiki mai lohi lohi, Lawe mai i ko papa he'e nalu," sang the cast of the Disney movie Lilo and Stitch for the song 'Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride', describing the essence of this island. 

The blissful golden sands, sapphire seas and emerald green palm trees of Hawaii offer endless decorating inspiration for your home. So let's surf onto this roller coaster design ride and get started! 

A kitchen worthy of a luau feast 

The traditional feast hosted in Hawaii is called a 'luau', full of delicious food such as 'lau lau' or meats wrapped in taro leaves, 'poi' or authentic staple starch made with taro and 'kalua' or pork roasted in a traditional pit oven.Your kitchen can remind you of the balmy evenings spent outdoors eating such food with simple design features.

Above your breakfast bar or kitchen island, install wooden poles to create a miniature beach shack. Add a 'tiki' style thatched roof, sloping down from these poles in earthy hay coloured thatching. Every time you pull up a stool and sit at the bar, you'll feel like you're under a beachy tiki.

Place screws along the inside of the roof to hang wine glasses so it can also function as a bar for when you're entertaining guests. Best of all, you can put a cocktail umbrella on the glass when you serve drinks, or even keep coconuts or a bowl of fresh exotic fruit on the bar to have a constant tropical vibe. 

It's low maintenance as the thatching will last easily indoors, and you need only spruce up the wood from time to time using products such as the Resene Colorwood range to return its natural shine. 

A lounge with enough space for guests to hula 

Arrange your sofas and coffee tables with plenty of space leftover for a dance floor. Open plan layouts tend to seem more airy and roomy, a subtle reminder of the vast open beaches and salty ocean air of Hawaii. You can place room fresh​eners with tropical scents around the room for the smells of paradise to constantly waft through your home. 

Paint the walls in welcoming, sunny shades such as Resene Sunkissed or Resene Sandbar. Curtains can also be a landmark feature in your lounge, and the Resene Kinetic range has curved patterns that seem to echo waves gently rolling onto the Hawaiian sands.

A bedroom with the bliss of Hawaiian sunsets 

Magnificent sunsets grace this island, with orange, red, purple, pink, blue and yellow tones gradually blending into one another as the sun dips below the horizon. Get the same atmosphere in your bedroom by giving the walls a lick of paint with coats of Resene Florentine Pink, Resene Abbey RoadResene BlazeResene Rich CreamResene Abercrombie or Resene Light Tan.

Feature walls reminding you of this paradise can be created using Resene WallPrint, showing elegant palm trees swinging in the wind on a beach. Place these on the wall behind your bed as a replacement headboard to draw the eye in. 

A bathroom with the blues of the Pacific Ocean 

Feel as though you're snorkelling below the waves by painting your bathroom in shades such as Resene Danube or Resene Awash. For bathrooms that the kids will use, you can literally create an underwater atmosphere with wall murals such as Dolphins in Paradise. Adult bathrooms can benefit from Resene Muse, which uses a floral pattern using deep ink blue, ocean blue and pastel white paste to evoke the movements of ocean currents. 

Aloha Mahalo! Welcome to your paradise home. 

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