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How to design an environment that soothes

Decorating a hospital, doctor's office or therapist's practice takes a bit of extra planning and effort and a completely different approach. These environments should be soothing and calming for both patients and visitors, but achieving this effect is easier said than done.

Find out the best way to transform a sterile space into one where patients and families can feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible.


Don't underestimate the effect different paint colours can have on your space. In environments such as health practices where people may feel worried or anxious, it's best to keep colour palettes relatively warm, muted and inoffensive. Keep bright colours out of these areas and instead stick with soft blues, greens and peaches.

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How to subtly introduce colour to your home decor

Homes decorated largely in neutral or monochromatic tones can look fabulous when updated with a pop or two of colour. Many homeowners, however, balk at the idea of brightly painted walls or furniture items.

Introducing colour into your home doesn't have to be scary or difficult, however. Follow these tips to update rooms with colourful touches, without overwhelming your space.

Start small

If you're hesitant about colour in your home, start by brightening up small bits at a time. Firstly, select the hue you want to incorporate in your interior design. If you're into pastels, a pretty lilac  such as Resene Lola could be the perfect paint to apply to selected spots. It works well with creams, greys and other pastels. Coat a simple statement piece of furniture, such as an easy chair, coffee table or even mirror frame, in the colour to draw attention to that part of the room.

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Selecting that perfect colour for your project

When you're in charge of selecting paint colours for a project, inspiration can strike when you least expect it. Perhaps you're admiring a stunning sunset and it suddenly hits you that a blazing orange is the best colour for a certain feature wall. Maybe you're admiring a friend's uniquely coloured top and wondering how you can match the shade to a paint for a fence or letter box.

Whatever the colour or the purpose, Resene can help.

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Take design inspiration from your favourite New Zealand place

Residents and tourists alike are well aware of just how stunning New Zealand is. From our abundant native flora to our pristine landscapes and unique wildlife, it's no wonder people flock from far and wide to explore our shores.

When you're thinking about home decorating ideas this summer, why not turn to the country's stunning environment for inspiration? If you live in Hamilton but your heart lies in Hanmer Springs, or if you've always been inspired by autumnal Arrowtown, Resene ColorShops have the perfect palette for your renovations.

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Make your rental house feel like a home

One common problem many renters come up against is the desire to make a property feel more personal despite strict decorating rules. Many landlords have policies in place against changing the paint colours or putting holes in the walls, so it can be tricky to add your own flair to a property.

However, there are simple ways you can update your house without getting into trouble with the home owner.


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