How to subtly introduce colour to your home decor

Homes decorated largely in neutral or monochromatic tones can look fabulous when updated with a pop or two of colour. Many homeowners, however, balk at the idea of brightly painted walls or furniture items.

Introducing colour into your home doesn't have to be scary or difficult, however. Follow these tips to update rooms with colourful touches, without overwhelming your space.

Start small

If you're hesitant about colour in your home, start by brightening up small bits at a time. Firstly, select the hue you want to incorporate in your interior design. If you're into pastels, a pretty lilac  such as Resene Lola could be the perfect paint to apply to selected spots. It works well with creams, greys and other pastels. Coat a simple statement piece of furniture, such as an easy chair, coffee table or even mirror frame, in the colour to draw attention to that part of the room.

For those taken with the recent fashion trend of neon, why not bring a touch of it into your home? Resene Daredevil is a bold orange that demands attention, as does Resene Alo Alo, a fluorescent green colour. While you may not want to coat every wall in your house in these colours, they're a fantastic way to bring contrast to otherwise neutral rooms through smaller items like photo frames and bookshelves.

If you're trying to get creative in the kitchen, consider coating wooden cabinets and drawers in a colourful shade to add a sense of a fun and energy to the space. Alternatively, replace your boring cabinet and drawer handles with mismatched designs in a variety of colours and patterns.


Even the most minimalist room designs can be quickly updated with a fresh set of curtains. Resene Abstraction is a great choice for those not willing to completely compromise their neutral palette, as the curtains' bright pattern is set against a natural linen finish. The curtains come in several colour choices, so there's bound to be a combination to suit your personal style.

Classic, art-nouveau inspired rooms don't have to miss out on brightening up. Resene Labyrinth will answer your prayers with its luxurious raised finish and intricate scroll design tumbling over the fabric. Choose from a Flame (a sumptuous deep red) or Bud (a pale turquoise hue) to match your existing decor, or as the starting point for a complete room overhaul!

If you can't bear to part with your neutral curtains, at least consider ways you can subtly add a point of difference. Start with an earthy linen design, such as Resene Haven, and add a bright, patterned or beaded trim for an interesting and unique detail.

Feature walls

Feature walls are still one of the easiest and most effective ways to make a room really pop. You can do this simply by applying a contrasting (or complementary) colour to one wall in any given room, or even any section of a room. Some design-savvy owners are choosing to coat their ceilings in a different colour for a creative way to change the whole vibe of a room.

Wallpaper is another great way to create a feature wall in your home. The Resene Wallpaper Collection has more designs than you can shake a stick at, so whatever you're looking for, you're bound to find it here.

Choose Resene Aurora for walls you really want to stand out in your home – its bright red finish with sparkling patterns is truly a statement piece! Or go for a bright purple textured option with Resene Atmosphere – the choice is yours.

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