Take design inspiration from your favourite New Zealand place

Residents and tourists alike are well aware of just how stunning New Zealand is. From our abundant native flora to our pristine landscapes and unique wildlife, it's no wonder people flock from far and wide to explore our shores.

When you're thinking about home decorating ideas this summer, why not turn to the country's stunning environment for inspiration? If you live in Hamilton but your heart lies in Hanmer Springs, or if you've always been inspired by autumnal Arrowtown, Resene ColorShops have the perfect palette for your renovations.


The beach area of Gisborne is a haven for surfers and families alike. If you're inspired by the golden sand beaches, swelling ocean and crisp green grass, take a look at the Gisborne colour palette. It's full of muted tones to reflect the city's laid back vibe, with brighter colours smattered throughout to highlight the vitality of the area.

Earthy browns such as Resene Gargoyle reflect the land, and would look great on exterior walls or as a base colour for furniture. Highlight key areas such as feature walls and statement chairs with a bright, rich tone like Resene Wasabi, designed to highlight Gisborne's green grass and its inhabitants' zest for life.

The Maori culture of Gisborne has been included in reds such as Resene Pohutukawa. This is a rich, strong colour that would work well when paired with creamy neutrals and complementary colours such as yellow and green.


What was once a thriving gold mining town is now a beautiful tourist destination, well known for its visual change of season and golden autumnal hues. Winter treats the town to blankets of thick white snow, whereas in summer it can get beautifully sunny and warm in Arrowtown.

If you want to take a little bit of Arrowtown home with you, take inspiration from the Arrowtown palette. Decorate your halls in warm, golden tones like Resene Papier Mache or Resene Essential Cream to get that autumn glow in your home. These colours would look great in a study or living room, accompanied by soft furnishings in rich coppers and old oak furniture. If you've got a roaring fire, that's even better!

There are several strong green shades in the collection, hinting at the changing of seasons and summer leaves before they turn crispy brown in autumn. If the idea of an all-green room leaves you feeling a bit uneasy, start small. A splash of Resene Clover on a table top will look bold and fresh without overwhelming a room, or you could try a paler hue such as Resene Vermont in kids' rooms for a lighthearted and carefree appeal.


Rotorua is one of New Zealand's most beloved tourist destinations, and for good reason. The area is rich in Maori culture, heritage and its geothermal activity is simply breathtaking.

The Rotorua palette is equally appealing, with a mix of strong, deep colours and paler neutral tones. The range is extensive so it's fair to say you could deck your whole house out with a Rotorua theme if you're that way inclined!

Start with a light colour as a base for your walls, such as the classic Resene Half Spanish White. From there you could add a quirky touch to rooms by painting trims and skirting boards in a contrasting colour like Resene Tia Maria to add a classic, cottage feel to your home.

Replicate the colours of the town's famous geysers with Resene Loblolly – an icy, wintry grey bound to bring back memories of smokey mud pools and geysers. This would look great teamed with other grey/blue colours from the palette, or mix it up with a complementary green shade to mimic Rotorua's fabulous forestry.

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