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Paint effects & specialty finishes

From the Resene Paint Experts Q&A

Do you have a question about how to use paint effects & specialty finishes? Browse through this painting Q&A for help with your own projects.

Always make sure you read the product label and data sheet prior to application. If in doubt about any aspect of your project, please ask our Paint Expert for help or come in and see our staff at your local Resene ColorShop or Reseller.



Q. Can the rust effect paint produce be applied to a non-smooth rendered house exterior? I would like to use it to paint directly around a front door and outer area.

A. If you were to use Resene FX Faux Rust Effect on a rough surface, the overall finish may be uneven due to the rust activator not getting in the lower laying areas. The product is ever evolving (rusting over time) and could resolve itself. You need to be aware that the ground could get rust staining when it rains and the rain washes the rust down.

It’s most commonly used on standalone items such as garden features.

November 2023

Q. I’m looking into the Resene FX Magnetic Magic product. Would it work on an MDF surface? Could you put the Resene Write-on Wall Paint over the top of the magnetic to create a magnetic/drawable wall?

A. Yes you can put Resene FX Magnetic Magic over MDF. The MDF will need to be primed first with one coat of Resene Quick Dry waterborne primer undercoat.

Resene FX Magnetic Magic is a medium grey colour that has metal flakes in it. Most customers will apply a colour topcoat over this.

It is designed as a fun crafty style magnetic surface more for kids’ rooms and will only hold light magnets. You could apply write on wall paint directly over the magnetic magic to get the best of both worlds, but because of the metal flakes the surface can have some texture leading to places for the whiteboard markers to get stuck in and hard to wipe off.

Another option is to prime, then apply Resene FX Magnetic Magic, then topcoat in your desired colour, then apply the Resene FX Write-on Wall Paint. This will reduce the magnetic pull and strength to hold the magnets but could offer the best of both worlds. Mostly it will depend on what magnets you were envisioning.

August 2023

Q. How long do you need to wait before writing on Resene FX Chalkboard Paint?

A. It is best to wait 5-7 days. Before first use, try dusting the chalk across the entire board on its side, dust off and then use as normal.

July 2023

Q. How long will Resene FX Nightlight glow-in-the-dark paint glow for?

A. Resene FX Nightlight will usually glow for approximately two hours and then continue to get duller for a further 1-2 hours.

July 2023

Q. Regarding the Resene FX Faux Rust Effect application I notice that a metal surface is not included in your data sheet. In fact there is a warning about protecting nearby metal surfaces from contact with the Resene FX Faux Rust Effect activator. For a film production, my interest is in painting a metal scaffolding. Can a metal surface be primed and then coated with the Resene FX Faux Rust Effect application and activator without damaging the metal?

A. Yes, this can be used on a scaffold in a film production. Apply two full coats of the correct metal primer (determined by whether the scaff is steel or aluminium) before applying Resene FX Faux Rust Effect.

July 2023

Q. I'm interested in using the Resene FX Magnetic Magic paint on both a wall and a wooden bookcase that I'm painting. Over the top of the magnetic paint I want to use a gold effect paint. I notice the magnetic paint is dark grey. Does it come in any other lighter colour? And if not, would the gold effect paint work as a topcoat or would I need another coat of a lighter colour paint in between the magnetic and gold topcoat?

A. Primer may be required on the wall and bookcase depending on what is on the surface currently.

Resene FX Magnetic Magic only comes in that one shade but Resene FX Metallic can be applied over the top. Resene FX Magnetic Magic needs to be applied with two to three coats as smoothly as possible for the best result. You could use Resene FX Magnetic Magic in selected areas where you will place magnets rather than the entire bookcase or wall if you prefer. Resene FX Metallic requires a basecoat as the Metallic topcoat is semi-transparent, so to get the effect you see on our charts we recommend one coat of the water based basecoat colour that is recommended on the chart followed by the two topcoats of the Resene Gold metallic paint. The charts and samples show a sprayed-on finish. We do have a roller sleeve that we recommend if a professional spray finish is not possible, otherwise a brushing effect with a paintbrush works well. Make sure you use high quality magnets for the best magnetic effect.

May 2023

Q. I have put another coat on my wall, and have actually made another separate blackboard on MDF with the leftover Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen paint. How long do you recommend before writing with chalk on it?

A. It is best to wait 5-7 days so the paint has longer to cure before use. If the paint hasn’t dried completely (water evaporating out of the paint) and chalk is applied, it can leave a mark behind and the chalk has been ‘wettened’ by the paint still drying. Before first use, try dusting the chalk across the entire board on its side, dust off and then use as normal.

May 2023

Q. Do you have magnetic paint and does it come in different colours?

A. We do have Resene FX Magnetic Magic. The base magnetic paint is then overcoated with a tinted topcoat colour so you can choose whichever colour you would like.

August 2021

Q. I have rust effect with runs. How do I fix?

A. There are a few ways to approach this.

In practice it is very hard to address rust colour variation in a predictable manner hence why this is described as an artisan effect. Any attempts to remove the marks may create other colour variance due to the finish actually being real rust which is still undergoing a corrosion process. Spraying with water periodically and time is the best approach to allow the colours to fully evolve. The end result will be more even distribution of colour which may be sufficient to disguise the runs.

If a faster result is required then other chemical means must be employed. Since the marks are caused by the accelerated chemical reaction occurring for longer where the runs were located, the most obvious approach is to attempt to restart the reaction in other areas. This can be done by applying more activator which in the best case will have less effect on the runs but a greater effect on the lighter areas. Now that the coating is dried and activated it is much more difficult to promote the chemical reaction and there is risk that the yellow rust partially dissolves and then deposits itself as a powdery layer which is unsightly. If this occurs then it can be washed off with a hose and a stiff bristle broom (care not to abrade the coating). The end result should be a more even colour but the runs may still be visible, just reduced in intensity.

The most reliable method, but also rather unforgiving, to darken the finish at this point in its life is to apply dilute hydrochloric acid. This penetrates and converts the yellow rust to soluble iron chloride and hydroxychlorides. Rinsing off with water will leave a much darker colour behind. By judicious application, it may be possible to even out the colour but again, this is very dependent on the applicator and should be attempted on a small area first to get familiar with what happens.

The ultimate solution and last resort if other attempts do not provide the desired finish is to use a higher concentration of hydrochloric acid to remove the majority of the surface rust. Leave until the colour is very dark (almost black) and rinse off. This will expose fresh metal which should be allowed to dry followed by application of new rust activator. Activation and time to achieve the final rust result will be slower now that the coating is older. Two applications of activator and some wet dry cycles will be required. Avoid saturating spots with activator which will stop runs occurring.

Extreme care and full body protection is required when using hydrochloric acid, especially hands and eyes, preferably a plastic apron or raincoat too. Read all safety data supplied with the acid. Acid should always be added to water when diluting, not water to acid to avoid a vigorous reaction (explosive splashes). 10-15 parts water to 1 part acid is suitable for darkening. 5 parts water to 1 part acid for stripping back the rust.

The other solution is an acid strip, apply Resene Rust-Arrest and then restarting the whole system again.

November 2020

Q. Can you paint Resene FX Faux Rust Effect paint directly onto galvanised posts or does it need to be primed first?

A. No, as the Resene FX Faux Rust Effect will be affected by the salts released from the galvanising.

September 2020

Q. I am planning to paint a sheet of plywood with Resene FX Blackboard Paint (for exterior use). I have primed it with Resene Quick Dry and would also like to add a coat of Resene Lumbersider before using the Resene FX Blackboard Paint (as the plywood is outside and I may not get to use the Blackboard Paint for a while). Will this be ok?

A. Yes, it is. I would suggest that you envelope prime (front/back/edges) of the ply sheet with Quick Dry and the coat of Resene Lumbersider, then apply the two coats of Resene FX Blackboard Paint to the exposed face.

April 2020

Q. Can you recommend a paint to be used on plastic that will give the visual effect that it looks like brass?

A. If the plastic is PVC then apply a basecoat of Resene Lumbersider Low Sheen colour for to match the metallic topcoat and then apply two coats of a Resene FX Metallic colour. Note that if the plastic is not PVC, we have no paint system.

April 2020

Q. Do you have glitter wall paint?

A. We have Resene FX Metallic paint, which is metallic wall paint and Resene FX Shimmer which is a pearlescent.

If you want a glitter finish, you can take a Resene waterborne clear finish and stir in glitter. We have a small Resene clear glaze available that it could be mixed into in our Resene Art Action range.

March 2020

Q. At our school we have a few whiteboards that are metal and quite scratched. Can you recommend a paint to use to redo them? Scratches can be sanded out.

A. We have Resene Write-on Wall Paint, but this cannot be considered a match to a commercial white board especially if the white board is subject to regular repeated use.

Suggest that you should undertake application of the Resene Write-on system to a representative commercial white board to assess suitability for your purposes.

Wipe down the existing whiteboard surface using meths to remove all traces of eraser residues. Wet sand using 220 grit wet and dry to degloss the surface then wipe clean taking care not to unduly scratch the surface or cut through the white layer. Assuming you achieve a uniformly white surface then apply two coats of Resene Write-on Wall Paint clear.

January 2020

Q. I have heard you can use cola to wipe chalk off a blackboard paint surface. Is that true?

A. In theory yes this can work BUT you would need to rinse it (so wipe clean with clean water after you had put the cola on) or it could end up pretty sticky otherwise. Vinegar could do a similar job, but again would need to be rinsed clean (so wiped with a clean damp cloth to remove any residues).

Generally though all you need is a damp soft cloth to wipe off the chalk, without the risk of any stickiness.

December 2019

Q. How can I achieve a glitter effect?

A. There are a few versions of this.  We have a range of metallic paints – Resene FX Metallic - and they are the main thing that customers use to get a 'glittering' metallic style effect. They come in a range of colours from precious metal type colours to bold metallic colours and some nature inspired ones.  You apply a basecoat of solid colour first then the Resene metallic over the top.

We also have Resene FX Pearl Shimmer which is a light pearlescent effect which you can add onto your painted finish and it gives a little sparkle - sort of like 'space dust'.

Another way we have seen a 'glitter effect' done in children's art is to apply a clear Resene finish or a paint finish and then sprinkle glitter into it.  As the paint dries the glitter will stick.  Usually this option is only used for children's art as it isn't that practical as an ongoing finish.

November 2019

Q. Do you sell lime wash paint?

A. You can achieve the same style look using Resene AquaShield or Resene FX Paint Effects.

October 2019

Q. I am looking for glow in the dark paint for my grandchildren to paint pet rocks for Christmas presents. Can you please help me?

A. We recommend Resene FX Nightlight glow in the dark paint.

October 2019

Q. We used the Resene Write-on Wall Paint on our daughter’s wall a couple of years ago and now wish to paint over it with standard Resene paint. Can you tell me the best way to either remove the Resene Write-on Wall Paint or the best method to paint over it? 

A. Wipe the coated area down with meths and a cloth to remove any residual marker residues then sand with 220 grit sandpaper to de-gloss (no need to fully sand off the Resene Write-On Wall Paint layer, just to profile for recoating.

Apply a full coat of Resene Quick Dry and finish with two coats of Resene Zylone Sheen or Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen.

October 2019

Q. Is there a brand specific whiteboard marker that you can recommend that is best to use on the writeable paint?

A. MaxiFlo is the brand we recommend. The ease of dry marker removal will depend upon the smoothness of the Resene Write-On Wall Paint finish.

August 2019

Q. We recently had a professional painter apply Resene Write-on Wall Paint which we cured for almost two weeks. We used the pens that came with the paint and now are unable to get the markers to wipe off the surface. What can we do?

A. Removal of marker residues can be difficult if there is an orange peel present from the underlying basecoat paint system.

The mixing of the Resene Write-On Wall Paint base and hardener must achieve a final mix in the correct ratios; if this is not achieved then the film does not cure to give the required properties.

We have seen this before fixed by application of another coat of Resene Write-On Wall Paint, ensuring complete mixing to the Resene mixing instructions. Prior to recoating, remove marker pen residues by wiping with meths and a cloth then lightly sand the existing Resene Write-on Wall Paint before applying the additional coat.

July 2019

Q. I am emailing about the black/chalkboard paint to see if it would be possible to paint a fridge with it.

A. Yes, but you will need to ensure the surfaces are degreased using Resene Interior Paintwork Cleaner, then wet sanded with 400 grit sandpaper (take care not to unduly scratch the surface) then apply a thin layer of Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer and leave to dry for 48 hours then apply the two coats of Resene Blackboard Paint.

The new paint system will take five days to develop good initial adhesion and continue to cure for an additional three weeks until full cure occurs. In the early stages, the paint surface will not have good resistance to cleaners or abrasion as these features develop as the film undergoes curing.

February 2019

Q. I want to use a piece of metal, as both a magnetic board and blackboard in one. Can any Resene paint be made into blackboard paint by the wonders of science?

A. If the metal is steel then this will give you a substrate that you can attach magnets to. For the Resene Blackboard Paint, apply a primer coat of Resene Galvo-Prime metal primer and two coats of Resene Blackboard Paint.

If you didn’t have a metal surface you could use Resene Magnetic Magic and Resene Blackboard Paint.

June 2018

Q. Is it necessary to paint over top of the magnetic paint or can it be left as the topcoat?

A. Resene FX Magnetic Magic paint must be overcoated to avoid surface rusting occurring. You can choose a topcoat colour that is close to the Resene Magnetic Magic paint colour for overcoating.

March 2018

Q. I have a wall covered in Resene Write-on Wall Paint - can I paint over it?

A. Remove any residual eraser markings with a cloth and methylated spirits. Sand, using 220 grit sandpaper to de-gloss, dust off and then apply a coat of Resene Quick Dry and finish with two coats of Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen or Resene Zylone Sheen.

January 2018

Q. I have just painted a large area in blackboard paint and I want to change it to a smooth surface that I can use liquid chalk pens on. Would you have any products to do that job, or can you point me in the right direction?

A. Clean all chalk residues from the Resene Blackboard Paint then apply two coats of Resene Write-on Wall Paint.

January 2018

Q. I have a client who has used Resene Write-on Wall Paint, on a large wall. And now they want to get rid of it, and just have a paint finished wall in Resene Double Thorndon Cream. What paint undercoat and topcoat, would I need to use?

A. Remove any residual pen markings by wiping with a cloth and methylated spirits, to give a mark free surface.

Then thoroughly sand and dust off, then apply a coat of Resene Quick Dry and finish with two coats of Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen.

December 2017

Q. Do you have neon paint or coloured paint that will glow in the dark, like you see at glow in the dark mini golf?

A. We do have Resene FX Fluoro paint which is a range of fluoro paints. If you use them with blacklit they glow and look more like neon. This is the sort of finish that glow in the dark mini golf courses use. The blacklight also makes white clothes look so bright. We also have a glow in the dark product – Resene FX Nightlight – however this only glows once all the lights have gone out and it is only available in one colour (tinting it affects the glow in the dark effect).

October 2017

Q. Is there a way to make the fluoro colours last longer outdoors?

A. Fade of fluoro colours is rapid in our conditions when fully exposed to UV. Application of a coat of Resene Clearcoat UVS will give extension of colour fastness.

October 2017

Q. We had the whiteboard paint applied. We thought we needed a new coat so we did as much erasing as possible then re-applied. Unfortunately we can still see some of the old writing, what would you advise us to do? Do we paint white over the whiteboard paint then apply another coat of whiteboard paint?

A. Yes you will have to go back to a white painted base then reapply the two coats of Resene Write-On Wall Paint. Wiping with meths and a cloth (change cloth regularly) is the best way to remove residual marker pen. Thoroughly sand the Resene Write-On Wall Paint surface and then re-apply two coats of Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen and then two coats of Resene Write-On Wall Paint.

June 2017

Q. How do you remove write on paint on a wall? Can you paint over it or do have to use special product to remove it?

A. Thoroughly sand to a dull finish then apply a coat of Resene Quick Dry primer undercoat and finish with two coats of Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen or Resene Zylone Sheen.

June 2017

Q. Can you get the Resene FX Nightlight in a range of colours?

A. This product range is only available in one colour because if the product is tinted it affects the quality of the glow. That’s why glow in the dark products tend to be the same sort of colour. The glow ‘charges’ during the day and then the glow slowly disappears at night the longer the lights are off. To get a longer glow effect you need to apply more of the product (though there is a limit at which you won’t get any extra glow benefit).

Depending how you are using it, one option to get a range of glow effects in the dark is to use the Resene FX Fluoro range with black light. These will glow very brightly at night, and is the sort of product you would see used at a glow in the dark mini golf or similar. The black light picks up the fluoro and gives it a highlighter bright shine.

March 2017

Q. I am looking to create a Common Green Screen. Apparently you can put things against it and they give the image of being able to disappear..

A. To make a green screen you need a bright green colour in a flat finish. We recommend Resene FilmPro Digital Green. Use two coats of Resene Howzat as an undercoat.

January 2017

Q. I want to create an effect on raw roughcast concrete with a faint base colour, glazed and then covered with the Resene sparkly effect paint. My testpot colour (Resene Marionette) on the raw concrete has come out very much darker than on my brush out piece of white paper. Does this mean I need a fairly solid base white to bring out a true colour?

A. Yes if you have only applied one thin coat then the base colour will affect the colour you see.

November 2016

Q. What paint is best to use under Resene Write-On Wall Paint? The walls are currently painted white.

A. I would recommend Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen as the tinted base coat.

November 2016

Q. How easy is it to paint over whiteboard paint? I have a tenant who wants to use it but I'm concerned about redecorating when they move out.

A. The Resene Write-On Wall Paint will need to be thoroughly sanded for repainting.

November 2016

Q. Do you sell stuff to crackle or antique paint?

A. Yes we do – it's called Resene Crackle.

July 2016

Q. Can your chalkboard paint be used with non-permanent highlighters or just chalk?

A. Traditional chalk only. If you want to use other pens, then we recommend Resene Write-On Wall Paint – which can be used with whiteboard markers.

July 2016

Q. How do you remove Resene Write-On Wall Paint on a wall? Can you paint over it or do have to use special product to remove it?

A. Thoroughly sand to a dull finish then apply a coat of Resene Quick Dry waterborne primer undercoat and finish with two coats of Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen or Resene Zylone Low Sheen.

June 2016

Q. Can the glow in dark paint be used outside? How long do lights have to be on for it to work and vice versa how long does it stay working?

A. When used outside the base paint must be clear coated with Resene Clearcoat UVS. Glow time is mainly determined by film thickness, multiple coats are required to achieve glow times that extend to a couple of hours. However as the dry film thickness of the paint is increased there is an increasing development of opacity. Ensure you apply the glow paint over a white basecoat.

June 2016

Q. I know that Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen can be used as an alternative to Resene FX Blackboard Paint if extra colour is required. Can Resene SpaceCote Flat be used instead of Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen?

A. We recommend Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen/FX Blackboard Paint normally as it is easier to dust as it's a smoother surface. Flatter finishes tend to have a rougher micro surface finish which helps diffuse the light.

June 2016

Q. Our landlord thinks that using magnetic paint will somehow damage the wall colour and finish. Is this possible? We need to hang paintings. Can't the wall section be repainted to match the other walls in the room?

A. If the magnetic layer is rolled this can give a textured finish which when topcoated will remain.

Resene Magnetic Magic was developed mainly for attachment of paper sheets using fridge type magnets. It may not be strong enough for hanging paintings.

May 2016

Q. I have a wall to paint in an office. The colour will be Resene Turbo. The customer would like it to be writable. Do you have a clear whiteboard type paint that will be able to be written over and erasable?

A. We recommend Resene Write-On Wall Paint.

April 2016

Q. Do you sell a paint and/or a wall sticker that is black that you can use whiteboard markers to write on? I want to use this for half a wall in my son's room.

A. We sell Resene Write-On Wall Paint. So you can paint whatever Resene colour you like, then apply Resene Write-On Wall Paint (which is clear) to turn it into a coloured whiteboard.

March 2016

Q. I have heard about a metallic coat that can be applied to paperfaced plasterboard walls and magnets will stick to it. Can you help?

A. We recommend Resene FX Magnetic Magic.

January 2016

Q. I was wondering what Resene products you would recommend for painting a melamine cabinet that I would like to finish in a Resene Crackle finish. The cabinet is intended for a child's room.

A. Apply an adhesion coat of Resene Waterborne Smooth Surface Sealer then allow to cure for 48 hours before applying the Resene Crackle finish following label directions.

January 2016

Q. I was wondering if a wall painted with whiteboard paint can still be used as a screen for an overhead projector.

A. Yes it can be still used as a screen for an overhead projector but you end up with a gloss finish wall, not a flat finish wall (so a bit more reflection wise).

December 2015

Q. I am considering using Resene Write-On Wall Paint in our family room this summer. We are planning to redecorate the room in about two years' time and I would like to know whether Resene Write-On Wall Paint will affect future repainting of the wall. Is it possible to paint over Resene Write-On Wall Paint? Is any special preparation required before repainting?

A. The Resene Write-On Wall Paint surface will need to be thoroughly sanded prior to recoating with a new acrylic wall paint.

December 2015

Q. If once I paint on my primer/sealer then apply my magnetic coat can I paint a normal Resene colour over then a write on wall coat?

A. Resene FX Magnetic Magic can be overcoated with a Resene interior wall paint such as Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen and then Resene FX Write-On Wall Paint but the more paint build over the base magnetic layer the weaker the attraction of wall magnets.

November 2015

Q. Can Resene FX Write-On Wall Paint be applied to Venetian plaster and does it matter if the plaster has been waxed or not? Also, is it possible to remove the paint without sanding and/or damaging the Venetian plaster finish beneath?

A. Resene FX Write-On Wall Paint is applied as a clear system over an existing acrylic base paint. The surface must be sound and sealed. Adhesion would be an issue if applied over a waxed surface. It would be very difficult to selectively remove paint without damaging an underlying plaster finish.

November 2015

Q. Our painter has tried applying metallics with a roller but it doesn’t look as smooth as the chart.

A. The colour is a Resene metallic colour, spray application gives the best finish. Our metallic colours are routinely rolled but are more difficult than a standard paint finish.

October 2015

Q. If I get some ghosting of marker pens on my Resene FX Write-On Wall Paint wall, what should I do?

A. You can use whiteboard spray and a micro fibre cloth.

October 2015

Q. Do the fluoro paints glow in the dark?

A. The Resene FX Fluoro range are fluoro, not glow in the dark. Fluoros do work at night when you have blacklight (if you have been to glow in the dark mini golf that's what they would use). Glow in the dark is generally only one colour and gives off a greeny white light, rather than a range of colours.

September 2015

Q. Regarding the Resene FX Magnetic Magic paint would there be any concerns using this within a bedroom? Does the iron oxide interfere with wifi?

A. It will attenuate RF signals. There are two components - one is more effective with lower frequencies in the MHz range so not an issue but the other will be effective at 2.4 GHz. At the film thickness we are talking about attenuation will be low so even painting an entire wall shouldn't attenuate drastically unless the device being used is already at the limit of wifi range.

September 2015

Q. I'm wondering whether the Resene FX Fluoro is weather-resistant and would be suitable for painting the handles of gardening tools, especially small items like trowels.

A. The FX Fluoro can be used for things used outside. You would need to use a white basecoat first, then the fluoro and then finish it in Resene Clearcoat UVS – a clear gloss finish that will give it added protection.

August 2015

Q. We are planning to coat several of our office walls with Resene FX Write-On Wall Paint to create giant whiteboards. The instructions indicate we have to wait for it to be fully cured before writing on the wall. From what I've been reading, curing times can range from 25 to 30 days, is that the case? (Once we paint we'll be eager to use it, obviously!) What would you consider an adequate curing time in an air-conditioned office?

A. Info on Data Sheet states you shouldn't use the area for at least 48 hours and full cure is 1 week at 18°C. Given the current weather conditions which aren't ideal the longer you leave it the better; however you could trial an area after 3-4 days and I'd suspect you'll have it performing fine given you have air-conditioning.

A tip with Resene FX Write-On Wall Paint is that over time you can be left with residue or ghosting of markers (this happens on whiteboards also). Lightly wipe with a lint free rag dosed with a small amount of Meths and you'll have better results when cleaning.

July 2015

Q. We recently bought some of your Resene FX Write-On Wall Paint. Although two coats were applied it still leaves smudges if we write on it. What is the best cleaning liquid to use on this paint?

A. There are a few variables that come into play with marks being left on Resene Write-On Wall Paint as generally you shouldn't have excessive marking/ghosting etc left on the surface. The most common are around texture on the surface, application of the product and the type of markers used. A marker is supplied with each can and we recommend those markers. We tested a variety of whiteboard markers and many are quite poor, on commercial whiteboards also.

Use a lint free cloth and a small amount of Meths for wiping the surface down and removing much of the residue. As with standard whiteboards some light 'ghosting' can remain at times.

July 2015

Q. How do you get the best effect with Resene FX Magnetic Magic?

A. Apply as per the label instructions and test the magnetic attraction of the wall before you topcoat and if the attraction is weak apply another coat of Resene FX Magnetic Magic. To attach a large item (e.g. a poster) there will be a need to use multiple magnets.

April 2015

Q. Someone told me to put talcum powder into a black testpot to make a blackboard paint. Would that work?

A. Talc can be used to flatten paint finished (normally in production) but can also make it more prone to burnishing (looking shiny when rubbed). It is often used in ceiling paints because they don't need to be wiped. If they are wiped people tend to find they end up with a patchy look with flat areas and then shiny areas where they have rubbed it.

April 2015

Q. Can I get a white metallic?

A. The white material used to make a paint white unfortunately also obliterates the metallic effect; that's why there are no true white metallics on our chart. You could try using Resene Pearl Shimmer over your white paint – this will add a light shimmer effect to the paint finish. We do also have some older 'white' metallics though they have less of a metallic effect than metallic colours with less tinter.

April 2015

Q. Can you paint your whiteboard paint on dark walls, black, and then use a white pen or does it only really work on lighter colours?

A. Yes you can use it, Resene FX Write-On Wall Paint over dark colours and then use a liquid chalk style pen on top of it. The only colours that don't work so well are where you can't get a good dark or light pen to contrast with the background colour.

April 2015

Q. Can I put talc into a black Resene testpot to make a paint suitable for use on a blackboard?

A. Talc can be used to flatten paint finished (normally in production) but can also make it more prone to burnishing (looking shiny when rubbed). It is often used in ceiling paints because they don't need to be wiped. If they are wiped people tend to find they end up with a patchy look with flat areas and then shiny areas where they have rubbed it.

We recommend using Resene Blackboard Paint.

March 2015

Q. Can I paint a concrete wall with a base layer of magnetic paint, followed by a colour, followed by whiteboard paint finish and not compromise the magnetism or whiteboard finish?

A. In principle yes but as you increase the dry film thickness over the magnetic layer you will reduce the magnetic attraction.

March 2015

Q. What is the difference between fluorescent paint and glow in the dark paint?

A. The two types differ in mechanism of action with fluorescents absorbing UV or violet light and immediately re-emitting light of a shorter wavelength (in the visible region) so they appear bright and intense, whereas phosphorescent materials absorb UV light and then hold some of the energy for a period of time before re-emitting as a shorter wavelength (hence the afterglow effect when irradiation is removed).

February 2015

Q. We have a whiteboard finish and the pen isn't wiping off well.

A. Removal of dry ink can be difficult especially if there is a texture on the wall. We recommend application of 2 coats of Resene FX Write-On Wall Paint to create a whiteboard effect. Always use good quality whiteboard pens recommended for the whiteboard product you have used, as cheaper pens tend to leave residues. To remove all residues wipe with meths and a cloth.

January 2015

Q. Can I use magnetic paint underneath the chalkboard paint?

A. Yes you can use Resene FX Magnetic Magic under Resene FX Blackboard Paint. Make sure the Resene FX Magnetic Magic is on nice and thick and check your magnets are sticking well before topcoating.

December 2014

Q. I'm interested in using Resene FX Write-On Wall Paint in a school library. I'm considering Resene Anise, a light green, as the wall colour. Are there other reasons to use white or off white? Can Resene FX Write-On Wall Paint be used over non Resene paints?

A. Resene Write-On Wall Paint can be applied over any Resene basecoat colour. It has not been tested with non Resene paints. Resene Write-On Wall Paint is not a substitute for a dedicated commercial white board as the commercial boards are very smooth and easier to wipe clean.

November 2014

Q. We have the Resene FX Blackboard Paint on one of our boys wardrobe doors. We're wanting to paint over it. Can we paint straight over it with the wall paint or do we need something underneath first?

A. As long as the Resene FX Blackboard Paint is chalk dust free then you can apply any Resene waterborne wall paint.

October 2014

Q. Is it possible to use Resene FX Blackboard Paint as the topcoat over the top of the magnetic base coating? That way we can have a magnetic blackboard.

A. Yes this is possible. You just need to make sure the Resene FX Magnetic Magic is on nice and thick. We recommend you test your magnets on the surface to check they are holding on well before you topcoat. If you find they are not holding on as well as you would like, either apply more Resene Magnetic Magic and/or use stronger magnets.

October 2014

Q. My dry erase whiteboard is not working properly. Whatever I write with the whiteboard marker is sticking to it and won't rub off. Can you guide me as to what chemical to use on it?

A. If this is a commercial whiteboard it appears that the surface has been broken down by the solvents used in dry erasable markers. We have found that some budget pens actually behave more like permanent markers and cannot be removed by wiping. In this situation wiping with methylated sprits is the only way to remove inks from the boards. Pen type, board surface and frequency of use determines how erasable pens are.

September 2014

Q. I would like to paint a wall of my house 'chroma' green so it can be used as a backdrop for photo or video work. Which paint?

A. Resene FilmPro Digital Green gives you a digital green finish. For a 'chroma key' finish you can use Resene Eucalyptus or Resene Japanese Laurel in your choice of flat/low sheen Resene paint.

September 2014

Q. We applied two coats of Resene FX Write-On Wall Paint to a painted feature wall. As the second coat flowed on much more freely we had a lot left over. We applied the left over to the other newly painted surfaces. Is there any technical requirement for two coats of whiteboard paint? Or will one good covering be enough for the white board to work OK?

A. Resene FX Write-On Wall Paint is a clear and we recommend two coats applied over a compatible base colour.

August 2014

Q. I am interested in your magnetic paint but have heard the magnetic effect doesn't last... can you please advise approx. how long you would expect this product to retain its magnetic effect?

A. The magnetic effect is contained within the paint so it is there for the life of the paint. They key is to use good quality magnets and ensure the Resene FX Magnetic Magic is applied nice and thickly. If you apply it too thinly or you use low quality magnets then the magnetic effect won't work properly.

July 2014

Q. Have used Resene FX Enamacryl Metallic Silver Aluminium for a feature wall with stunning results. One small problem - I have vertical lines showing. How do I get rid of the lines? I've used a 6mm mohair 230mm cover. Would a foam roller be better? The lines are at the end of each downward stroke at the ends of the roller cover which was a new one.

A. Application of Resene FX Metallic paints can be tricky. See the back of the Metallics chart for the recommended application information. Some of your problems may be due to use of the wrong roller sleeve. We recommend you use a metallic sleeve.

June 2014

Q. Can you use Resene FX Blackboard Paint over Resene FX Magnetic Magic to create a magnetic/writable surface? Do liquid chalk pens affect the Blackboard Paint, or can they be used as with any other chalk?

A. Yes Resene FX Blackboard Paint can be used as the topcoat system over Resene FX Magnetic Magic. Before topcoating the magnetic layer check that the magnets you are going to use do attach well to the magnetic base layer, if not apply additional Resene FX Magnetic Magic. You can use the liquid chalk pens as well as dry chalk sticks. With some colours a damp cloth maybe needed to remove all traces of the chalk work.

June 2014

Q. I've recently painted a whiteboard onto one of our office walls. It doesn't go floor to ceiling so I need to put a border around it. The length of the area is about 3-4 metres. If I just tape off where I want the borders to go and paint between the tape, I'm worried that it will bleed down under the tape and create a ragged edge. I really don't want to cut in the whole thing if I can avoid it but is that the best way? Also, what sort of paint would you recommend I use? The border will be black and should be able to handle a whiteboard eraser going over it.

A. The best tape we have found to avoid creep is Sellotape Washi tape, the orange coloured tape. You could use the same paint for the border as you used for the wall.

June 2014

Q. I have chosen Resene Glitterbug metallic for a feature Gyprock® column in an office. Painter is requesting application method.

A. There are application details on the Metallics colour chart; for non flat surfaces we would definitely recommend spray application to achieve a uniform finish.

April 2014

Q. Can you use Resene FX Magnetic Magic under Resene FX Blackboard Paint?

A. Yes you can use Resene Magnetic Magic under Resene Blackboard Paint. The main thing is to make sure the Resene Magnetic Magic is applied in nice thick coats and check it is working well with your magnets before topcoating.

March 2014

Q. Please advise on the best way to apply your Resene FX Metallic Aluminium.

A. Spray application of metallic will always give the best finish. See the back of the Resene Metallics chart for recommendations.

February 2014

Q. Do you have any ‘reflective paints’ at all. I want to paint an outside brick wall so that it reflects maximum light onto the plants in front of it.

A. White paint with reflective road marking glass spheres would give the best outcome but application of the beads to a vertical surface is virtually impossible.

February 2014

Q. Can you please tell me if it is possible to use a roller to apply Resene Crescent (from your metallics range) instead of spraying and still get the effect of the mica sheen?

A. Spray application of any metallic paint will always give the best uniformity of finish, however Resene FX Metallic has been formulated to facilitate application with the recommended roller sleeve and if correctly applied can give a uniform finish which is not to dissimilar to a spray finish.

October 2013

Q. If using a metallic paint from your metallic paints range for an exterior part of the house as a special effect, is there any special application method to follow?

A. Spray application will give the best finish. You must also apply the correct undercoat colour which is matched to the metallic colour.

May 2013

Q. Can Resene FX Write-On Wall Paint be successfully used on glass? If so, is any special preparation required?

A. A smooth glass surface should generally be suitable as a substrate for erasable pens on its own.

May 2013

Q. I have specified Resene Bandit from the Resene Metallics & Special Effects chart. The owner is going to do the painting work himself. My question is, can he apply this paint (which has a metallic effect) using a roller, as opposed to spraying?

A. For the best results, spray finish is recommended. The product can be rolled but I would suggest that a trial area is done first to establish if the rolled finish is acceptable. Application instructions are on the back of the Resene Metallics & Special Effects colour chart.

May 2013

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