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Redcurrent Wellington
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Redcurrent Wellington

Allen Street, Wellington

The sumptuous new fitout for Redcurrent in Wellington is a must for those who like to indulge in colour.

A wonderful open warehouse space, the brief was to provide backdrops and introduce key features to showcase the exquisite treats and treasures on display to a mainly female customer base, and bring the brand into the next decade. The business has been built on being unique and unusual.

The 230m² of retail space is at the top of a long entry ramp meaning the biggest challenge was to get customers to enter! The key was to turn heads in the street, and provide an irresistible glimpse into the world of Redcurrent gift and homeware, a mix of vintage and contemporary.

Inspiration for the colour scheme comes from Redcurrent itself… “Redcurrent is your chance to dream. Daydream in vivid colour… with fragrances and treats for people you most treasure. Welcome!”

The idea was to showcase these treats and treasures by creating a series of dramatic, quirky spaces, with the use of rich and enticing hues of gem-like pink. The colour palette reflects this concept using Resene Cabaret, custom mixed Resene Redcurrent Pink, Resene Alabaster and Resene Double Foundry. These are of course inspired by the Redcurrent name, the brand, and the alluring pinks were used to add a sense of vibrancy, fun and youthfulness, while appealing to a wide range of ages. Pink-on-pink painted stripes run though walls and over traditional mouldings and skirtings, to bring some quirks to this heritage detailing.

Exterior views

Interior view

The black and white areas also created a sense of drama, while maintaining a neutral background for more coloured product. The white cut-out ‘doily’ and bedhead cubby hole displays read very strongly against dark painted brick walls.

Material names suggest fantastic fun and opulence: Valencia, Lipstick, Cabaret, Purple Tea, Maharaja, Tickle and Doily. Other parts of the materials palette include a glowing Swinsons Hexaben honeycomb pink translucent screen to the window (which glows wildly into the street at night) and an illuminated counter. A one off pink striped carpet runner up the stair to the mezzanine area, veranda posts and balusters create a sense of order and discipline up the ramp and link the mezzanine floor vertically.

Customers are now stopping in their tracks as they walk along the street and are drawn up the ramp into the new store, leading to a desirable increase in turnover.

Interior views

Colour use in Redcurrent

Colour swatch
Resene Cabaret
Colour swatch
Resene Alabaster
Colour swatch
Resene Double Foundry

Architectural Specifier: Naomi Rushmer
Building Contractor: Shears & Mac
Painting Contractor: All Painting Contractors
Photographer: Matt Gascoigne


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