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Character Villa


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Resene Total Colour Awards 2017
Character Villa

This 1907 classic New Zealand colonial villa was bought as a family home in need of a complete update. The mid-eighties colours, early 1900s hessian scrim and wallpaper and the lack of up-to-date insulation and electrics, meant this was a complete labour of love.

The home has been fully insulated and re-wired with double glazing added. Thick drapes and sturdy shutters cover windows to make up for the rest of the heat loss. The veranda on two sides keeps out the worst of the weather both summer and winter.

The colour schemes and furnishings needed to reflect the period of the home. Even now the decorating is an ongoing and developing project, with wallpaper being added as just the right design is discovered.

The carpentry work was all carried out by James Chamberlain, who specialises in finishing work. The quality is evident in the picture rail mitre joints, the parlour pelmet and the new/old mantel around the log burner (made from an old rimu fire surround, carefully deconstructed and placed around the new opening).

In the children’s bedroom, the fireplace tiles in mint green and turquoise blue, needed to be combined with pink and lavender that the children wanted for their space. Four different tones – Resene Tutti Frutti, Resene Yabbadabbadoo, Resene Perfume and Resene Hopskotch teamed with neutral Resene Pearl Lusta - were used to create this princess inspired bedroom.


In the parlour a sense of Hollywood glamour and old English smoking room were combined. The 3.5 metre ceiling easily copes with the pairing of Resene Black and Resene Cioccolato. The high gloss trims and built in cupboards with gold paint detailing on the mouldings complete the effect. The fireplace area was papered with anaglypta wallpaper and then a mix of Resene Gold Dust metallic and Resene Paint Effects Medium was carefully applied using a traditional ragrolling technique.

In the living areas and kitchen, a warm palette of Resene Spanish White (half, full and triple) and Resene Canterbury Clay were used; whiter whites would not have blended with the rest of the colour palette so well. These colours provide a warm background to reflect light and create a more modern neutral family living space, without creating a sudden change from the original part of the house. The introduction of Resene Hillary for the door panels and the tongue and groove curved stairwell ceiling brought the soft furnishings into the paint scheme.

Exterior - garden
Hallways and childrens bedroom Childrens bedroom

In the master bedroom, the rusty pale red fireplace tiles and the natural aspect of the room, means that this room is probably the coolest and darkest in the home. Rather than fight this, Resene Red Berry, Resene Half Papier Mache and Resene Dutch White were chosen to create a warm and rich colour scheme. Resene Dutch White was also continued as the main colour in the hallway.

Most interior areas are painted in Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen, with Resene Lustacryl on trim and joinery.

This home has a real sense of history with old wallpapers discovered inside cupboards and under other wallpapers.

Colour selection: Sandie Kent Chamberlain
Project by: Chamberlain & Kent
Electrician: Paul Mullinger


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