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Resene Total Colour Awards 2017
Studio 28 opening at the home ideas center

As a relatively new interior designer Studio 28 wanted to market their services to warm prospects that were considering building, renovating and redecorating. The Home Ideas Centre in Petone, Lower Hutt was the obvious choice for a planned entry into the market place.

The longevity of an exhibition stand enticed with complete control of design, and the ability to renew the stand in the future.

Interior designers are known for the WOW spaces they create, even though most work comes from homeowners who want to make their own spaces comfortable, perhaps unique, and utilising their space efficiently.

To catch attention the exhibition stand needed to catch the eye of those passing by. This exhibition stand recreates an entranceway into a home. It’s a transient space, so creating a WOW atmosphere would work. An attention seeking wallpaper was applied to the back and side wall with the remaining wall needed to bring in the balancing act. Resene Blackjack was the obvious choice, the colour unifying with the charcoal filaments in the wallpaper. Using the matte finish of Resene SpaceCote Flat enhanced the look.

Details of ideas and mood boards
Overall view
Batten details

However, the soft black wall still looked unfinished, so a layer of battens prepainted in Resene Lusta-Glo Blackjack were added. These structured lines stand in contrast to the wallpaper and the sheen level makes for an interesting contrast against the much flatter wall colour. The battens also helped to disguise the walls that were not straight or particularly smooth.

To make visitors stop and play, a tactile experience was created with three ‘artworks’, framed mood boards, of which two contain Resene paint swatches, in moderate colour palettes to complete the experience.

Interior designer: Karyn Hopper
Other key contributor: Frank van der Zwaag


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