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Eltham Catholic Ladies College Food Technology
and Science refurbishment
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Resene Total Colour Education Senior Award Winner
Eltham Catholic Ladies College Food Technology
and Science refurbishment


Catholic Ladies College in Eltham is a school that prides itself on educating young women in contemporary and innovative programs with a motto of ‘Girls Flourish Here’. There was a need to upgrade the Food Technology and Science Classrooms to enhance the learning environment with the latest technology and facilities for the students while also catering for the teaching staff.

The classroom upgrades provided a state of the art Food Technology Room and Theory Room with all new appliances, along with TV and video projection for class tutorials. The teachers’ Store Room and Preparation Room provided staff with flexible and sufficient room that exceeded their expectations and ticked all the boxes for a functional working space that they previously did not have.

The Science Classrooms were upgraded to provide a more functional floor plan for group learning and setting up for future landscape works whereby external doors were installed so that teaching can eventually take place outside under supervision. The Science Classrooms originally had very little acoustics as they were high volume spaces. There was a need to install ceilings into these spaces to provide better sound absorption.


Eltham Catholic Ladies College Food Technology and Science refurbishment

Eltham Catholic Ladies College Food Technology and Science refurbishment

Eltham Catholic Ladies College Food Technology and Science refurbishment

Eltham Catholic Ladies College Food Technology and Science refurbishment

The colour scheme selected for the project was driven by several inspirations. The first being the client, Catholic Ladies College, whose website portrayed a beautiful picture of the school’s branding and marketing ‘Girls Flourish Here’, displaying imagery of bright pinks and a warmer palette of soft ochres and green tones. The landscape in which the school sits helped derive the palette and finishes. Nestled among beautiful trees and earthy rock, the interiors took on part of this natural landscape bringing the outside in.

Because the nature of both teaching environments involves a lot of interaction and group learning, the spaces demanded a bright, interactive and positive feel, where the play of colour could be expressed through joinery and wall treatments to give a sense of an energetic environment for the girls to learn in. Throughout this project they wanted to keep the paint palette small and complementary to the joinery, a key design element specific to its building use.

The choice of colours used for Food Technology and Science had to complement the joinery where there were pink drawers and green doors as the theme and charcoal exposed carcasses. Resene Gumboot matched perfectly to the charcoal joinery and grey vinyl and therefore was a fantastic choice for all skirtings and entry walls.

Resene Westwood was used within Food Technology for the main bulkhead that spanned the length of the room. Because the bulkhead ended up having to be quite large to cater for the size of the mechanical ducts, it meant this element could become a main feature in the room, framing the pin boards and learning zone within the room.

Resene Gumboot
Resene Gumboot
Resene Westwood
Resene Westwood
Resene Half Linen
Resene Half Linen
Resene Thorndon Cream
Resene Thorndon Cream
Resene Half Bianca
Resene Half Bianca
Resene Triple Truffle
Resene Triple Truffle
Resene Knock Out
Resene Knock Out

Resene Westwood and Resene Half Linen are colours that complement each other, themed from the landscape outside and playing on the floral vinyl graphic used as a feature to the prep room; these colours brought freshness to the space. The splashbacks in both Science and Food Technology were also finished in the colour of Resene Westwood to keep this distinct colour theme throughout.

Light became a really important factor in each of these rooms as projection was very important. Food Technology having cameras and TV screens and Science having short throw projectors meant that there needed to be really good use of light, which was enhanced by using Resene Thorndon Cream for walls and Resene Half Bianca for the perforated plasterboard ceilings with Resene Triple Truffle on doors.

The introduction of a plywood wall between the Preparation Room and Food Technology Classroom softened the overall colour palette of the room. The plywood upstand incorporates a subtle joinery detail where there is a pink laminate infill recessed into the wood. This same detail is expressed within the teacher’s stone benchtop at the front of each classroom. The laminate colours are of the same tone as Resene Knock Out and Resene Westwood.

Resene Knock Out was the ideal colour to highlight the structure of the existing building. While it is feminine and ties in with the joinery in both Science and Food Technology, it is a colour that oozes drama and vibrancy, a colour that gets you excited when you walk into the room, perfect for the desired dynamic and energetic learning environment.

Architectural specifier: Michelle Jepp and Amanda Meiklejohn
Building contractor: Concept Builders
Client: Catholic Ladies College, Eltham
Interior designer: Amanda Meiklejohn
Painting contractor: GA & JC Jacobs Proprietary Ltd
Photographer: Hyatt & Associates
Services Engineer: BRT Consulting

Resene products used:
Environmental Choice
Resene CoolColour
Resene AquaShield
Resene AquaShield CoolColour
Resene Aquaclear
Resene Blackboard Paint
Resene Enamacryl
Resene Hi-Glo
Resene Lumbersider
Resene Lustacryl
Resene Lustacryl Kitchen & Bathroom
Resene Lusta-Glo
Resene Non-Skid Deck & Path
Resene Sonyx 101
Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen
Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen Kitchen & Bathroom
Resene Waterborne Woodsman
Resene X-200
Resene Zylone Sheen

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