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Leading Edge Communications wall
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Leading Edge Communications


Leading Edge Communications provides telephony support services to commercial clients. They originally resided in a couple of locations and looked to merge into one location. Their new space was an open blank canvas, however the budget was very limited and was hugely dependent on the wow factor coming from the colours and finishes.

The concept for this client was based on a series of houses and baches, an eclectic New Zealand theme. The main meeting spaces had old detailed styled doors with letterboxes outside. Another meeting space was lined with bricks and these same doors. The collaboration spaces were reminiscent of a kiwi backyard with grass look carpet, green walls and a graphic of a kiwi space. The reception area follows the same concept with battened walls like the exterior of a bach, painted in a blue that matched the Leading Edge corporate colour.

The open plan areas held a large number of staff so it was important that the concept energised the staff while also making them feel at home. While a serious company they have a great attitude to their commercial relationships. The concept and colour scheme needed to represent the nature of who they are as an organisation.

Leading Edge see the importance of having well-functioning, vibrant and fun spaces so their staff can work more efficiently and enjoy their surroundings.

The main colour anchor of the space is the striped wall. The client had a real fondness of the Paul Smith stripe; this influenced the design for this main anchor wall.

Using seven key colours – Resene Meteorite, Resene Golden Dream, Resene Cardinal, Resene Ecstasy, Resene Citrus, Resene Sea Fog and Resene Alabaster, this 20 metre stretch of wall is exciting and eyecatching. The colours selected represented the Leading Edge values colours.

Leading Edge Communications entry

Wall that is exciting and eyecatching

Bach theme

social hubs

Leading Edge Communications kitchen

Leading Edge Communications boardroom

The other inspiration came from the kiwi house theme driving the selection of whites and greys – Resene Jet Stream, Resene Diesel and Resene Alabaster - for the meeting rooms. To make the space more practical part of the interior was finished in Resene Write-on Wall Paint providing a whiteboard style wall that keeps consistent to the wall colour scheme.

The blue of Resene Toto in Reception is reflective of the Leading Edge corporate colour as well as being a colour often seen on a kiwi bach.

Resene Meteorite
Resene Meteorite
Resene Golden Dream
Resene Golden Dream
Resene Cardinal
Resene Cardinal
Resene Ecstasy
Resene Ecstasy
Resene Citrus
Resene Citrus
Resene Sea Fog
Resene Sea Fog
Resene Alabaster
Resene Alabaster

Most of the built spaces throughout Leading Edge are just walls that have paint applied to add character and flair. Painted white this space would be very average. Painted as it is the space comes alive.

This project had the budget reduced drastically before we started on site, for reasons outside of the construction and outside of our control. This project is a great example that you do not need a big budget to get great results. We knew that the walls needed to be painted anyway so we spent any money there was on changing colours to stronger hues to create key paint features.

This project has spunk and flair purely because of the colour scheme.

Architectural specifier: Spaceworks
Building contractor: Practec
Client: Leading Edge Communications
Client liaison and design contributor: Graeme van der Linde
Colour selection: Spaceworks and Leading Edge Communications
Lead Project Coordinator: Chantel Dykstra
Photographer: Grant Southam Photography
Project Consultant: Lizzi Hines

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