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Fairytale endings

It’s the stuff of fairytales and storybooks – the ones where the little girl lies down in a meadow of flowers and falls asleep and dreams.

This whimsical design with plants growing out of the floor and up the wall is also reminiscent of a colouring-in book. It looks like a giant has started colouring between the lines, or rather painting between the lines, using Resene Tangaroa and Resene FX Gold Dust, then been called away for tea or wandered off on new adventures.

A blue and gold whimsical bedroom

A blue and gold mural moodboard

A blue and gold mural mood board

A whimsical bedroom design

Mood board: Mural background painted in Resene Half Escape, Resene Tangaroa and Resene Cello, small vase in Resene Apache with Resene Gold Dust, tray in Resene Escape, A4 drawdown paint swatches in Resene Triple Black White, Resene Half Escape and Resene Tangaroa.  Accessories: Waffle Bedding from Wallace Cotton, candle from Miller Road.

It may be a fantastical and child-like design but this doesn’t have to be used in a child’s room. In fact, the use of serious blues – Resene Half Escape on the wall, with Resene Cello on the mural outline and Resene Tangaroa for filling in – gives the room a more grown-up look.

In a bedroom, a mural such as this is a great replacement for both a bedhead and any artworks you might have hung. It’s a two-in-one deal.

The floor has been painted in dark Resene Tangaroa which adds a mysterious, sink-into-the-depths feel – just as if you were sinking into sleep.

The restricted colour palette keeps the room from looking too chaotic – the mural design is already rather busy so if you used multiple paint colours, it may start to look a bit hectic. And might keep you awake at night.

For a child’s room, you could use a softer palette of greens such as Resene Soft Apple, Resene Highland and Resene Paddock with accents of yellow such as Resene Golden Glow or peachy orange Resene Whiskey Sour. Or use pale blues, or pinky-mauves such as Resene Ebb, Resene Soothe and Resene Paper Doll with gold accents.

A whimsical bedroom - painted wall mural

A whimsical bedroom - fairytale inspired

Paint, mural: Wall: Resene Half Escape, Plant line drawing colour: Resene Tangaroa, Detail Leaf Colour: Resene Cello, Detail Gold Vine: Resene FX Gold Dust (over a basecoat of Resene Apache), Floor: Resene Tangaroa.  Paint, others: Rug: Resene Coast, Nest of tables: Resene Escape, Vases: Resene FX Gold Dust, Round tray: Resene Escape, Bench at foot of bed: Resene Cello, Brass side table: timber top in Resene Colorwood Whitewash, Planters: Resene Cello, Resene Triple Black White.  Props: Tea pot: Body, Candle: Miller Road, White Waffle Bedding: Wallace Cotton.

The mural colours can then be used to inspire other accessories in the room such as the bedding, rug and bedside table. You can also paint pieces of furniture like drawers, bedside tables and end-of-bed benches using a hardwearing paint such as waterborne Resene Enamacryl gloss waterborne enamel. Just about anything can be painted, so long as you put in the proper prep work, so this allows you to concentrate on picking items that you love the shape of instead of having to worry about whether it’s the correct colour.

A daring dash of gold has been added to this room in the form of Resene Gold Dust metallic paint. This type of paint can be used on many surfaces, from walls to smaller objects and is a fun way to bring a bit of sparkle to a room or paint project. It’s best painted on top of a matching basecoat of normal paint. There are many other metallic and special effect paints in the Resene colour collection – pick up a free colour chart at your local Resene ColorShop or check view the chart online.

Painting a mural

Resene testpots are the perfect tool for painting wall murals as they are affordable and easy to use without paint wastage.

Look online for designs that you like or for artistic inspiration.

There are a number of ways to transfer your design from paper to the wall. Try one of these popular options:

If you decide to go for a more geo inspired design, then masking tape is likely to be your new best friend. Use it to mark out the different areas you want to paint.

The best thing about painted murals is if you don’t like part of it, you can paint over that bit and start again.

Project by Megan Harrison-Turner. Photography by Bryce Carleton. July 2022

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