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From habitat plus - decorating and colour trends 2023

Chit chat

For design elements that are immediate, eye-catching conversation starters, it’s hard to go past Resene wallpaper. Whether you want to go for bold drama in a whole room or a simple statement wall, the latest wallpaper designs are a good place to start.

A few drops of the right wallpaper design can instantly change a room but to really get people talking think about designs that are unique, unexpected or even outrageous.

Adventurous jungle themed wallpaper

Invoke a sense of adventure or an exotic hotel retreat with jungle themed Resene Wallpaper Collection 91102. Glamorous fixtures and fittings, with plenty of natural greenery will help you go for a full immersion experience that will be one to remember for your guests.

A vibrant jewel-toned exotic design, like Resene Wallpaper Collection 99346 is a guaranteed talking point in any room. Go maximalist with a clashing pattern on the floor and double down on luxury with velvet or suede furnishings.

Playful and colourful options will let you experiment with complementary Resene paint colours in other parts of the room. Try out on-trend neutrals and textures or embrace the trend for flamboyant jungle and botanical designs. That’s a great feature of wallpapers – their versatility. You can experiment with different design and colour trends at once, whether it’s tonal neutrals, bold nature designs, glamorous geometrics or simple stripes.

2022 Trend Spotter Trend: tropical - see tropical touches

Colourful contrast

Vibrant contrasting colours can completely elevate an everyday room into something mood-lifting and remarkable, but they can also be used to create visual links and depth to connecting rooms for dramatic impact.

Take a plain, neutral bedroom and add bold shades of deep Resene Coast, bright Resene Jordy Blue with a yellowed neutral like Resene Lime White for a beachy, nautical transformation. Or go maximalist with jewelled shades of emerald Resene Fun Green and garnet Resene Red Ochre with finishing touches of gold to create the warmth of a luxury hotel retreat.

Using unexpected or bolder contrasting colours together creates rooms that inspire, but they also expand your design library to include a huge range of eras and places.

Dramatic contrasting colours draw the eye to connecting rooms

Use dramatic contrasting colours to draw the eye to connecting rooms. It makes the original space feel much larger and multi-dimensional.

Colourful contrast: Main wall painted in Resene Green Meets Blue, connecting room wall in Resene Hot August and floor in Resene Mercury. The DIY artwork is in Resene Pursuit, Resene Mercury and Resene Vista White. Dining chair, table and buffet from Bradfords Interiors, light fitting from Ligne Roset, sculpture and vase from Michael Joyce, glass bowl, tote and shoes from Faradays.

A mudroom with a contrasting arch and matching shelves

Create a practical mudroom in your entranceway with a contrasting arch with matching shelves and storage.

Round up: The wall and floor are painted in Resene Rice Cake while the archway is in Resene Papier Mache and shelf in Resene Putty. The shoe rack and vase are Resene Bullwhip and the tall rattan lantern is in Resene Sandbar.

top tip  Mask two vertical lines then create the arch curve using string with a pencil attached to one end. Pin the other end to the centre point at the top of your two vertical lines.

Round up

Painted archways are a quick and easy way to makeover a room without the need for complete reinvention. Arches make a great focal point to show off items of furniture or decor, and are an inventive way to mark out different spaces in a single room. Try an arch as a headboard, a dining room backdrop or even to frame wall shelves painted in the same shade. Paint them in a bold contrast to your wall colour or try a tone just a shade or two darker for a more subtle finish.

Going up

If you’re looking for a sense of height and airiness in a space, vertical stripes or lines will make a room feel taller – just as horizontal stripes can make larger spaces feel cosier and more contained.

A wide stretch of wall in a block colour can start to make your room feel squat in shape. Adding groups of three or five narrow stripes, or painted battens, spaced around a room will balance that out by drawing the eye up, rather than out.

Warm, tonal, vertical battens add height to the sitting area

Warm, tonal, vertical battens add a sense of height and calmness to this sitting area.

Wall painted in Resene Ghost with battens in Resene Santas Grey, floor in Resene Colorwood Rock Salt and DIY artwork painted in Resene Gumboot, Resene Matakana, Resene Zulu, Resene Jimmy Dean, Resene Santas Grey, Resene Ghost, Resene In The Mauve and Resene Sea Fog with frame in Resene Sea Fog. The vase is Resene Jimmy Dean. Chaise and side table from Nood, rug from Freedom, throw from H&M Home.

Lining up decking with vertical lines in fencing creates a seamless finish

Lining up decking with vertical lines in fencing or walls creates a seamless finish that makes outdoor patios feel more spacious.

Grooved wall painted in Resene Nebula, deck stained in Resene Woodsman Uluru, pergola in Resene Sea Fog, amphoras and tall planter in Resene Eighth Tea, medium planter in Resene Cloud and small planter in Resene Yucca. Chair from Poynters, side table from King Living, throw from Città.

This stripe effect is also worth remembering if you’re putting in a fence or deck outside. The direction you lay your timber will change how long or wide your outdoor area feels. Looking along long lengths of timber over a deck, then up vertical lines on a fence, will elongate your space, while upright posts will shorten the space and make your garden feel more compact.

2022 Trend Spotter Trend: battens and panels - see natural healing


The plainest of walls can be easily dressed up with battens, which continues to be a popular trend. But there’s another option to create interesting walls without needing any building skills – simply add frames!

Upcycle or buy new inexpensive frames depending on the style and look you are after. Op shops are a great place to find these. Remove the glass and backings – you can put them aside for another project. Paint the frames inside and out with your chosen Resene colour. Use masking tape to decide where you will place the frames on the wall or lay your frames out on the floor and get the combination right before you start hanging the frames. For a fun alternative look, add a mirror, a piece of art or paint the framed area in Resene FX Chalkboard Paint.

While it is most common to paint the frames in the same Resene paint and colour as the wall, you can opt for a contrasting sheen, using Resene Lustacryl semi-gloss to give your frames a subtle visual contrast to low sheen walls.

Bold colour gives frame design extra impact

Choosing a bold, but versatile colour will give your frame design extra impact.

Framed: Walls, frames and coffee table painted in Resene Thor, floor in Resene Merino, sideboard in Resene Sorrento and tabletop tray in Resene Tea. Vases on sideboard in (from left) Resene Gargoyle, Resene Tea and Resene Sorrento. Sofa from Nood, rug from Città, cushions from The Warehouse, H&M and Freedom.

A dining room with simple block lines

Simple block lines in Resene Pioneer Red frame this sideboard and make that section of wall feel slightly offset from the dining area, leaving the whole space feeling larger. The illusion is helped with the walls and floor both painted in Resene Athena.

Between the lines: Shelf in Resene Scoria and vase on shelf in Resene Staccato. Tray, small shelf bowl and table vase in Resene Pioneer Red. Chair and cabinet from Cane Collective, table from Nood, lamp from Sailor and Scout.

Between the lines

Simple, painted lines can be a very effective way to break up large stretches of wall and create the illusion of extra space in smaller rooms. Use outlines to frame hero furniture pieces you want to showcase or create different use areas within a single room. Try painted outlines in bold contrasting colours or for a subtler, shadowy effect try a darker shade of your wall colour. For example, if your walls are Resene Quarter Tea, try adding a painted outline in Resene Triple Tea for a tonal finish.

Tone zone

Keeping to a restrained colour palette and opting for subtly different tones rather than bold contrasts creates rooms that are soothing and calming, perfect for creating at-home retreat spaces. Go for a dreamy finish with soft pastels like Resene Dust Storm and Resene Duck Egg Blue, or muted neutrals like Resene Napa, and bring the outside in with earthy naturals like Resene Tea and Resene Colins Wicket.

Layer different colour intensities to give the space added dimension and keep it interesting to the eye. Natural textures like wood grains or rattan add a Balinese spa-like finish or add a layer of luxe with velvets, wool and suede.

2022 Trend Spotter Trend: nature See natural healing

Earthy bold colours add warmth to tonally themed rooms

Earthy, bold colour pops and texture add warmth and comfort to tonally themed rooms.

Both halves of the wall are Resene Copyrite but the lighting suggests a subtle tonal change as the shadows fall. Timber flooring in Resene Colorwood Natural, pendant light in Resene Quarter Blanc, rope side table in Resene Sugar Loaf and vases, bowls and painted books in Resene Sugar Loaf, Resene Alpaca, Resene Half Rickshaw, Resene Castle Rock, Resene Tuscany, Resene Chelsea Gem and Resene Raptor. Sofa, coffee table and cushion from Città, rug from Freedom.

Botanical fnishes in a lounge with a muted tonal palette

Botanical finishes connect a muted tonal palette of greens, blues and neutrals with the outdoors.

Wall painted in Resene Pumice, floor and bowl on coffee table in Resene Harp, console table and smaller coffee table in Resene Half Malta, large coffee table, plant pot and large vase in Resene Rainee and basket in Resene Oilskin. Sofa and throw from Nood, cushions from Freedom and Adairs, artwork from Simply Creative, rug from Freedom.

Home work

Whether it’s the hub for your business, a sometimes satellite office to keep you up to date or a space to pay household bills and organise the family, a home office should offer a comfortable, practical space to get things done. It should be functional and efficient but also inspiring, so sitting down to work feels uplifting. Think about the kinds of storage, shelving or surfaces you need in your office and be creative with upcycling and colour choices so your office reflects your style and personality.

Try blocks of different, tonal colours on the walls around you so you always have something to look at. If your workspace is in a colder, darker part of your home opt for a bolder accent like Resene Pohutukawa; in sun-drenched offices try cool hues like Resene Green Smoke.

2022 Trend Spotter Trend: check - see fortune favours the bold

A home office with painted cork tiles

Painted cork tiles make a practical but fun statement wall in an office.

Tiles painted in Resene Bullwhip, Resene Papier Mache, Resene Half Canterbury Clay, Resene Spanish White, Resene Teak and Resene Quarter Canterbury Clay, main wall in Resene Canterbury Clay and floor in Resene Quarter Canterbury Clay. Chair in Resene Papier Mache and pendant light, pencil pot and bin in Resene Bullwhip, desk in Resene White and vase in Resene Half Canterbury Clay. Faux palm leaves from Adairs.

A home office painted in natural greens

Embrace the colours of nature even when you’re inside working.

Walls colour blocked in Resene Spanish Green, left, topped with Resene Pumice and Resene Silver Chalice behind the desk and Resene Alabaster on the top block and the floor. Desk in Resene White, chair in Resene Ravine and planter, desktop plant pot and lamp in Resene Pumice. Desk organiser in Resene Xanadu, shelf and drawers in Resene Spanish Green. Artwork from Pop Motif.

Wait space

Do you have under-used spaces in your house? They’re typically transition areas like a landing at the top of stairs, entry foyers, back porches or a joining point of two passageways.

With some imagination and smart design a lot of these spaces can be transformed into functional, appealing places that add value to how you live in your home. It might be a comfy spot to put your shoes on when you’re leaving home, a handy place to perch groceries as you take your shoes off or a space to sit and wait for a few minutes while you’re waiting for a ride to arrive.

Use paint colours to mark out the space as separate from the connecting stairs or hallways, and add features like set down and sit down space, rugs, shelves and good lighting to define the space. Think about what you want to use it for, and design for that so the finished result is cohesive with a clear function.

Turn under-utilised space into a waiting area in your home

Under-utilised spaces such as hallways and landing areas can double as handy wait spaces with the addition of a chair or bench.

Wait space: Walls and floor painted in Resene In The Mauve and front wall in Resene Dust Storm. Lamp, rug and bench seat from Good Form.

Create a working nook in your home

Using the same Resene Olive Green on both the lamp and dressing table marks this space out from the rest of the room with its Resene Blank Canvas floor and walls, making it a handy spot to get a little home admin done. The matching rattan mirror and chair also help tie the space together.

Need a nook: Mirror from Mocka, chair from Danske Møbler, armchair from Good Form.

Need a nook

There’s no question the way we live in our homes is changing quickly, and often. Most of us can’t undertake a renovation every time our needs change – whether it’s working from home, or having family come to live with us. Creating new, useful spaces inside the rooms we have is a cost-effective and creative way to make sure your home is meeting your day-to-day needs. And what better way than to use an unused corner or space as a handy nook for something else?

Before you start, have a clear idea about what your nook will primarily be used for. It might be writing, drawing or working on your device. Do you need a second sitting or gaming area to accommodate a growing family? Or do you just want a quiet spot to read and chat?

Map out the space you have available within a bigger room and think about how to frame it with paint colours, wallpaper, furniture or a rug to set it apart from the main room.

Soft textures make this dining room feel larger and more inviting

Soft textures in the paint finish echo soft furnishings to make this dining room feel larger, and more inviting.

Dine in style: Wall painted in Resene Ravine with Resene Saltpan mixed with Resene FX Paint Effects Medium. Floor in Resene Colorwood Whitewash and side cabinet in Resene Harp. Cabinet from Mocka, dining chairs from Danske Møbler, dining table from Good Form, rug from Baya.

Resene Cinder helps to carve out a cosy sitting area

The smart use of Resene Cinder both on the floor and on a section of wall carves out a cosy sitting area, while giving the whole room the benefit of some bold drama.

No bounds: Main wall in Resene Rum Swizzle and corner block, floor and vase in Resene Cinder. Wooden chair and candleholder from Good Form, bouclé chair from Danske Møbler, rug from Mulberi, artwork by Claire Stapleton.

Dine in style

As different parts of our homes become co-opted for different uses, like school, work or hobbies, communal spaces where households can gather become all the more important.

A dining room can be both a social centre for your household, and a perfect canvas for some creative interior design. It need not be purely functional, even if space is at a premium. Add textured walls, bold Resene wallpapers and plenty of soft furnishings like drapey curtains, rugs, cushions, tablecloths and even throws to add visual warmth and soften the room’s boundaries.

Think about the shape that will work best in your space and use paint to play with proportions. Paint the ceiling a bold colour like Resene Indian Ink to visually lower a high ceiling, or try breezy pastels like Resene Gum Leaf to brighten things up.

2022 Trend Spotter Trend: texture - see slow spaces

A purple and white bedroom - playful use of colour and shape

Playful use of colour and shape that doesn't conform to the straight boundaries of walls, adds whimsy and personality to what would otherwise be a standard rectangular bedroom.

No bounds: Wall in Resene Lola with cloud shape in Resene Rum Swizzle and side wall in Resene Grapevine. Large vase in Resene Lola. Shelving, chair, candleholder from Good Form, bedlinen from Foxtrot Home, throw and cushion from Heirloom.

No bounds

Who says painting your room needs to stick to the natural confines of your space?

Painting out sections of a wall is an excellent way to draw the eye to certain areas of a room, or carve out different small areas to break up a large room. For example, block out a corner section by painting not just a section of the walls, but the floor and even the ceiling too, to create a room within a room.

This can be a fun way to create play spaces in a kids’ bedrooms or study and reading areas on landings or in living rooms.

And don’t feel you need to stick to straight lines and geometric shapes. Play with organic, freehand shapes to create bold backdrops for furniture pieces, artworks or just as unique, eye-catching room features.

2022 Trend Spotter Trend: darks - see glamour and darks

Resene Athena

Resene Staccato

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