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Glamour and darks

From habitat plus - decorating and colour trends 2023

Don’t be afraid of the dark. Used with some thought, dark colours can create spaces that are inviting, sumptuous and luxe without being overbearing or stuffy.

The key is balance. Try bold, dark, colour-saturated shades like smoky Resene Nocturnal, charcoal Resene Invincible and sumptuous blue Resene Ocean Waves paired with contrasting metallics like Resene Silver Aluminium for extra opulence, or with milky neutrals like Resene Friar Greystone, Resene Stepping Stone or Resene Courtyard for freshness and light that ensures the space stays modern and elegant.

A bedroom in stormy blue and charcoal

Stormy blues and charcoals create classy comfort that invites you to come and relax.

Wall and floor painted in Resene Ocean Waves with painted headboard in Resene Night Magic, table and bench in Resene Half Nocturnal, vase in Resene Baring Head and book and small vase in Resene Eau De Nil. Lamp from Cane Collection, rug from Bed Bath & Beyond, bedding from Città, shoes from Miss Wilson.

Dark walls paired with soft muted shades

Paired with soft muted shades dark walls, like these painted in Resene Invincible, work like a neutral and can actually recede from the eye making a space feel less hemmed in.

Cabinet in Resene Black Sand, floor in Resene Friar Greystone and tables in Resene Stepping Stone and Resene Courtyard. Plant pots in Resene FX Faux Rust Effect (on cabinet) and Resene Invincible (on table), tall vase in Resene Stepping Stone, u-shaped vase in Resene Yogi and DIY artwork in Resene Yogi, Resene Black Sand, Resene Stepping Stone and Resene Courtyard. Sofa from Target Furniture, rug from Freedom, cushions from Freedom and H&M Home, throw from H&M Home.

A dark textured wall in Resene Nocturnal

A textured relief finish on dark colours is another way to break up a large stretch of wall to stop it feeling overbearing.

Wall painted in Resene Nocturnal with battens in Resene Half Tuna, side wall in Resene Nocturnal and floor stained in Resene Colorwood Dark Oak wood stain. Coffee and console tabletops in Resene Half Tuna, lamp base in Resene Blue Smoke with shade in Resene Nebula, sculpture in Resene Blue Smoke with plinth in Resene Nocturnal, tealight holder in Resene Yucca, bowl in Resene Tiara and vase in Resene Half Tuna. Sofa and ottoman from King Living, mirror from Freedom, cushions from Freedom, Penney + Bennett and Nood.

top tip  A matte or low sheen finish like Resene SpaceCote reduces glare and gives darker hues a velvety finish.

Rich reds

Red is a colour that lends immediate drama and sophistication to a room. To ensure deep shades like Resene Salsa retain their impact, surround them with more muted or natural shades such as greys, wheaten neutrals or wood tones. Fresh blossom notes of pink and peach such as modern Resene Sakura, can also add a fresh airiness to the room so your colour-saturated wine reds look sophisticated rather than overbearing.

An earthy red-toned brown lounge

Earthy red-toned brown Resene Cape Palliser on the right wall balances the large windows to make this lounge feel cosy yet light and inviting.

The rear wall contrasts in Resene China Ivory with a warm-toned floor in Resene Teak. Sofa and short lamp from Matisse, painting and tall lamp from Bradfords Interiors, coffee table and rug from Città, mug, cup, saucer and tealight from Michael Joyce, cushion, candle and vases from Faradays.

A bedroom with contrasting light and dark reds

The contrast of deep red on the right wall painted in Resene Lonestar emphasises the fresh blossom effect of the rest of this room.

Left wall in Resene Sakura, floor in Resene Tom Tom, vase (on chair) in Resene Sakura, sculpture in Resene Aubergine and floor vase in Resene Japonica. Chair from Città, duvet cover, pillowcases and cushion from Foxtrot Home, throw and lamb hide from Mulberi, artwork by Sam Michelle, shoes from La Tribe.

A bedroom with a dark red headboard

Bring in metallic accents in wall features and accessories to bounce light and add glamour to darker hued features.

Wall painted in Resene Bon Jour with headboard arches in Resene Salsa and floor in Resene Colorwood Natural wood stain. Bedside table in Resene Jaguar and vase in Resene Volcano. Lamp from Freedom, rug from The Ivy House, quilt from H&M Home.

Tasteful texture

Patterned and textured Resene wallpapers add depth and dimension that immediately implies abundance and luxury. The right design can instantly transform a room from dull to dramatic, and elevate it to the glamour standards of a stylish hotel. In a neutral shade the right pattern adds just enough interest to show off other glamourous furnishings. Alternatively, keep your fittings simple and go extra bold with your wallpaper pattern to make that the feature of your room.

A bedroom with a hotel chic style

Add hotel chic at home with the glamour of a textured wallpaper design.

Pair Resene Wallpaper Collection AGA101 with trim in a soft minimalist neutral such as Resene Alabaster.

Bedroom with bold wallpaper designs- luxury

A bold Resene wallpaper design can transform your room into a luxury apartment anywhere in the world – or in time.

Resene Wallpaper Collection AGA302 immediately adds bold vintage glamour, paired with a complex neutral like Resene White Linen.

Textured sophistication

A swathe of dark wall, whether it’s in the stylish navy of Resene Coast, charcoal Resene Cod Grey or dark maroon Resene Rustic Red, is lent an extra note of sophistication when it includes texture. Try painting over Resene Anaglypta Wallpaper or, for a more natural texture use Resene Colorwood Pitch Black or Resene Colorwood Dark Ebony stain over plywood to showcase the grain. It has a similar effect to using luxury fabrics like velvet or suede. Emphasise the tactile finish with contrasting shinier surfaces and lighter highlight colours.

A bold dark floor painted in Resene Midnight Express

Go dark on your floor for an unexpected jolt of boldness. Add lighter shades higher up to keep the room feeling lighter and brighter.

Tasteful texture: Wall painted in Resene Half Scarpa Flow and left wall painted in Resene Lucky Point. Floor painted in Resene Midnight Express, planters painted in Resene Anise and Resene Half Sour Dough and floor standing vase in Resene Half Sour Dough. Chair covered in fabric by House of Hackney, artwork by Claire Stapleton, slippers from La Tribe.

A lounge with a restrained palette and added texture

A restrained palette is given added glamour with clever blending of textures and finishes.

Textured sophistication: The plywood wall is in Resene Colorwood Pitch Black with tongue-and-groove flooring in Resene Half Gin Fizz. The artwork is painted with Resene Gin Fizz and Resene Blackout. Chair and pendant light from Good Form, coffee table and rug from Mocka.


Resene Stepping Stone

Resene Eau De Nil

Resene Baring Head

Resene Friar Greystone

Resene Courtyard

Resene Yogi

Resene Ocean Waves

Resene Invincible

Resene Night Magic

Resene Black Sand

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