b'testpotslookinghorizontowards thePopular hues get even duskier while new spicy shades bring just the right amount of heat.ReseneResene ReseneNatural expression Indian InkSecretsSoulful While nature has long been a common inspiration for Resene Resene decor,woodlandtonesincludingmushroomgreys, Grey Olive Ethereal ReseneReseneResene such as Resene Grey Olive, and earthy browns, such asCoastStonewashed Dreamtime Resene Coffee Break, are right up there among todays Resene Resenemost popular hues. Flora and fauna motifs continue to Coffee Break Mozart bewildlypopular,includingboldtropicalpatterns, animalprintsandbrassstatuettesoflions,tigersReseneResene AtlasPeace and jaguars.Theprevalenceofgreencontinuestoflourish, though its primarily in shades ranging from muted T aking in a birds eye view of the colours that aremint like Resene Secrets and silvery sage like ReseneReseneMother Naturecurrently capturing our attention, you mightPeace,toenviableoliveslikeReseneWaiouru. not think that a whole lot has changed in theEmeralds and jades, too, remain in voguelook to colourforecastandyouwouldntbecompletelyshades like Resene Atlas and Resene Mother NatureResenewrong, either. Many of the key trends that have beenfor a quick accent update. Waiouruin fashion for years have stuck around, though its their subtle transformations that are important to takeSunset pinks still shiningnoteofifyourelookingtoincorporatethemostLove it or hate it, pinks of all shades continue to be aResenefashionable shades into your spaces. hugelypopularchoiceforsoftfurnishingsandUntamedAlmost universally, the hues whose popularity hasaccessoriesespeciallybeddingandcushions.A held fast have been steadily evolving from their fullya stroke of genius certain millennial shade may have been the one thatAbove left: Background in Resene Coast, trayin Resene Ethereal and vases in (clockwise from chromatic selves into more hushed, greyer variationsThis lounge strikes an ideal balance between trendy and timeless, but whatstarted it all, but its dustier sunset shades like Reseneleft) Resene Indian Ink, Resene Rice Cake andResene but that doesnt mean there arent still a couple ofreally makes it work is the assortment of vases, bowls, candle holders andJust Dance, Resene Soulful and Resene Soothe thatResene Grey Olive with A4 drawdown paintSwiss Caramelsurprising new trends beginning to take shape. coasters that have been painted Resene Karaka, Resene Pewter, Resene Soothe,arenowtakingcentrestage.Thistriolooksgreatswatches in (from right to left) Resene Ethereal, Resene Bud and Resene Just Dance to directly connect them to the artwork. Thetogether for a tone-on-tone look or try painting themResene Grey Olive, Resene Rice Cake and Resene Spice is nice result is a space that feels cohesive and unified.on rattan chairs, a table and accessories to build aIndian Ink. ReseneShow-stopping bright reds were having a moment lastThe lower half of the wall has been grounded in Resene Karaka while the topboho-chic bedroom or lounge. Above right: Background in Resene SunbakedBi Hokiyear,butthetrendhasshiftedsharplyandswiftlyhalf is in Resene Pewter to keep the feature from feeling too dark. For contrast,with lidded containers in Resene Santa Fe and toward ruddier variations. Now, its terracotta rangingthe outside of the bookcase is painted soft Resene Soothe while the inside isA little bit of lilac Resene Stonewashed and vases in Resene Waiouru fromslightlylighterReseneSunbakedandResenepainted Resene Eagle, the coffee table is in Resene Pewter and the ombreAs a diverging trend from millennial pink, lilac hasand Resene Grey Olive. ReseneSanta Fe to browner Resene Moccasin and Reseneplanter is in (from top to bottom) Resene Bud, Resene Pewter and Resenebeen making a quiet appearance in the design world.Bottom: Resene Wallpaper Collection 36518-1Raging BullRaging Bull that have become the hottest trendingKaraka. To echo the visual texture of the brushstrokes in the painting, plenty ofResene Ethereal, a barely there blush with the slightestbrings in bold botanicals and blends them with on hues aroundand their popularity is only heating up.tactile textures have also been brought in, including the velvet sofa and cushions,hint of lilac, is a shade weve been seeing again andtrend shades of olive and pink. Try it in a bedroom Trythesespicyshadeswithdesertpinks,beigeya woven throw, a knotted rug and fresh plants. They work together with theagain, but purpler versions like Resene Mozart andwith a headboard and side table in Resene Reseneblushes or earthy olives like Resene Just Dance, Resenecolour scheme to build a warm, soft space to relax in after a long day. Resene Dreamtime have been showing up too. TheseKaraka and skirting boards in Resene Rice Cake. MoccasinDespacito and Resene Untamed balanced with toastedshades are a restful and romantic alternative to pink brownslikeReseneSwissCaramelandReseneResene Resene Resene that pair well with warm and cool whites as well asResene Resene Sambuca for a scorching hot look thats the epitomeKaraka Bud Just Dance grey-greens, making them the perfect choice for aSunbaked Despacito Reseneof whats in. ReseneReseneResene feminine bedroom. ReseneResene SambucaPewter Eagle Soothe Sante Fe Rice Cake6 7'