b'alternative solutionsone exterior, top tipIn hot summer conditions, a Resene CoolColour will help two transformations keep the coating, substrate and surface cooler, which can help to reduce heat transference inside. It performs optimally with darker colours that are the most prone to heat build-up, illustrationswhich makes it ideally suited for dark roofing and wall A trio of designers share some alternative exterior options.Malcolm White colours and darker decking stains.beforeWhile the actual redesign of the Harvey ResidenceSince we were in daydream mode, we also let Resene Resenewas a knock-out, designer Deanna Hills ofWhitewater Kate Rogan and Eva Nash of Rogan NashAll BlackThe Designery Room suggests this big-budgetArchitects take a crack at another stunning fantasy alternative: alternative scheme: This house has some lovely bones. We wanted to work with the existing structure but completelyOur inspiration came from recent projects, both in the planning and the colour scheme. We transform this house into a fresh modern homewith a Mediterranean twist. This option showsfind in urban areas people are forgoing the garage in favour of an extra living space. So with another idea for a relaxing home exterior, featuring a fresh white colour palette and a minimalistthis in mind, we have altered the house to create another living area at the front and changed garden full of gorgeous greenery. the cladding to cedar with a Resene Waterborne Woodsman stain. The rest of the scheme is The seamless flow of Resene Whitewater to Resene Half White Pointer gives the housealso urban focused with the dark roof and joinery, the bagged brick walls are in a lighter colour lovely simplicity. Adding in some beautiful raw copper features, which protrude out, frames theto give relief to the scheme and tropical planting sets off the palette.windows. This warm contrast mixed with the fresh white scheme, adds a modern twist to theNZ Handmade Terracotta Tiles Keutia Palmhome and tones in with the warm timber hues. Middle Earth Tilesphone 09 361 2548 web www.rogannash.com www.middleearthtiles.comphone 027 845 3149 web www.thedesigneryroom.co.nzAbove: Deanna swapped brick for plaster cladding in Resene Half WhiteAbove: Kate and Eva chose Resene CoolColour All Black for the roof, fascia, Pointer broken up by raw copper window frames, joinery in Resene ElementResene Halfjoinery, door and planters and Resene Waterborne Woodsman Natural for theResene and topped it with a trapezoidal-profile steel roof in Resene Whitewater.White Pointer Resene WB Woodsman cedar decking and garage cladding, which has been converted into a bonusMerino Resene WB WoodsmanThin cedar stained Resene Waterborne Woodsman Limed Oak gives theReseneLimed Oak room with glass doors to allow for indoor/outdoor living. The brick on theReseneNaturalfront of the garage a flush, seamless look thats echoed on the front door. Element main portion of the house is painted Resene Merino. All Black78 79'