b'seasons Resenedid you know. seasonal switch-outsRemember MeResenethere are lots of easyMystery artwork ideas that you cangreetings Resenemake yourself at home onBewitched www.habitatbyresene.com?Resene Indian InkResene Sea FogResene CasperResene EscapeWelcome theResene Lazy Riverchange in weatherResene Felixwith simple swapsResene Colorwood to your decor. Woody BayLeft: Ply wall in Resene Colorwood Woody Bay timberToss up your texturesstain, floor in ReseneWhile its fairly straightforward to think about textural Sea Fog, sideboard inchanges in terms of textiles as the seasons switchResene Casper, coffeenamely, to lighten up in the summer and go cosy in the table in Resenewinterits worth noting that texture is not only picked Indian Ink wiped with Resene Sea Fog,up by our sense of touch but with our eyes, too. OurResene tray and texturedeyes can tell our brain whether something is rough,Merinovase in Resenefuzzy, smooth, shiny or chunky simply by looking at itResene Escape, vase (with and both colour and pattern play a part in that. Alabasterpalm frond) and teaThink warm and soft fabrics for winter. ChooseResene light holder in Reseneupholstery that makes you want to touch it: suede andWhite Pointer Lazy River and rattan votive holder invelvetaregreatchoicesbecauseoftheircomfortResene Resene Sea Fog. Sofafactor. Richer, darker colours and heavier patterns canQuarter Teachair and rug fromalso work well in the colder months.Resene Freedom Furniture,Half Trufflerattan vase fromAdjust your artwork Resene Farmers, palmArtwork makes a huge impact on the look and feel ofParchmentcushion from Adairs. Resene your space, and it usually doesnt take much space toDouble PavlovaOpposite top left: store extras. Pick up a pair of large canvases and some Ply wall in ReseneResene testpots then try your hand at making oneResene S easonal transitions often inspire an adjustmentpillows that resemble splashing beach waves. In theColorwood Woodywarmer weather piece and one for cool weather toTapaBay timber stain,Resene to everyday life. Much like you change up yourwinter, go for warmer fabrics like wool knits or plaidfloor and pendantcoordinate with your seasonal schemes. Since theyllShabby Chicwardrobe when the weather gets warmer orflannel for a country look. If you cant find what youlamp in Resene SeabethesamesizeandrequirethesamehangingResene cooler,achangeofseasonsistheperfecttimetoare looking for, you can always add a few splashes ofFog, sideboard inhardware,itssimpletoswapthemoutwhentheSunbakedspruce up the design scheme of your home, inside andcolour with a Resene testpot or two. Resene Casper, coffeeweather changes. Resene out. Rotating your decor allows you to take advantagetable in ReseneFrames, too can be easily changed out either byRaging Bullof all of the wonderful colours, patterns and texturesSwitch up your bedding Indian Ink wipedslipping in new prints or by giving them a quick lickResene with Resene Sea Fog,Thunder Roadout there and avoid the boredom that can lead toAnothersimplepieceofchangeabledecorisyourbasket and texturedof paint.impulsive purchases that clutter up your home. bedding.Youredrawntothisspaceforcomfortpot (on sideboard) in While you will likely not have plans to buy big ticketnaturally, but you can really boost the desire to jumpResene Felix, screen items like new furniture or drapes for each seasonorin every night if the bedspread is seasonally inviting.in Resene Felix wipedRemember the outdoors too. Just as you canTop right: One room, two completely different looks. The DIY artwork in this warm space to store themmaking a few changes can doDuringthewarmermonths,chooseairysheetsinwith Resene Sea Fog,add seasonal touches to your interior, so tooroom was created with Resene Sunbaked, Resene Shabby Chic and Resene Raging wonders for perking up your home. breezy blues like Resene Remember Me or Resenetall vase in Resenecan you with your exterior through changeableBull. Stool in Resene Sunbaked, table in Resene Double Bison Hide, vase in Resene Mystery. Or, go for a combo of cobalt blue with smallIndian Ink, coasters initems like doormats or adding a fresh colour onCleopatra, plant pot in Resene Moccasin, box in Resene Double Pavlova, back wall in Resene Casper, votive Change up your cushions accents of exotic orange in shades such as Reseneholder (on sideboard)plant pots using Resene testpots. Resene Merino, wall at left in Resene Alabaster and floor in Resene White Pointer. One of the easiest ways to mix things up in your homeBewitched with Resene Clockwork Orange. When theand bowl (on coffeeChair from Me & My Trend, rug from Father Rabbit. is by exchanging your throw pillows for new coloursweather starts to get colder, exchange your lightweighttable) in ReseneBottom right: In this cool room, the artwork was painted using Resene Quarter Tea, and textures. For instance, autumn is the perfect timebedding for a cosy comforter in dark, warm hues suchThunder Road andReseneReseneResene Double Ash and Resene Half Truffle. Vase in Resene Parchment, lamp in to cover the couch in rust and ivory knit throw pillows.as burgundy and chocolate like Resene Courage withbud vase in ReseneClockwork Orange Sambuca Resene Tapa, hook rack in Resene Double Ash, back wall in Resene Merino, wall at During the summer, you might consider blue ombreResene Sambuca. Sea Fog. CushionsReseneResenethe left in Resene Alabaster and floor in Resene White Pointer. Chair and rug from from Citt. Courage Double Ash Me & My Trend, side table from Indie Home Collective, cushion from Citt.38 39'