b'alternative solutiondrenched in dramaluxury built through layers and repetitionDesigner Angelique Armstrong suggests thisalternative scheme: While this house is contemporary, there are elements of the dining space that feel like a call back to classic 70s design. The plywood details also give it a similar vibe to some holiday homes. I wanted to keep the furniture modern and have added a feature wall in one of the latest Resene fashion colours, Resene Excalibur, behind the buffet unit, which is topped with a vase of fresh lavender and other accessories that lyrically evoke the colours of summer. Against the classic Resene Colorwood Pitch Black timber stain of the ply and the Resene Alabaster walls, I wanted the room to feel fresh, homey and little different from the normal. This is accomplished through a layered blend of dark and light timbers with black and gold accessories while the repetition of round shapes helps create a unified space.phone 03 356 2636web www.armstronginteriors.co.nzResene ExcaliburJupiter Media CabinetCorso De Fioriwww.corso.co.nz09 307 9166Resene Colorwood Limed OakTonon Flat Lounge 924 Chair X4 Resene Colorwood Pitch BlackDavid Shawwww.davidshaw.co.nz09 368 5829Bistro Round Mirrorsbefore Corso De Fiori Paloma Recycled Pine Tablewww.corso.co.nz with Cone Base09 307 9166 CC InteriorsResene Halfwww.ccinteriors.co.nzDusted Blue 0800 589 195Resene Colorwood Above: Despite the depth of colour in Resene Colorwood Pitch Black, taking it illustrationUluruand the plywood across the back wall further opens up the space rather thanMalcolm Whiteclosing it in. The key is keeping the ceiling and adjacent walls light and bright in Resene Alabaster and visually breaking up the space with the feature wall in Resene Excalibur. Angelique went for timber flooring stained in Resene Colorwood Uluru followed by a coat in Resene Colorwood Limed Oak to create even more layers within the space. Brass vessels, rattan tray and candles from Corso De Fiori, vases from Le Monde, crocodile tray from Regency Distribution.Navicula Natural Mediumtop tip David TrubridgeMinimise fly spots on ceilings with Resene Fly Deterrent. Designed towww.davidtrubridge.comResenediscourage flies from sitting on the painted surface, it reduces the appearance06 650 0204Alabaster of unwanted fly spots and is especially helpful for high ceilings like this.28 29'