b'doing itItsacolourpaletteinspiredbyScandinavian design trends combined with a Kiwi bach vibe. We wanted the colours and look to be indicative of our homes surroundings.Mike and Loren decided to keep the colour palette consistent throughout the build so that the entire area had a degree of open plan living. Its an element that is common in Scandinavian builds, along with clean linesandclutter-freespace.ReseneColorwood Whitewash teamed with Resene Zylone Sheen Zero in Resene White help add a sense of space. To elevate thedesign,theyreliedonsoftfurnishingstoadd texture and a point of difference.The exterior of the home, however, deviates away fromtheneutralpalette.Itscladinrecycledpine stained in deep blue Resene Waterborne Woodsmantop tipWoodyBaytimberstainwhilethewindowsareDark colours outside can trimmed in soft grey Resene Atmosphere for contrastsoak in a lot of heat. Usea choice that blends the understated and natural looka Resene CoolColour of local beachside baches and Scandinavian homes. version of your colour to When Hazel was born, however, Mike and Lorenkeep the paint and had to make adjustments. surface cooler.We thought we might need to consider a child, but we decided we would just get through it. The firstsixmonthswerefine,youreallinthesame roomanyway.Now,itsalittleharder.Youideally need another separate room to close off for sleeping, big dreams Resene Mike explains. tothey can retreat to. But as they toy small house, A curtain rail now wraps around the cot to further compartmentalise the space so baby Hazel can sleep. The new parents also have an additional space outsidea shed where with the idea of growing their family, is a tiny house still a sustainable choice, and would they do it again?Meet the family who embraced minimalist, White Im keenbuild another house after what we Resene Colorwood learned from the first, but if we had another baby it Scandinavian living when they built their own tiny house. Dark Ebony would be too much. Though it can be done, for us, its been a really good bridge between buying some land L ocated in the heart of Hawkes Bay and next toa little wider, too. We found it fun to do things slightlyAbove: The kitchen isandbuildinganotherhousethere.Inall,itsan acres of farmland is Mike and Lorens strikingdifferently and not as the status quo, Mike explains. the heart of the homeexperience we will never forget. home. Its a build thats a little smaller than yourIn order to create individual living spaces, the tinyfor the family. Mark and average homeat just 22m2 it makes the cut forhouse is compartmentalised throughout with sectionsLoren added additionalFind out more about Mike and Lorens tiny build at whats known as a tiny house. The project has takenraised to different heights. The design maintains anstorage necessary for awww.weemakechange.co.nz.growing family and five years to complete, and it all began when Mike wasopen plan appearance but also an aspect of separationchose natural hues to researching American tiny houses. It was a relativelybetween major activities. As a young family, it wasenhance light and space. new concept to the local market at the time whenimportanttothecouplethatthemostspacebeThe walls have been finished in Resenetiny house top tips: Above: Mike and Lorens bed slides out from beneath a raised platform so that they began their design for the build. But with Mikesallocated to the kitchen, their most used section of theColorwood WhitewashWant to build your own tiny palace? Here aremaximum floor space is available during the day. When their daughter Hazel skills as a mechanical design engineer, and Lorens as atiny house, and that the area was efficiently laid outand Resene ZyloneMike and Lorens top tips: was born, they added a curtain rail to compartmentalise her sleeping area from fashiondesigner,togethertheycreatedapracticalwith adequate storage. Sheen Zero with nothe rest of the space. The plywood walls are in Resene Colorwood Whitewash, home painted in soft, neutral shades of Resene paintWere heavy kitchen users and are in there mostadded VOCs in Resene Book a stay in a tiny house on Airbnb, take yourthe ceiling and joinery is in Resene White, the floor is in Resene Colorwood Dark for themselves and daughter Hazel. oftheday.WewantedtoincludedecentsizedWhite for the ceilings,family and treat it as a living dynamic rather thanEbony and sealed with Resene Qristal ClearFloor and the window joinery isWhen it comes to tiny homes, the devil really is inappliances and we can access almost everything fromjoinery and for thea holiday. in Resene Atmosphere.the details. A practical and functional layout is criticalone place without having to walk. kitchen splashback.Be prepared for hard work. Above top: Mike and Loren spent five years worth of weekends constructing to ensuring a liveable space. For Mike and Loren, itTo provide a degree of space and height within theThe floor is stainedAssess where you want your life to be in a fewtheir tiny house. The timber cladding is finished in Resene Waterborne wasimportanttofirstestablishwhattheybothhouse,thecoupledecidedonalight,brightandin Resene Colorwood years time and plan for potential adjustments. Woodsman tinted to Resene Woody Bay. The window joinery is painted in needed, wanted and desired in order to establish aneutral colour palette. Choosing the right colours isDark Ebony and sealed Stick to a light and neutral colour palette to helpResene Lustacryl tinted to Resene Atmosphere.with Resene Qristal workable and comfortable home environment. critical in a tiny home, as the ceilings are usually a lotClearFloor. The windowopen the space visually. In circle: Mike, Loren and Hazel in their self-built tiny home. The ply walls are in Asfarastinyhousesgo,ourhomeisntverylower and the side walls closer together. joinery is in Resene Decide what your favourite part of your home is firstResene Colorwood Whitewash and window trims are in Resene Atmosphere.traditional. Normally, tiny homes have loft spaces atIn order to open up the space, we wanted fresh,Atmosphere. and make sure thats a feature in your tiny house.each end for sleeping quarters. Ours is single storey andbright hues on the walls, Loren says.Resene ColorwoodResene WB WoodsmanResene images Tim WhittakerWhitewash Woody Bay Atmosphere72 73'