b'feature houseReseneEighth Spanish WhiteAbove: Light floods into the second bedroom fromAbove: Resene Ashanti was used on the walls of Resene north-facing sliding doors, which open onto athe third bedroom, making for a restful space.Sakura private patio. The walls are painted Resene SecretsAbove right: The master bedroom is paintedwith trims in Resene Eighth Spanish White. in mild and calming Resene Norway, which is Above left: Resene Longitude is carried throughperfect for a space intended for relaxation.from the main living spaces on to the walls of theA ceiling in Resene Eighth Spanish White helps kitchen, as is Resene Energisewhich is used as anreflect light back down into the room.accent on selected cabinet door fronts. The ceilingsRight: Looking into the ensuite, you can see the and architraves are in Resene Eighth Spanish White. difference that lighting makes on Resene Norway, Left: Resene Sakura frames the vanity area of thewhich was used both on the walls of the master main bathroom. Above the high trims and showerbedroom as well as the ensuite. The architraves surround, the ceiling is finished in Resene Eighthare painted Resene Eighth Spanish White.Spanish White, which was also used for thewindow architraves.ReseneReseneReseneReseneReseneAshantiEnergise Secrets Norway LongitudeThe colour choices are intended to reference thekeentocreateahoneyglowwithinherhome, surrounding environment as the eye moves from theproducingthecoloursyouseeontheCanterbury earth to the sky, from the flora inspired green of ResenePlainsduringsummerwhenthefieldsaregolden. Norway, to the moody sky blue of Resene Longitude,Theseaccentsrunthroughoutthehome,which saysDon.Everycolourleavesitsowndistinctiveareemphasisedbytheuseoftimberandother impression, while referencing the natural finishes. natural materials.ThenaturalcolourpaletteusedontheexteriorDeeper into the property, the living spaces deviate extends through to the inside of the home, blendingfrom golden and copper tones, boasting lofty vaulted seamlessly from the outside in. ceilings painted in warm Resene Eighth Spanish White. We wanted to evoke a strong sense of home andLight from north-facing vistas pours down through the permanence,Joshuasays.IwantedStephanietoskylights and plant life is dotted throughout, bringing move into the house and immediately feel comfortable,raw natural elements directly into the space. Through like she had lived there her entire life. to the dining room, the walls are painted in the soft, To ensure familiarity, Stephanie reintroduced muchbluetonesofReseneLongitude,capturingnature of her furniture from her previous villa, salvaging afurther. Each bedroom is painted a different shade of butcherblockandtransformingakauridoorintogreen, with Resene Norway in the master and Resene shelving for plants in the kitchen. She says she wasSecrets and Resene Ashanti in the spare bedrooms.22 23'