b'alternative solutioncrisp and contemporarysimple, streamlined design plays to its strengthsDesigner Georgia Langridge suggests thisalternative scheme: The overall concept I wanted to achieve, like with most spaces we design, was to keep the base of the room nice and neutral, allowing more transient pieces such as the barstools and decorative objects to provide a punch of personality that can evolve with seasonal, trend and taste changes. I started by analysing the space, which had great elements to work with. What was immediately apparent was the tremendous light that came into the space through the existing large windows. I liked how it provided a contrast to the full height dark joinery on the left; this immediately gave a great sense of light and shade which I wanted to play up on. To balance the right side of the space, I added a streamlined mesh pendant and custom shutters in Resene Stack, which both control light allowances. phone 027 200 3840 web www.modidesign.co.nzResene StackAvorio Counter StoolTrenzseater www.trenzseater.com03 343 0876Resene Colorwood DriftwoodElementi Ion Swivel Resene Colorwood Kitchen MixerBlack Pitch BlackHarrison Bloy www.harrisonbloy.co.nz03 335 0053Urban Lightline Suspension before Above: Georgias design embraces the beautiful foundation thatillustrationVenicem Splashbackthis kitchen already had and plays to its strengths. To create lightMalcolm White www.venicem.it Prestige TilesResenewww.prestigetiles.co.nzand shade within the darker elements, she has contrasted matteWan White 09 320 1066surfaces, such as the Resene Colorwood Pitch Black timber cupboards, with shiny surfaces, like the tiled splashback, to help bounce light around the room. The floor in Resene ColorwoodResene NeroDriftwood and the walls provide warmth, as do the velvet chairs, while Resene Half Black White works as a neutral backdrop on the lower cabinets, walls, ceiling and trims. Bowl from Backhouse, shutters from Santa Fe, drawer pulls from ECC.top tip Tom Dixon Brew Stove TopGift Set Stainless Steel Resene wood stains and urethanes help to enhance the beautyECCof timber flooring while protecting your investment. Inside, usewww.ecc.co.nzResene Colorwood to rejuvenate the colour in your wooden09 379 9680Resene Halffloors, walls, ceilings and furnishings. Outside, use Resene Black White Woodsman to enhance, rejuvenate and protect timber.50 51'