b'feature houseAlthough its an older house, we wanted to achieve a contemporary, uncluttered look even though we have quite a few possessionsand pieces of art.top tipContinue your light wall colour onto your ceiling for a seamless, airy look.Above left: In the cosy ground floor den, the walls are painted Resene Whitethe original house while highlighting the spectacularI have a memory of visiting the house of a stylishRight and below: Architect and are complemented by a batten ceiling in Resene Cosmos, a colour thatviews of Western Springs and the Waitakere Ranges. person in the 1970s. The living room at night was aMalcolm Walker used bold continues on to the sky lit ceiling in the hallway.Picking the right colour palette was also importantlovely, warm soft pink that bathed one in a beautifulResene Glamour Puss in the Above right: Crisp whites, such as Resene White, and lofty batten ceilings to help enhance existing features and open up thelight. Since then, Ive always wanted to use pink, buthomes open stairwell as a can really help to visually lift and brighten a dark space. Paired with a lightpreviouslylow-litspace.Thecompletedrenovationhavent done so until now, says Philip. striking, space-defining accent base like this seagrass carpet and a creamy high-pile rug, the height of theboastsaninteriorthathasbeenlovinglyrestored,Resene Cosmos, a softer pink, was used on thethat links the upstairs living room is enhanced. For added interest, homeowners Jane and Philip havespace with the kitchen, dining finished in a confident palette of Resene pinks, whitesceilings of the hallway. Much like Philips description,and den below. The adjacent wall added bold pops of emerald, aqua and chartreuse through their curtains and earthy tones with a touch of midnight blue. it generates a dreamy blush glow that floods throughand balcony railing are in Resene and furniture. If one were to calculate the total wall area andtoadjoiningroomsandbouncesofftheadjacentWhite, while the throw from the Resene Below: A vibrant woven mat hangs on the wall just inside the entryway,break it down by colour, Resene White would comeResene White walls, creating a sense of warmth. ToGlamour Puss might have you believe it is pink.setting the tone for the rest of the space beyond. The walls are paintedout on top as the predominant colour used. However,tietheexteriorandinteriortogether,atouchof Resene White and the door is painted Resene Black Rock. Resene ReseneResene its the exceptional way that striking accent hues haveReseneCosmoswasalsousedtocolourtheGlamour Puss Black Rock WhiteOpposite top: Impressive ceiling beams and battens are a hallmark of been incorporated that give it the unique, artistic andentry soffits.this home. In the lofty second floor addition, light floods in from personableflairandmakePhilipandJaneshomeDeeper into the property, the kitchen has been sliding patio doors that overlook Western Springs. The walls a standout. completely refreshed and modernised. Its a room now and ceiling are painted Resene White. Resene Upon entering, the tone for the space is set by anpaintedinReseneWhitepairedwithamoody, Cosmos expansivewovenmathanginginthehallway,smokygreycountertopanddarkcabinetry.Itsa comprised mainly of jovial yellow, vibrant pink andtransformationthatJaneespeciallyloves,asshe rusty orange. At the end of a hallway, a stripe ofwasnt particularly fond of the kitchen before.yellow glass has been inset. Thecouplewerealsokeentointegrate Further along, a wall has been removed and thetheirexistingfurnitureandaccessorieswithinthe existing stairway has been opened up to create morenew spaces.space and the addition of several skylights, spillingAlthoughitsanolderhouse,wewantedto lightintowhatwasonceaverydarkarea.Theachieve a contemporary, uncluttered look even though stairwellitselfisaccentedinatwo-storeyswathwe have quite a few possessions and pieces of art. ofvivaciousReseneGlamourPuss,providingaThere was a lot of thinking required before decisions connectionbetweentherefreshedthree-levelsplitcould be made about how our furniture could work kitchen, dining and living spaces. with different options, she says.46 47'