b'tips and trickstop tip R enovating a childs bedroom can be fun, butsubtle yellow like Resene Yuma, or go bold with oneReseneyou shouldnt need to start from scratch everyred feature, which could be a feature wall behind theGreen Meets Bluecot to college Look to the Resenetime they outgrow their decorating scheme.cot head or a fun piece of furniture and frames. RedResenefrom Classic Collection forWith many people feeling their homes are short onis one of the first colours a baby can see, at aroundArmadillospace, its important that each room be designed well.three months of age. Try Resene Pohutukawa, ReseneReseneNoirtimeless colours toKids rooms should be designed with the same level ofPoppy or Resene Code Red.create a palette thatpragmatism as any other major living area in order toConsider a wallpaper like those from the ReseneReseneColins Wicketwill last for years make the most out of the multi-purpose spaces thatJack N Rose 2 Wallpaper Collectionwhile they are to come. Resene they are: a place where your children will sleep, play,designed for kids, many would look just as appropriatePohutukawastudy, create and entertain their friends. in a home office as they would in a nursery.Clever use of colour and a bit ofBy making thoroughly considered colour selectionsWhen in doubt, consult a Resene Colour Expert.ResenePoppyplanning are all it takes to create from the start, the evolution from nursery to childhoodThey can help you to pick the right palette and makeResenebedroom to teenage hangout can be done with ease. a plan thatll take your room seamlessly through theCode Redinspired kids spaces with staying power. eighteen or more years that your child will be living Setting the groundwork at home.When the exciting news arrives that a baby is on theWhen youre ready to pick up the roller, Sylvia says way,planninganurseryisoneofthemostfunpaying proper attention to preparation is one of the preparation activities for soon-to-be parents. most important things you can do from the outset.Resene Over the course of a 24-hour period, newbornsNo painting over old wallpaper or layers of old Artemis typically sleep 14 to 19 of those hours, so its importantpaint. Start with as clean a slate as possible and seek Resene to have a place where they can get their rest undisturbedadvice for the appropriate finishes as these are going Peace by the other goings-on in your home. Typically, thisto be surfaces that will ring in changes over manyResene Wallpaper Resene means baby is going to need a room all to themselves. years. Good initial preparation will allow you to layerCollection LL-03-10 Helix When making the leap from a guest room or homeup colour as time goes on with little effort. (top) and LL-04-11Resene office to a nursery, its important to keep things simple Duck Egg Blue and to consider how the room will need to evolve in Resene 10 or even 20 years time. Sticking to classic colours Grey Seal that will endure through one or more transitions is one Resene Choosing a darker Poured Milk of the simplest approaches to start off your scheme. paint colour for the DesignerandcolourconsultantSylviaSandford says that its not a bad idea to begin with a neutrallower section of a wall base such as white, cream, duck egg blue or dove grey,will help reduce the such as Resene Poured Milk, Resene Rice Cake, Reseneappearance of smudges.Duck Egg Blue or Resene Grey Seal, as other hues will present themselves through the myriad of accessories, toys, charts, pictures, pin boards and other decorations that youll be layering into the space.By the time you hang things from the ceiling, put artwork in frames, add in a colourful pendant light andsomeage-appropriatedrapery,therewillbe plenty going on.If you do have your heart set on a particular wall colour, however, you should go for itit only takes a dayortwotorepaintbutkeepingtheoften expensiveflooringandwindowtreatmentsneutral will save you in the long run. Just remember, children tend to outgrow traditional baby hues early, so you mightfindyourselfrepaintingoverthesechoices sooner rather than later. Above: Choosing a dark colour for the lower wall section in a space for babies Ifyourestrugglingtocomeupwithacolourand toddlers will help mask smudges and fingerprints from little hands. A Resene scheme for your nursery, look to science to decide. Forlighter colour up top adds visual height and levity. Lower walls in Resene Swiss Caramel thefirstthreemonths,babiescanonlyseeblack,Artemis, upper walls in Resene Helix, floor in Resene Poured Milk, bedframe Resene white and grey, so focus on contrasting colours, suchand lamp in Resene Green Meets Blue, shelf and coat pegs in Resene Rice Cake as black and white, because theyre much easier toArmadillo and vases/pots on shelf in (from left to right) Resene Cleopatra, see than lighter, non-contrasting colours. Conveniently,Resene Colins Wicket and Resene Swiss Caramel. Stool from Everyday Needs.this makes nursery renovations easy when it comes toOpposite: Including a rug in a nursery will ensure there is a soft and tactile choosing colours! Try Resene Rice Cake for a warm,element for baby while they are in their crawling phase while a timber floor neutral white and pair it with Resene Noir for a high- will help for quicker clean up. Lower walls in Resene Artemis, upper walls in Resene Resene Helix, floor, lamp and cot in Resene Poured Milk, side table in Resene Cleopatra contrast look. Green Meets Blue, coat pegs in Resene Armadillo and vase in Resene Peace. Resene Ifamonochromelookisntyourthing,tryRocking chair from Me & My Trend, throw from Sunday Home Store, cushion Yuma contrasting grey with a splash of colour, such as afrom Citt, rug from Father Rabbit, octopus from Tea Pea.54 55'