b'on trend The bikers hauntWhether you prefer your noble steed to be motorised or self-propelled, a biker chick would love a space to fix up her favourite mode of transportation.Storage should be a priority for a space like this, butsoshouldeaseofcleanupasmanyfix-it-up activitiesinvolveacertainelementofgreaseand grime. If the bike has an engine, starting it inside the shed to check how the motor is running could cause blackened stains to appear on the wall behind where the bike sits. Paint that wall a darker colour, such as Resene Quarter Bokara Grey, and use a durable paint like Resene Enamacryl for a high gloss finish or Resene Lustacryl for a semi-gloss finish on surfaces that will need frequent wipe-downs.The page-turners paradiseA tranquil place to read in peace is just about the best thing a bookworm can imagine, especially if it includes plenty of built-in shelving. Work with restful hues like soothing pinks, soft greens and blissful blues such as Resene Ethereal, Resene Peace and Resene Unwind and be sure there is adequate lighting by installing windows or electricity in the shed. Or, try an LED lamp or two powered by rechargeable batteries.A cubby-style shelving system makes it easier to D I S C O V E RT H E categorise books by topic and keeps the contents from toppling over each time you go to grab a book from the shelf. Each topic could get a cubby in a different colour. Or, just paint the edges of certain cubbies in a M C Callum Residence singlecontrastingcoloursothatyoualwaysknow where you can find your favourites. Resene Resene ReseneIf you would like to experience the life of the landed gentry,Watch the video at Memory Lane Rococo Rose Gold take gender out of the equationThe McCallum Residence is the perfect place to do just that.Resene HalfResene Resene No matter how you identify, everyone needs their This beautiful, grand family home was built in the 1930s andmarley.co.nz/gallery/the-mccallum-residence Villa White Safehaven Jailbreak own special place to retreat to. Instead of a she ReseneResene Resene shed, why not create a we shed? If you have has been home to five generations of the McCallum family.Rice Cake Noir Irresistibletrouble sharing with your partner, separate spaces The family worked closely with designers and tradespeopleResene Resene could be partitioned with a sliding divider and each to retain as much of the spirit of the original home as possible.Ethereal Thunder Road occupant could decorate their side of the screen The restoration work has been painstaking.Above: A statement floor in Resene Half Villa White with stripes in Resenewith a colour, or even a mural, that speaks to their And because the McCallum family were so particular inThunder Road, Resene Jailbreak, Resene Memory Lane, Resene Unwind andpersonal style.Resene Rococo sets the stage for a creative crafter in this she shed. Walls andResenekeeping to the original design of the house, they were goingpegboard in Resene Half Villa White with shelves and pegs in Resene Noir,Unwindto install copper spouting and downpipes. But price proved hand-painted frame (surrounding pegboard) in Resene Noir, table in Resene to be a sticking point. Rice Cake with legs and polka dots in Resene Noir, chair in Resene Liberty, mason jars in Resene Irresistible and Resene Ethereal, large vase (with However, there was an alternative, a very good onetheThe lounge featuring Resene Duck Egg Blue eucalyptus) in Resene Noir with spots in Resene Rice Cake and Resene Rose Marley Stratus Design Series. The copper coloured TyphoonGold, striped vase in Resene Rice Cake with Resene Peace and Resene Rose spouting and RP80 downpipes captured the desired lookGold, stool in Resene Rice Cake, textured plant pot (on shelf) in Resene Noir exactly. And they had the added benefit of not being affectedand basket (with plant) in Resene Safehaven.by the salt spray the house is subjected to as it is so close toRight: Striped background in Resene Half Villa White and Resene Unwind the water. with A4 drawdown paint swatches in (clockwise from top) Resene Rice Cake, The external brackets on the spouting perfectly match theResene Thunder Road, Resene Rococo, Resene Memory Lane, Resene Jailbreak, Resene Unwind and Resene Rose Gold metallic. The large mason traditional design. And the fact that it is durable and easy tojar is painted Resene Irresistible and the box is in Resene Noir with Resene clean is a huge benefit. The Typhoon profile is big enoughRice Cake polka dots.to cope with sudden downpours, and Marley spouting and downpipes come with a 15-year guarantee. styling Gem Adams, Annick Larkin, Vanessa NouwensAll of which means, it is sure to serve the McCallum Residenceimages Melanie Jenkinsfor generations to come!71'