b'chalk finishes bright ideas for kidslook whos lace up for chalking summer funCheck out these exciting newGrab the kids and some chalk finishes and waxes. Resene testpots then let your imagination run wild.Love the look of rustic and antique furniture? Then keep an eye out for Karen Walker Paints Chalk Colour andWaxrange,newtotheResenecollectionof speciality finishes. Karen Walker Chalk Colour paints create a beautiful, velvety matte finish when applied toReseneBuntingfurnitureandothersurfaces.Thenewrangeisan Reseneextension of the already popular Karen Walker PaintsKing Tidecolourpalette.ItsavailableincoloursfromthatResenecollection and a selection of Resene colours.BismarkIn addition to the new chalk finish, this new rangeReseneincludestwowaxestogivefurnitureextradepth,Meditationinterest and lustre. For an instantly aged lookthink French Provincial-inspireduse a cloth to buff the KarenWalkerVintageWaxalloverthefurniture,Foot fancy Let the games begin Above: These shoes concentrating on the grooves.Who wouldnt want to show up to play in flash shoesRecreate a classic game in an unconventional formatwere renewed using Or, simply use Karen Walker Soft Wax to keep thelike these? Customise a fresh pair of footwear or fancyusing Resene testpots to paint your own dominoes.testpots in Resene softlookoftheKarenWalkerChalkColourpaintupsomeoldfavouriteswhilecoveringupscuffSmooth rocks, like those found on the beach or in aSunbaked, Resene Crowdpleaser, Resene finish, with an extra protective layer.markswithnothingmorethanafewReseneriver bed, work best for this project. Take the kids outKing Tide, Resene testpots, artists brushes and a bit of good qualityto search for ones that lay flat and are generallyMeditation, Resene masking tape. roundoroblonginshape.IfyoudontlivenearBismark and Resene Top right: Perfect forResene If your kids are little, you can help mask off any ofwater, you should be able to get some from yourRaging Bull. The Reseneupcycling old furniture, Ecru Whitethe harder partssuch as around the solesthat youlocal garden supply store. background is painted Blanched Pink this coffee table gets aResene want to keep paint off of and remove laces, if thereSince a traditional domino set contains all numberResene Bunting.beachy makeover usingSandspit Brown are any. Show them how they can mask off parts topairs from double zero to double six, with each numberBelow: Our rock Karen Walker Chalk Colourmake straight, clean lines when the tape is removed topair occurring once, youll need 28 rocks in total. Wedominoes were first Resenein Resene Ecru White,create these looks.painted ours first in Resene Noir with a small, flatpainted Resene Noir Albescent White finished in Karen Walkerand allowed to dry Soft Wax. The wall is We had fun painting within the lines by colourartists brush and then added our number dots andcompletely before we painted Resene Half Duckblocking different sections and features of our shoes,lines using a fine round brush and a testpot of Resenepainted on the dots Egg Blue and the pots arebut your kids can keep things even simpler or get asDespacitoa creamy blush-beigebut you can useand lines in Resene Resenein Resene Albescent Whitecrazy as theyd like. With imagination and a steadyany colour combination your heart desires. Let yourDespacito. The Grain Brown (left) and Resene Sandspithand, their shoes can easily become favourite animals,background colour dry completely before adding onbackground is in Brown. Sofa and rug from book or movie characters or could feature the logo ofthe details. To speed up the process, use a hair dryer. Resene Sunbaked.Freedom Furniture.their favourite sports team. For an artsy, splatteredWhile our rocks were all golf ball-sized or smaller,ReseneResene HalfBottom right: Dusky pastelslook, you can flick paint off artists brushes onto theyou could also make a set using big rocks so thatSunbakedWashed Green add soft elegance to this hallway. The table is inshoesthough its definitely best to do so outside oryour dominoes become an outdoor game that takesimagesKaren Walker Paints Chalkin the garage with a Resene dropcloth underneath. over the yard where the whole family can join in.Bryce CarletonColour tinted to ReseneWeusedtestpotsinReseneSunbaked,ReseneMostResenetestpotsaremadeusingResene ReseneGrain Brown, the chair isCrowdpleaser, Resene King Tide, Resene Meditation,Lumbersider paint which is ideal for exterior or interior Powder Bluein Resene Albescent WhiteResene Bismark, Resene Soulful and Resene Raginguse. They dont need overcoating if being used and the picture frame is inBull to make our kids shoes into something special,outside. If youd prefer a higher gloss finish Resene Blanched Pink. Thebut there are hundreds of other testpot colours youyoucanovercoatwithReseneClearcoat Resenetable and frame are finishedand your kids can choose from at your local ReseneUVS or Resene Concrete Clear. Shadowy Blue in Karen Walker Vintage Wax and the chair is finishedColorShoporreseller.Theycanalsobepurchased in Karen Walker Soft Wax.online at shop.resene.com/testpots. Resene ReseneThe wall is painted inYoucanalsorefreshyourshoesusingReseneDespacito Raging Bullstyling Leigh Stockton Resene Half Washed Green,testpots too. If you have a pair of old heels that youResene Reseneimages Bryce Carletonthe tall vase is in Resenelove the design of but the colour doesnt go with theCrowdpleaser NoirShadowy Blue and the floorrest of your wardrobe, consider giving them a colourful Resene Halfis in Resene Powder Blue. Duck Egg Blue Art from endemicworld. update with Resene testpots. For colourful heel ideasVisit www.habitatbyresene.com/tips see the www.resene.com/colour-of-fashion gallery. for more great kids craft ideas.60 61'