b'testpotsdid you know.a selection of Resene paints andaccessories can be purchased online?You can choose to click and collect or get your order delivered. See shop.resene.com.ReseneWe have also seen these popular purples makingAbove: Transitioning out of chocolateRivergumtheir influence on greys, browns and blues. Expect toand into deep taupes, plum and grape see a lot more of colours like Resene Sixth Sense,tones are emerging trends. Wall in Resene Rocky Mountain and Resene Time After Time.Resene Rocky Mountain, floor in Resene Sixth Sense, table in Resene Rivergum,ReseneTry the former two together with rubies and emeraldsbasket in Resene Safehaven, small plantPeacelike Resene Smoulder and Resene Atlas, the latter withpots in Resene Indian Ink and Resene Rice a deep indigo like Resene King Tide and a steeped offCake and tray in Resene Smoulder.white like Resene Half Tea in a bedroom. Above left: Dustier greens and greys lendReseneResene themselves well to tone-on-tone schemesSixth SenseWhite Island Murky waters built on layering. Wall and floor in WhiletrueblueslikeReseneRaindance,ReseneResene Alabaster with colour block Bismark and Resene Mystery remain popular brightpainted feature in (from left to right) and beachy options that are perfect for spring andResene Helix, Resene Peace and ReseneReseneSilver Chalice, dresser in Resene Peace,Rocky MountainResene summer, deep dark sapphires continue to be amongtea light holder in Resene Secrets and the most coveted jewel tones. Look to shades like Resene Raindance batten down Resene Indian Ink or Resene Twilight Zone for buildingplant pot and tray in Resene Noir.Fast Forward Batten walls are a popular on trend choice, but they dont have to surround the entire spaceacocoon-worthytonalbedroomorusetheminReseneResene ReseneSmoulder nor do they have to go all the way from floor to ceiling. Instead of a headboard, thissmaller doses on accessories or a statement piece ofRice CakeTime After Timebedroom uses battens to create an interesting focal point above the bed. The room dividerfurniture to add a punch of contrast to define a more in Resene Raindance, Resene Liberty and Resene Mystery creates both interest and motionneutral space. Resene ReseneHalf Tea Bismark Resenethanks to its curvilinear tops which seem to mimic crashing waves. Oceans of light and airyLike many of the most prominent trendy hues, theTwilight ZoneReseneResene Resene ReseneAlabaster Liberty white bedding has been layered with more textures and stormier shades that pull the colourspendulumhasbeguntoswingtowardsmurkierSecrets AtlasResene QuarterReseneof the artwork out into the room. The side table in Resene Fast Forward plays up the greenshades like Resene Coast and Resene Safehaven as theResene Resene Concrete Coast undertones that are present in the darkest accent cushion while the vase in Resene Mysteryfavoured darks. Try them with other dusty denims andSilver Chalice King Tide and the lamp base in Resene Raindance bridge the gap in contrast between the darkestcoastalchromaslikeReseneLibertyandReseneReseneReseneReseneReseneResene SafehavenMystery Indian Ink hues, the Resene White Island walls and the Resene Quarter Concrete floor. Lazy River. Helix Noir 8 9'