b"off the shelftake control of what comes inNew Securo Pull Down blinds from WindowTreatmentsNZaredesigned for small to medium sized interior and exteriorwindowsanddoors,providing solutions for insect control, complete block-out, glare control and protection from wind and rain. Securo Pull Down is easily operated manually by raising and lowering the blind using the handle or pull cord located on the bottom rail. Fabric tension is created with a spring inserted in theResenetop tube and the blind can be locked into the down positionturn up the glam Reverieby simply tilting the bottom rail. For more information, visitWhen it comes to creative projects, Resene FX Metallic finishes www.window-treatments.co.nz. are an easy way to create a striking effect without breaking ReseneMachiavelli your budget. A few metallic touches can quickly take a space from bland to wow. And while you might think metallics are Building or RenovatingTIP 4 Get everything in writing. all about gold and silver, even metallic colours change with Makesureyougeteverythinginwriting,the trends. With the rise of millennial pink and the evolution How to choose the especiallycostestimatesandquotes.Dontof it through to coral shades, one of the hottest new metallic relyonverbalagreements.Therewillbeahues is Resene Rose Gold. This new colour is part of the latest lot of new information to take in and havingResene Metallics & Special Effects colour range. Get your free right builder for you it in writing means you can take the time tochart from your Resene ColorShop or reseller or order online read things again and do more research if youat www.resene.com/ordercharts.need to. It also gives both you and the builder clarity.When you have chosen your builder, We know building a new home or doing a major renovation is aitisvitalthatyouhaveawrittencontract big dealyou need a builder you can trust. Here are a few tipsin place. Resene Resene Quarterfrom Master Builders, New Zealands leading building association.TIP 5 Check they are a Master Builder.bbq bossParty Zone luxe livingBokara GreyMasterBuildersmustmeethighqualityCooking on a BBQ is one of life's many pleasures. EnhanceThe brand new stylish Artwood Outdoor Furniture Collection standards. This includes building experience,your culinary game with Escea's new outdoor cooking fire.has just arrived by way of Sweden and features two stunning Choosingabuilderislikestartinganew TIP 2 Ask lots of questions.The new EK Fireplace Kitchen is the epic foodie gadget forweaves. Both are designed to withstand our ever fluctuating relationship. You both need to be honest andtrade and professional qualifications, on-site open from the beginning for the relationshipDont be afraid to ask the builder a lot ofmanagement experience, workmanship anda BBQ feast. With an Ember Generator, 13-point adjustableweather conditions while continuing to look good for years to to work.questions. This is your chance to find out asfinancial stability. Choosing to use a Mastercookingplates,grillsandmeathooks,it'savailableincome. Choose from a range of dining chairs, armchairs, sun Spendingsometimefindingtherightmuch about them as you can. After all thisBuilder means that you are choosing quality.three widths; 950mm, 1250mm and 1550mm and is builtloungers and sofas to build the base of the perfect outdoor builder for you will set you and your builderis the start of the relationship, so you wantAnd, only a Master Builder can offer you theto last. Best of all, once the cooking is done, it all hidesliving space and finish off the look with complementary solid upforasuccessfulrelationshipforthisto get to know them and their business toMaster Build 10-Year Guarantee. away, leaving you with a comforting roaring outdoor fireteak dining tables, benches, coffee and side tables. View project, and maybe even for others. see if they are right for you. You need toto relax in front of into the small hours. Find out more atthe entire collection at the new JI Home store in Ponsonby, know things like, how long have they beenAnd dont just take our word for it.www.escea.com/EK-Series.Auckland or online at www.jihome.co.nz.in business? Do they do a lot of projects that Five tips to finding aare the same size and type as your project?Our recent brand research* shows builder you can trust Cantheyshareexamples?Howlongwillthat people trust Master Builders:thebuildingconsentprocesstake?HowKiwis say Master Builders are more trustworthy than other builders Resene TIP 1Get referrals and ask around. will the communication process work? Wealmost twice as trustworthy. watertight all day Slipstreamhave more questions you should ask on our Word of mouth is a great way to find anwebsite.Kiwis are more satisfied when theyand nightexperienced builder. Ask family, friends, workuse a Master Builderpeople whomates and dont forget your architect (if youThe builder should also be asking youuse a Master Builder say they are moreWhile you might think of Resene as having lots of paints and have one) and other tradies. We recommendlots of questions as they also need to get tosatisfied than those who use otherstains, the range also includes a whole host of complementary you talk to and meet at least three buildersknow you and your project and understandbuilders. products to help you get the job doneaccessories, cleaning andgetquotesfromthemthatyoucanwhat your expectations are. It is a good ideaThe top reasons for choosing a Masterproducts,wallpapers,curtainsandmore.Thelatestnew compare.to be clear about what is important to youaddition to the range of helpful extras is Resene Water Lockout, when it comes to your building or renovationBuilder are quality workmanship and Ask them if you can speak to some of theirhaving back-up if there are any issues. a versatile high build liquid watertight membrane based on other clients. When you talk to their clientsproject so you can be open about this when*2018 Brand Researchaurethanemodifiedbitumenemulsion. dont just ask them about the end result, askmeeting potential builders.Applied in multiple thick coats, it acts much whatitwaslikeworkingwiththebuilder TIP 3Trust your gut feelings.like a plug to block water ingress. It's ideal throughout the build, for example how wasfor exterior masonry walls, in situ concrete, their communication? What happened whenSpend some time with a few different builders therewasaproblem(whichisboundtoor building companies. Make sure you feelplastered rendered walls, on retaining walls happen) or when they didnt agree with theircomfortable with your chosen builder. On anyand inside wood planter boxes. Find out more builder?project there will ups and downsyou needTo get more helpfulat your local Resene ColorShop or selected to be able to work through these with youradvice, and to find aresellers, www.resene.com/colorshops.builder as smoothly as possible.Master Builder, visit masterbuilder.org.nz17"