b'step by step1 2 Step 1: Wash the tyre thoroughly with hot soapy water then make your ownlet it dry completely. Step 2: Trace your round MDF panel with your marker on to the foam or batting then cut out the circle with fabric shears.outdoor ottoman Step 3: Trace approximately 4-5cm larger than your round MDF panel with your marker on to the back of your outdoor fabric then cut it out with fabric shears.Step 4: Centre the MDF panel on top of the tyre and secure it in place with four wood screws. Flip the tyre over, then An old tyre gets reimaginedcentre and attach the second panel on the other side using another four wood screws.as functional furniture. 3 4 Step 5: Using a hot glue gun, start affixing the rope to the bottom rim where the tyre and the MDF panel meet so that it coils from bottom to top until the surface has been covered almost completely, except for the last one or two coils. If you havetroublegettingthefirstbitstarted,useindustrial strength glue thats suitable for rubber and your chosen rope fibre to affix the first coil.Step 6: Glue your circle of foam or batting to the top panel.Step 7: Secure the outdoor fabric to the bottom of the top MDF panel by hot gluing small sections at a time around the 5 6 edges, tucking the excess fabric underneath as you go and keeping the top smooth and taunt.Step 8: Finish gluing the last of the rope around the tyre so that it covers up the edges of the fabric. If your rope is too long, trim it just before you finish coiling and then use hot glue to tuck it underneath the bottom of the cushion so that its hidden.Step9:Masktheedgeofyourcushionwithlow-tack masking tape to protect it from paint.Step 10: Paint the entire surface of your rope in Resene 7 Lustacryl in two coats using a testpot brush. Use a small 8 artists brush to get into any tight spots. Leave it to dry top tip overnight, remove the masking, then pour yourself a cold beverage and put your feet up. Youve earned it!Create a tufted effecton the top of your cushion by using a staple gun to create an X in the centre with staples, then glue orstitch on a button.Resene Half 9 10you will need: Villa White An old car tyreMarker Above: An old car tyre is unrecognisableRope (50m long x 10mm wide)Fabric shears/scissors after being upcycled into an outdoor ottoman, which is painted Resene Double2 round MDF or wooden panelsHot glue gun Pravda. The v-grooved wall is in ReseneAdd character to an outdoor cushion (precut to 600mm diameter x 20mm thick)Industrial strength glue Half Villa White, the deck is stainedwith a bit of masking and Resene testpots. WePower drill/screwdriverResene Lustacryl in your choice of colourResene Woodsman Mid Greywash, thepainted the pluses on our cushion and ottoman8 wood screws to complement your patio furnitureweside table is in Resene Double Pravda, the tray is in Resene Peace, the vase andwith Resene Peace and Resene Kandinsky. Square of foam or thick quilt batting used Resene Double Pravda small pot are in Resene Bi Hoki and the (at least 600mm2 x 30mm thick)Testpot brush and small artists brush large plant pot is in Resene Kandinsky.images Bryce Carleton Square of outdoor fabric (at least 700mm2)Low-tack masking tape Chair from Johnston Imports. Resene Resene Woodsman Resene Resene Reseneand Ben Whorwood Kandinsky Mid Greywash Peace Double PravdaBi Hoki74 75'