b'feature housetop tipProtect concrete floors fromwear and tear with ReseneConcrete Wax. Resene A for its sprawling white villas and residentialmodern twist. colour byucklands Grey Lynn neighbourhood is famedtowardshonouringitsheritagewhileapplyingaAbove: In the dining area, Resene Half Nullarbor provides an earthy backdrop in vivid Glamour Puss streets lined with greenery, but its only overAlthough we had an idea of what we wanted, we the past two decades that gentrification has placed itdidnt really know how it might be achieved, says among the citys most desirable suburbs.Philip. We enlisted an architect for new ideas on how Auckland City Council built a couple rows of simpleto utilise existing spaces. Malcolm offered sympatheticfor the homeowners most treasured artworks. The batten ceiling and and understated houses in the early 1920s along oneoptions with the propertys heritage in mind, enablingadjacent walls are in Resene White.of Grey Lynns major roadways, which were occupiedus to explore ways we could complement it with aAbove top: Jane and Philips newly renovated kitchen is now a stylish space workers.Atfirstglance,theyresemblepetitecreative colour palette.painted in fresh Resene White complemented by moody charcoal benchtops bungalows with exteriors painted in shades of whiteAfter a two-storey extension to the back of theand a counter-to-ceiling mosaic tile splashback behind the range. The accent to enhance the texture of the stucco, each contrastedproperty was built in the early 1990s, Malcolm soughtwall at the left is in Resene Glamour Puss.by a striking red roof. to better integrate it for a much more cohesive flow.Above left: Hints of fuchsia have been used to connect the colour of the An art-loving couple takes aTwelveyearsago,PhilipandJanebecametheCirculationandthenatureofthespaceswereResene Glamour Puss accent wall. Resene Half Nullarbor can be seen at the fresh approach to a formerluckyownersofoneoftheseuniqueproperties.thoroughly revisited to erase the previous bitsy approachleft while the rest of the walls and ceiling are in Resene White.TogetherwitharchitectMalcolmWalker,theyto planning and lack of light, Malcolm explains. We Resene HalfResene social housing property. undertookarenovationofthehome,workingwanted to make the most of the historic nature ofNullarbor White44 45'