b'kitchensthat would allow more natural light and movement to flow through.Kristen Basra, of Spatial Studio, was entrusted to head up the redesign of their kitchen and bring Kates top tipideas to life. For a whitewashed timberWhen it came to deciding on the overall look, look to complement whiteKristen says that the brief from the clients was clear kitchen and living areas, right from the start. Kristens task was primarily to use Resene Colorwoodrefine it within the kitchen area so that it would fit Whitewash, or for a softernaturally within the grander open-plan living space. more weathered look useClever use of space, maximisation of storage and Resene Colorwoodcreating a space that supports social entertaining just Greywash. as much as busy mornings with the children were all equally important.The style of the v-groove doors required particular attention to detail in order to pull off the look. The spacing between the grooves needed to look similar from cabinet to cabinet, regardless of differences in widths,andproportionwascrucialinorderto maintain the feeling of spaciousness.This meant that the bulk of the design time was open up andspent planning the layout of the kitchen to find a solution that best suited Kate and Nicks lifestyle. Largercutleryandcrockerydrawersweremore important to them than the position of the bins and say wow dishwasher, which resulted in a highly customised layout that was unique to the homeowners needs, says Kristen.In the bar area, I suggested an antique mirror to The line between kitchen and diningbreak up the white-on-white and lend an aged, lived in feel to the space. It also helped soften the heavy spaces continues to blurfor the better. barn door by balancing it with something else that was noticeable and of a larger scale.Top to toe in Resene Eighth Rice Cake, the finished F ormanyofus,thenotionofmaintainingaAbove: During space feels warm and has a touch of glamour, thanks formaldiningroomisadistantmemory.Inthe cooler months,to the eye-catching rose gold dome pendant lamps. larger, older homes where a separate room maywall-length glass For those looking to achieve a similar look, Kristen have initially existed, many are breaking down thisdoors in Kate and offersthisadvice:Theproportionalityandbalance traditional barrier in favour of a modern open planNicks home provide awith other surrounding textures is very important in an layoutand it makes sense. An open plan kitchen- sweeping view of theall-white kitchen. Lines draw the eyes in visually, so backyard, but when its dining area allows for better flow, not only betweenwarm out, the doors canhaving too many lines on the cabinet doors would have where food is prepared and where it is served, but alsobe opened fully to allowmade the v-groove detail into a distraction. And the for conversation between those doing the cookingfor a seamless indoor- larger the span of cabinetry, the better the continuity.and those about to do the eating. But, it also requiresoutdoor living space. a fair amount of careful planning in order to get aThe kitchen and diningAn inspired palettelayout that works and a design that wows. space has been paintedPetraandMilanJurichavebeenbusilyrenovating in Resene Eighth Rice These two thoughtful kitchen renovations showCake, a warm andtheir 1960s home in Brightwater, not far from Nelson,Resenehow much can be accomplished with a great layoutinviting white, from which they purchased a little over two years ago. TheAlabasterand a clear design vision. top to bottom.couple recently completed a year-long makeover ofResenetheir main living area, which included the kitchen,Happy HourWarm and welcoming in white Resene AquaLAQdining room and lounge. ReseneAbove: Kristen recommended the inclusion of anMobyHomeowners Kate and Nick recently completed anantique mirror behind the built-in kitchen bar toprovides a toughWhilePetraknewshedefinitelywantedthe extensive renovation to enhance and maximise thebreak up the whiteness of the space by reflectingfinish ideal for paintinglifestyle that an open plan kitchen and dining areaResenepotentialoftheirbelovedhomeinAucklandsthe backyard greenery giving the room more of akitchen cabinetry, or offered,shealsowantedtoseparatethedifferentHalf JumboMeadowbankneighbourhood.Astheowneroflived in look. The feature was also designed soif youre looking for areas visuallysomething she achieved by choosing WilliamsRoad,afurniturecompanythatcreatesthat it can be hidden away behind a sliding barna quick DIY update threedifferentcoloursandseparatingthemwithAbove: Petra leans against the threshold between her newly completed door. The shelves, cabinetry and surroundinguse Resene Lustacryllounge and kitchen dining area. The grooved panel walls of the lounge are beautifulcommercialfit-outs,Katedefinitelyhasawalls are all painted Resene Eighth Rice Cake. semi-gloss or ReseneResene Alabaster trims. painted Resene Moby, the kitchen wall, seen at the back, is in Resene Happy strong sense of style and was instrumental in settingEnamacryl gloss. We started off with the kitchen and dining areaHour and the trims and ceilings are in Resene Alabaster.the vision for the entire project. With three youngdesigner Kristen Basra, Spatial Studio and decided to mix up three coloursgreen, blue andAbove top: The colour palette for Petra and Milans renovated kitchen and boys at home, she wanted to make sure the familyswww.spatialstudio.co.nz grey, says Petra. With the help of the knowledgeabledining area was inspired by the cover of habitat by Resene magazine issue 28. needs would be met both in the present and in theimages Helen Bankers Resene Eighth Resenestaff at the Resene ColorShop in Nelson, we chose theThe kitchen is painted Resene Happy Hour and the ceiling and trims are in long term while opening up the living spaces in a waywww.helenbankers.com Rice Cake Noircolour scheme and went to work. Resene Alabaster.62 63'